In the mansion, in me and Mariah's room, we were discussing how we got transported to their world.

"Why not destroy the necklace?" asked Kiki.

I took the necklace off, Mariah was about to hit with the scythe, but Maria stopped us.

"Part of curse is whoever owns the necklace is bound by the person and their lover, if you destroy it, you two die", said Maria.

Mariah and I gulped, then everybody looked at Kiki.

"How was I going to know that it would kill them?" reacted Kiki.

Everybody laughs.

Mariah drips a stick in fondue and feeds me to me.

"Awww!" gasped everybody.

"I'm surprised, you were able to make it, Jeff; how did you get away from Al?" said Jake.

"It wasn't easy. I told him I was with my parents", said Jeff.

"You did not do that!" gasped Jake.

"What's wrong with his parents?" asked Mariah.

"My parents are entrepreneurs, and they like to brag about how much money they make, so he'll be all day", said Jeff.

"So, what's it like to be a girl in a boy's body?" Kiki asks us.

"At first, it was weird, but now it's okay", I admitted.

"What about when you have to use the bathroom?" asked Tiffany, shyly.

"Oh! Tiffany, good question. So?" Kiki smiled.

I crossed my legs, and says "I don't wanna talk about it".

Mariah is just blushing.

"I'm going to get that out of you", Kiki threatens me and Mariah.

But, Tiffany pinches Kiki's ear, and says "Sorry, Angel and Mariah or should I call you?"

"What should we call you?" asked Jake.

"I prefer our proper names, use our fake names when we're outside the mansion", I said.

"Good, Kanisha, Mariah, want to have a sleepover?" asked Kisu.

Everybody else was shocked.

"Why not, we're all here, in fact, Kiki how about you ask Toro to bring a cart of sweets, especially a chocolate fountain", Mariah asks Kiki.

A knock came by the door, and I said "It's open!"

Arima opens the door, and says "There's a room filled with sweets, Chisu can show you, since Toro is watching his anime".

"Let's go", said all of us.

The next moment, we entered a room that looked like a candy wonderland.

"Chocolate fountain, can I try it?" I asked Arima with glittery eyes.

"Of course, this is your home too, go on try these sweets all of you", Arima insisted.

I dashed to the chocolate fountain, put my head over the chocolate that is flowing down and let the chocolate drip on my tongue.

Then, Mariah joins me, next she grabs a stick, puts it through a strawberry in the chocolate and feeds it to me.

Kiki takes a picture of us, puts the camera down, and says "Now, Mariah try tasting the chocolate and put it in Kanisha's mouth".

"What?" I asked.

"Come on, let's give it a chance, after all we always wanted to know what it was like to do in yaoi", Mariah insisted.

My eyes sparkled, and says "So, you're the seme?"

"I guess for now, then you later", said Mariah.

Mariah grabs a stick, dips it in chocolate, puts chocolate over her tongue and puts her tongue in her mouth.

The others saw that and took pics.

I pressed Mariah against the wall, smirked, and says "Let's have some fun, Mari".

Mariah blushed, and says "Angel?"

"Yes, call my name like that", I said, then put my head by her neck and kissed it.

"Angel, wait", Mariah groaned.

The others exclaim as they look on their cameras on their phones and blush.

A minute later, Tiffany asks us "Can you two do a balcony scene?"

"That's perfect and it's night", I smiled.

So, we went to the balcony.

We all see a full moon.

"What a beautiful moon. I love it!" I spin around, Mariah catches me, and kisses me on the lips.

Immediately Kiki takes a pic and the others join her.

"That was the longest I gave you", said Mariah.

"True; I love you, Mariah", I said, hugging Mariah.

"I love you too, Kanisha", said Mariah, hugging me.

"Wait, could do that again, but use your fake names and action?" asked Kiki.

The others laugh.

We redid the scene, then we all check out more of the mansion, dance the night away, and go to sleep.

The next day, Tiffany, Kiki, Mariah, and I are eating ice cream, while walking on the sidewalk.

"These pictures are perfect, I'm so sending this to my blog, if you don't mind", said Kiki, looking at pics on her phone.

"I don't mind, heck I would do new pics or videos for you", I said.

"Me too", Mariah agrees, as she finishes her ice cream.

"Really? You mean it? Like Really? Really?!" asked Kiki, hovering over us.

I stopped Kiki, crunch on my ice cream cone, and says "If you don't go crazy".

"I won't, I promise", said Kiki.

Tiffany suggested, finished with her ice cream cone.

"Brilliant idea, I feel safer", I supported Tiffany.

Kiki takes us to a tall building.

"Kiki, why are we here?" I asked.

"Because this building holds a special group of people. Oh! And we're going to the next building as well", said Kiki.

"I have a bad feeling about this", said Mariah.

So, we enter the building and see a department for editors that has a dark purple kind of glittery aura.

In the department, we get introduced to old friends of Kiki's.

"Hi, my name is Maka", said Maka.

Maka has long white hair with strands sticking out, wearing blue wolf ears, a white/blue dress, a wolf tail, and has wolf fangs.

"I'm Jack", said Jack.

Jack has long dark blue hair, wearing a white shirt, black jacket, black pants, and black diamond shoes. He also has jaguar looks.

"Hi! My name is Cloud 9, nice to meet you", said Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 has rainbow hair, wearing a pair of bunny ears, a short orange dress, and heels.

"I'm Edward", said Edward.

Edward has short curly brown hair, wearing a fedora hiding his antennas, a brown necklace, red shirt, crimson pants, and shoes along with that he has butterfly wings.

"Saving the best for last, I'm Mai and that's Parket, he doesn't really talk that much", said Mai.

Mai has purple eyeshadow, short brown hair, green headband, green/plaid dress and heels with a lizard tail.

Parker has dark brown hair with a hit red, red shirt, blue jeans, with colorful wings and shoes.

Kiki shows her friends what happened last night and when they saw the pics and videos of me and Mariah playing as the seme and the ule.

The friends look at us with smirks, which makes us nervous.

But, it turns out there was nothing to worry about; they just showed us some bl mangas, which made us happy, since we were big fujoshis.

Mariah shows the friends of Kiki's, her artwork of bl scenes, this makes Maka leave the department for a moment and brings a mangaka; Belle, Jack's twin, who is holding a bunch of papers and a pencil.

Belle looks at Kiki's pics and Mariah's artwork; then this makes a spark fly.

This makes the afternoon exciting.

Since, we go to a studio, where we meet Hallie, the creator of an anime and some voice actors: Al, Taylor, Erica, and Cake.

"We brought you here, so have some fun. So, you in?" Maka admitted.

"Sure", I agreed.

"Alright", said Mariah.

So, Edward led us to a costume room.

I'm put in a prince outfit and Mariah is dressed as a peasant.

We posed for Belle, Belle shows Hallie, Hallie animates the picture.

Cake and Taylor voice the characters from Belle's pic.

We redo the scenes from last night, which made the voice actors clap and says "Hold that pose and redo those scenes".

"Then, record your voices with Cake and Taylor to do a special scene, Mariah can you snow some of your work", said Hallie.

Mariah makes one of her bl mangas appear and shows it to Belle and I voice act with Al.

Through the afternoon we were making our own anime.

After today, we made an episode that we uploaded on YouTube, which gots lots of views and we had so much fun that we decided to do it everyday.

In a week, we made thirteen called 'Two Lovers'.

The anime is like our story except the main characters didn't switch gender, instead it just had the characters enter a new dimension and it's popular in this world.

In November, we were in the mansion with Jake, Jeff, Kiki, Tiffany, and Kisu. We got into a room with a pink background.

Together, we took a picture.

"I love this now", Mariah laughed.