This is a story about three girls with unique skills.

Mystery,a twelve-year-old girl, that's been a detective since she was four, because her dad got into a accident and she promised to continue his work. She solve every mystery that she could find.

A flashback starts with Mystery as a five-year-old kid has regular red hair wearing a black jacket, blue shirt, black pants, and purple shoes, in her office doing her homework.

"That was the most confusing math problems with spelling, word placement, it brings depression to my heart", Mystery talking to herself.

Mystery's phone rings with the sound of a saxphone.

"Hello, this is Mystery's office, how can I assist you", Mystery responded.

"Mystery,it's me nita. I need you help me figure out who stole my violin", Nita explained.

"Of course, I will be over there soon", Mystery replied.

"But, aren't you going to need to my address?" asked Nita.

"I already got it, bye", Mystery hanged up.

Mystery packs her detective equipment into a bag,and walks out of the room.

Once, Mystery enters in the house, which shows Nita, a five-year-old have blond hair, wearing a green jacket with white stripes, pink pants, and pink slippers.

"Do you think you can find my violin?" asked Nita.

"Too easy, you really think I wouldn't to identify this dilemma?" said Mystery.

"What do you mean?" Nita acting clueless.

"By the sign of patenting shows that two people already shown up, and judging by this glitter, it's your friend. Which means your violin would under the stairs, since this is just a joke", Mystery observed.

"You really are a detective", said Nita shocked.

"That is right, remember this important information, if you have a real situation", Mystery informs her friends.

Sally was a regular gossip girl trying to scoop up any story, she thought was interesting, and would help her friends as well.

Milly, she's twelve-year-old,who's shy, a fast learner.

Seven years ago, Milly and Sally met. It was a regular day, when Milly was in the gym, wearing a pink/purple shirt, red pants, and pink shoes doing gymnastics.

"Impressive, you are well balanced person". Sally complimented, while recording Milly on a camera.

"Really, I never thought that", Milly replied.

"Maybe because nobody told you", Sally informs Milly.

Sally shows Milly, her notebook that has information of people Sally met.

"You keep a record of people?" asked Milly.

"Yep, I keep the gossip on everybody, and I also have a secret", Sally answered.

Sally opens her bag and puts on a spy outfit with her supplies in her utility belt, she also used the items.

Also,Mlly's uncle was after her. Until Sally helped Milly, warn the police.

Now, Uncle Even is in jail with his daughter, Patricia.

The journey starts in Oregon, Salem, January 9th 2034, where Mystery is withdrawing her mom and heading on a plane to visit her Aunt Manita, who's always over dramatic.

At the airport, a girl with red hair and black highlights, white skin, wearing a black leather jacket with the initials M.H. on the back, a white t-shirt, blue navy jeans, sunglasses, and black shoes, chewing gum, that's Mystery.

She may not look like a detective, but it's not the looks that matters, it's the brains.

Next to her is a thirty-year-old woman with short brown hair, white-skin, wearing a purple dress and black heels, which is Mystery's mom.

The airport, seemed to be odd, as the townis filled with fake cobwebs and people that look normal.

But that wasn't the only thing that was odd, roads, that have green flames in the middle, and airplanes, that look like it has angel wings.

"Mystery, I bet you will enjoy going to Aunt Manita's,like you always do", Exclaimed Mia: Mystery's mom.

"Mother, I do enjoy seeing my aunt. But I don't think, I acquire the aid of friendship to have a good time", Mystery replied.

"Mystery, I know you like to be alone. But think of it, this way, all great detectives need a partner", Mia trying to convince Mystery to make friends.

"Alright, I will stoop to the level of friendship to find a partner, and to get more respect from you, I hope you are filled with joy", Answered Mystery.

"Yes, I am happy, but I still need to see progress", said Mia.

"The progress starts now," said Mystery,as she notce a mysterious girl.

That girl is a twelve-year-old with raven-like hair, blue headband, white skin, blue dress with white swirls, and pink shoes, that's Sally holding a notebook.

Mystery walks up to Sally, Sally turns around and smiles.

But, a tall man with short black hair, wearing a red suit, looking odd is in te way.

"Uh, excuse me, mister, I need to get to the girl with the notebook. So I can make a partner in my journey as a detective". Mystery says politely, trying to get to Sally.

"I'm sorry, I can't my sister told me, not to let strangers within ten feet of Sally", Uncle Quentin apologized.

"Uncle Quentin let her pass, that's my uncle and bodyguard, my mother is overprotective. I'm Sally", said Sally, moving from behind the man.

"I'm Mystery. Detective, lover of old movies, and help in need", said Mystery in a fast yet ,friendly matter.

"And judging by your look, notebook, and uncle. I'm guessing your a girl, that loves gossip, finding out the truth, and hate being rich", obseved Mystery.

"You really are a detective, but why you didn't say my secret, you obviously know?" asked Sally, leaning close to Mystery.

"That's not my story to tell. But I might be able to help you, if you want it", Mystery replied, then hands Sally, her hand.

Mystery runs, seeing her mom wave to her, before she gets inside the plane.

On the steps, Mystery waves goodbye to Sally and walks to her private plane.

That is plane is purple look alike of a regular plane, but modified.

In the plane, Mystery is reading a novel, while her mom was filling out papers to catch up with work.

"So, Mystery did you make a friend, or we still looking at the overly complicated progress?" asked Mia, taking a small break from her work.

"I was making excellent progress, I even handed her my card with cell phone number, and if your going to ask she's on a different plane", Mystery explained, fast, yet calm.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, it's good to see my daughter has become a good person, what's the matter", Mia proclaimed.

Then, Mia sees Mystery looking upset, when the girl with red hair and orange highlights, that looks like a phoenix,white skin with braces and glasses, that has brown t-shirt, blue pants, and black shoes. That's Milly, looking down at the ground.

Right next to Milly, a Thirty-year-old woman with brown hair in a bun, brown skin, wearing a golden necklace,purple jacket, white shirt, blue jeans with clouds, and white shoes.

That's Tia, Milly's aunt.

Tia gets down, on her knees, looking at her niece.

"Listen, I know your nervous, but it's just a nice, calm plane ride", Aunt Tia calm Milly down.

"Alright, I'll be right back", Aunt Tia assured her niece, then walks away.

"Mom, I have to make some more progress", Mystery informs her mom, getting up, and walks up to Milly.

"I'm Mystery, young detective, I was wondering if you mind, if I sit here", Mystery introduced herself , seeing Milly is nervous, not because she's a fan of mystery's work.

"Of course...go right ahead", Quivered Milly.

"I know you seen my work as a detective, and I'm flattered, but there's nothing to be afraid of", Mystery ensured.

"Well, if you say so", Milly approved, putting her stuff in her bookbag.

"Hi, I'm Milly, pleasure to meet you", Milly said in a friendly way,holding out her hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too", said Mystery, shaking Milly's hand.

"So, what up with the shy act?" Questioned Mystery.

"It's just a phase, at least that's what I tell myself". Milly responded, while crounching.

"Understand, I can help you with your shyness", Mystery decided.

After a few hours on the plan, Mystery and Milly develop a bond, by sharing their interests, hobbies, and adventures.

Just before they get off the plane,Mystery notice her new partner/friend wearing a spy outfit, a pink utility belt, black shoes, and hides behind a bush.

"What are you looking at?" asked Milly.

"A friend", Mystery replied.

"Oh, that reminds me", Milly remembered.

Milly shows Mystery, a picture, which reveals Sally is Milly's friend since she was five.

"Intriguing it would seem, that me and you share the same companion", Mystery figures out.

"You met Sally, so you know her secret", said Milly.

Mystery nods in agreement.

"Mystery! time to go", called Mia.

"Coming mom, so you going to Florida", Mystery answered.

"Yeah!" Milly exclaimed.

Mystery, Milly, Tia, and Mia gets out the plane, carrying their luggage, which is when they notice their friend looking around the town on a tree.

"Mystery. Are you going to finish your progress today or tomorrow?" Mia asked, curiously.

"Yes, we are going to walk around the city, and try to find some mysteries", Mystery told Mia.

"But, first we need to find a special friend", replied Milly.

Mystery, and Milly go to the bush,where Sally is hiding in, and tap on her shoulder.

"What a surprise my two friends have met each other and becomes besties", Sally said in a surprised/excited tone.

"Yeah, I would definitely say this is quite a you want to check out the town?" said Mystery, on her knee with Milly beside her.

"Yeah, hanging out would be great", Sally agreed to Mystery's request.

So, Mystery, Sally, and Milly walk through the town, where they see a restaurant, a clothing store, toy store, and jewelry stone, then sits down on a chairs, that's next to a table outside.

"That was wonderful walk, Mystery, what are you thinking", said Sally.

"Uh, I would thinking of the suspicion of weird activity that's happening here, but it doesn't follow. How the people that disappeared aren't from Florida", answered Mystery, while showing the news on her tablet as a holographic projection.

In-between they look at the tablet, a thirty-year-old wearing a brown coat,and a brown hat as a disguise, and as he walks pass the girls, Mystery, Sally, and Milly's eyes glow orange.

"It seems my eyes have oddly change colors, that must mean something or someone is around causing this odd activity, and there he is". Mystery observed.

They go after the mysterious man that is running away, which leads them to the docks, where they find a boat.

"Intriguing, it seems like the mysterious has vanished or luring us into a trap", Mystery acknowledged.

"Then, we must be very cautious, wait mystery your phone is ringing", Milly noticed.

"Hello, oh hello mom, whoa slow down. Mom you know I can't comprehend what you're trying to say, when you talk in a quick motion", Mystery answered her phone.

"Mystery, it shows on the news that parents and kids are disappearing from this area, you're not near the docks are you", Mia informed Mystery.

"Actually yes,but don't worry I'm with friends, and we just found someone that will help us solve our case", Mystery replied.

" Alright, remember be safe", Mia reminded Mystery.

After Mystery hanged up the phone, the wind slowly started to blow, the clouds turned dark, and the water rises from both sides.

"It's extraordinary, it would seem that a abnormal substance is messing with mother earth, and making it act not so normal", Mystery observed.

"But, that's impossible, the odds of that happening is ten million to one", Sally pointed out.

"Then, what could be possibly making this happening?" asked Mystery.

In-between the conversation, Milly and Mother Earth is communicating, which gives her a sign that the danger is coming from the island.

"Mystery, Sally, we need to get to that island, or else danger will come", Milly told her friends.

"Okay, let's go", said Sally.

So, Sally,and Mystery follow Milly to the island, where they notice it's quiet, have normal scenery, and a twin girls in a cage.

The first twin have glasses, one black ponytail with midnight blue highlight, wearing a green shirt,brown skirt,and black sneakers. That's Myleka.

Myeka is walk around, trying to come up with a plan.

The other twin have two black ponytail with bubble gum pink highlights, wearing a white headband with two brown dog ears, blue shirt, brown pants and black shoes.

Myaleka sits down feeling a presence.

"Do you acquire some assistance?" asked Mystery.

"Yes, we would", responded Myleka.

They girls back up, while Sally uses her watch laser to melt the bars, and help Myaleka and Myleka out.

"thank you, you must the investigators", Myaleka figured out.

"Well, i'm a detective, she's a gossip, and she's gymnast, but we just met today", Mystery told Myaleka.

"No, you see the creature, that trapped us here, said it wants to lure the invesigators here. So he get his revenge", Myleka remembered.

"And here they are!" blurted the Mysterious man.

The mysterious man reveals himself as a man with long brown hair,green eyes,white skin, wearing a skeleton hoodie with pants to match and white shoes named Max the destroyer.

"The investigators, at last we meet", said Max.

"And you are?" asked Milly.

"I'm Max the destroyer and i've come to take souls from this world to create my own personal army", Max informed them.

"You must have a mistaken for other people for we are just simple humans, with just regular abilities. It seems the people your comparing us to must have extraordinary powers", Mystery told Max.

"No, I'm not misinformed for I have seen you in the future, that's why i'm destroying you here", Max revealed is plan and hit them with a magicla blast.

But, Mystery, Sally, and Milly created a magic bubble that protected them.

"Max the destroyer, that was a rooke mistake for me and my friends have abilities, that you cannot destroy", Milly admitted.

Once Mily said, that they girls transform.

Which makes Mystery change to a orange dress with a sword near her pockets, and orange shoes.

Sally changes to a black spy outfit with a utility belt, and a bow and arrrow attached to it.

Milly changes to blue wings,white shirt pink skirt, and black shoes.

Together, they are the Investigators of the supernatural.

Back at the house, Mia and Aunt Manita are looking at through computers, when Mia saw a hidden camera footage.

"Hey sister, How's Mystery been doing?" asked Aunt Manita.

"She's been good, still into being a detective, and helps people", said Mia.

"Well, i'm glad my niece is doing good, I wonder what she doing right now", said Aunt Manita, while enjoying coffee.

"She said, she's at the docks, with her new friends", Mia told Aunt Manita.

But, unknowingly at the mysterious island, Mystery, Sally, and Milly are dealing with their new enemy.

"You should've know that you couldn't get rid of us that easy", said Mystery.

"True, which is why I brought minions", admitted Max the destroyer, while revealing an army of half shadows and half monster.

"Alright investigators, let's go", said Mystery

Sally uses a bow and arrow, makes a ice arrow, that freezes the half shadow and monsters.

Mystery slices the monsters, with flames at the end of her sword.

Milly uses her blue wings to get rid of the rest of the monsters, but they regroup.

"We need a new strategy for this", said Mystery, while fighting.

"Wait, I have an idea, follow my lead", said Milly, while pulling the girls to certain place.

Milly tells Mystery and Sally to use their weapons together, that took out most the monsters and Milly uses all her magical energy. Which made Milly be able to shorten out Max the destroyer's power.

Max the destroyer actually gave an evil smile, knowing what was going to happen.

Three circles appear under Mystery, Milly, and Sally, that froze their shoes.

While they were stuck, Milly sensed mother Earth power slowly down, then Manita, Mia, Uncle Quentin, and Tia transport next to her.

"Mystery, sweetie, you okay?" asked Mia.

"I'm okay, mom, but something's bad about happen. Promise that you will be strong", answered Mystery.

Max the destroyer takes Mystery's pod, and faces her.

"Hmm, you know in the future, you were the one. That baffled me the most, a girl that lost her dad, and becomes this master detective", Max told Mystery.

"I just felt that I should take you down, and now I got my chance", said Max, then makes her disappear, and a mirror appear.

Mia grabs the mirror, with tears coming down her eyes, and looks up at Max.

Max gives a big smile, and thinks about what to do next.

Milly and Sally couldn't believe of what just happened, and starts to try to free themselves from their pods.

Max notice this, then freezes Sally and Milly and absorbes their power.

After absorbing the girl's power and put in a box like pandora's.

Sally and Milly didn't feel anything, then takes this to their advantage.

Sally gets out her devices, and finds a sphere, while Milly finds the weakest point of the pod.

Uncle Quentin and Aunt Tia sees what they are trying to do and tries to help them.

The sphere absorbs the magic, in the outside has an IPhone 600 gives extra power, that destroys both of the girl's pods.

This didn't phase Max, in fact he was happy, creates a portal.

Inside the portal, Mystery is shown in half rip clothes, while walking in a disaster zone.

Mystery with hand movements, tell Mia to look at the mirror, then the portal disappears.

"Bring my daughter back, I don't know you think you are, but you're making a big mistake", Mia demanded.

"I assure you Mia, this is no mistake, you're daughter is a menace to me. And now she's in a place, that haunted me", Max responded.

Sally and Milly get in front of Max the destroyer,stopping him from moving any further.

"Hold it,right there, we're not done wth you", said Sally with courage, with Milly by her side.

"I think you are, because you have no powers to possibly stop me or get revenge", Max pointed out.

Max uses his magic to throw Sally against a rock, that seems to break her arm.

Uncle Quentin races to help Sally, and tries to fixes her arm, but Max intervenes and starts toying with him.

At that moment, Milly's eyes gets filled with electricity, then Max freezes up and turned into a statue.

Everyone was shocked to see it happened, then turns to see the blast came from Milly.

Max the destroyer breaks out of his statue form, and starts a battle with Milly, but Tia karate chops Max out of the way.

With Max's anger increasing, his army regrows, and the battle with Tia continues.

At the battle, Sally moves Uncle Quentin from the battle zone, with Manita and Mia following her.

Milly could still feel a surge of electricty through her vains and uses it to destroy the new shadow army.

Sally sits Uncle Quentin down on the ground, opens her bag, and gives a pain-free injection with a needle.

With knowing her uncle will be okay, she takes to Mia and Manita's hand to the place where they met Myaleka and Myleka, who are taking care of the missing kids.

"Sally, has the The destroyer already taken your powers?" asked Myaleka.

"I can still feel it's aura, so no not completely", said Sally.

Manita taps on Sally's shoulder.

"Listen Sally, I don't know what's going on. But,I do know that my niece is trapped inside the mirror, and my sister is heart-broken. Now, why is this happening", said Manita.

"It goes like this, the one battling Tia, is Max the destroyer. In the future, Mystery, Milly and I use our powers to defeat him. But, not good enough because he was able to use the last of his powers to create a portal to this timeline", Sally explained.

"How long did you know about your power?" asked mia.

"Only for 5 minutes, our powers got unlocked once Max encountered us", Sally told Mia.

"Is there any way to get my daughter back?" asked Mia.

"Yes, just focus your energy on the mirror and that will free your friend", Myaleka told Sally.

Sally touched the mirror creating a black aura, that made Mystery reappear

"Good job, Sally", said Mystery.

Mia hugged Mystery, and asked what to do.

Mystery search through Sally's bag, which has a teleporter that takes the missing kids, back to the city.

Mystery tells Mia, that it's not the best idea to stay here, Mia at first was going to insist she should stay.

But, seeing the concern in Mystery's eyes, Mia along with Manita agree to go.

Mia takes Uncle Quentin along with her.

Feeling with strong energy inside her, Mystery uses her super speed to take Aunt Tia from the battle.

The teleporter closes, and Sally puts it back in her bag.

Sally, Milly, and Mystery uses the energy in their heart to finally destroy the shadow army, so they wouldn't reform.

"Well, well, the detective is back", said Max, looking more powerful.

Max the destroyer tried attack the girls, but Mystery created a giant wind along with lots of Milly's positive aura energy.

That attack affects Max the destroyer highly, and it got finished with Sally's arrow.

Max the destroyer's soul makes it the body disappear, which also creates a portal back to town.

"So, that was that", responded Milly

"What do we do now?" asked Sally.

"Two options, my friends. Either we keep being the investigators of the supernatural or be normal girls that happen to solve regular mysteries", Mystery told them.

"So, be the fantastic 3 or be detectives", Sally pointed out.

"I rather be a normal gymnast, because this is way too much, said Milly, honestly.

"I do enjoy using my intelligence for mysteries, hence the reason for my name", said Mystery.

"Well, my gossip life isn't over yet, so I want to be normal too", said Sally.

They all created a spell, that takes their powers and weapons away for real this time.

Also, Sally creates a memory-wipe of everything magical, that normal people seen and Max the destroyer.

"It is done", said Milly.

So, they enter the portal, back where they were before, and walk to Aunt Manita's place.

"So, this is your Aunt's place, not bad", said Sally.

"Yeah, she's an actress/fashion designer", Mystery told her friends.

"Impressive, judging by the house, her career is very successful", Sally assumed.

"Oh! This house was owned Aunt mayita, who's actual a business woman, but she got a mansion instead, soshe gave it to Manita", Mystery explained.

"Okay, any other sucessful family members, that could explain your high intelligence?" asked Sally, very suspicious.

Mystery gets her cell phones, transforms it into a laptop, and shows a family tree of hers, which legit information of their background.

Sally sees each of the sucesses of Mystery's family, and decides to believe Mystery.

Manita and Mia have streamers,balloons, banners celebrating Mystery making new friends and they seem to have no memory of their magical event.

Uncle Quentin and Aunt Tia are also at the the part.

"Your here!" exclaimed Milly, giving her aunt a hug.

"Well, of course we are, I would never miss this part, also i'm your guardian", said Aunt Tia, while holding a small plate with a piece of cake and a fork

"Yeah, and your mother was waiting for you and is very upset that you made another disappearace", said Uncle Quentin.

"I'm not grounded again, am I?" asked Sally, slightly annoyed.

"No, I told her you went to the fashion magzine store", said Uncle Quentin.

Uncle Quentin gave her that magizine that has Mali Layea, who's a woman with red hair wearing a white dress, red hoop earrings, brown necklace, and white heels.

"Don't tell your mother of this, she would cut my pay", said Uncle Quentin.

"Are you kidding? This is the best thing you ever did", asked Sally, feeling happiness.

Anyway, they enjoyed themselves at that party, ending with laughs.

This is the beginning of many creative adventures and laughs.