Monday is a professor, organized but overwhelmed, approachable yet reserved, confident yet private. An impressive number of items have been checked off the to-do list, but work from yesterday spills over to today despite a sincere endeavour to not let it. A massive pile of assignments have been graded and returned, but the stack that just arrived is even higher. A keen intelligence is evident to anyone who engages in an academic conversation, and a gentle, nagging curiosity about the functioning and logic behind everything is sometimes mistaken to be an unnecessarily probing demeanour. Monday is anticipated by the well-prepared, feared by the unready, and above all, respected as the reason orderliness prevails in an otherwise-chaotic world.

Tuesday wears scrubs paired with an interminable focus in the operating room, and business casuals and a calming empathy in the office. It takes some cajoling and a few treats to placate certain skittish patients, but that effort pales in comparison to what it takes to reassure anxious pet-owners that their furry friends will be alright. The brave poodle that battled kennel cough for three long weeks has returned for a final check-up, and a tired but immensely satisfied queen licks her kittens as they wait for their vaccinations. Tuesday shoulders prodigious responsibility, but reflects contemplatively, as a sick hamster is meticulously examined and treated, that the job is as rewarding and enjoyable as it is demanding.

Wednesday dares to dream, and became well-known only after one of those many dreams come to fruition. The product that won over the market wasn't the most innovative, useful, or even inexpensive. Oddly enough, it seems to have been chosen entirely at random, or so it appears, and it is this lucky item that funds the research for everything else. The neatly arranged office desk belies the clutter that is the norm in personal spaces, and even by a modest estimate, over a hundred mind-bogglingly creative but incomplete projects litter the make-do lab. Wednesday was dismissed as a vagrant until the first breakthrough, and is ultimately celebrated as an entrepreneur and a role model to children everywhere.

Thursday smells of freshly dug up soil, newly harvested produce, and sweet hay, and is the indispensable pillar upon which the economy is built. The entire world could go on holiday, but the crops will still have to be watered, the cows milked, the pigs and horses fed, and the eggs collected from the chicken coops. Gone are the days when labourers were required for every activity, and unfeeling, yet efficient machines have replaced many of them. The yearly rains are welcomed with grateful warmth and anticipation, and the sun is worshipped as a divine blessing that makes a living possible. Thursday toils in relative obscurity to feed people, and remains unnoticed unless something goes terribly wrong.

Friday isn't particularly extroverted, but knows everybody in the locality. Tired parents of new-borns make late-night trips to the store to buy yet another pack of diapers or formula, and stressed professionals grab fast-moving packaged coffees before rushing to work. High-spirited children frequent the store for sweets every evening after school, while senior citizens unfailingly buy their necessities on a self-designated grocery-shopping day each week. Eggs and warm loaves of bread are whisked off of shelves within hours of their arrival, and have to be replenished every morning, while the kitchenware and toiletries do not have to be restocked as regularly. Although people seldom realize it, there are pecuniary ecosystems entirely dependent upon and built around Friday.

Faces light up at the thought of Saturday, and delighted laughter echoes in the stadium as the show progresses. Politicians are made fun of, accents mocked, and day-to-day oddities made light of. Humour is found in the most unexpected circumstances, and the indulgent spectators chuckle, surprised at themselves. Magically, and seemingly unknowingly, capitalism, politics and current affairs are discussed in between the tomfoolery. This amusing combination never fails to create an impressive balance between seriousness and levity, managing to leave the audience enraptured while also imparting a social message. The logical and brilliant mind behind the quick wit was recognized early on by parents and science teachers, and Saturday was coerced into pursuing engineering as an adolescent.

Sunday smells like comfort food, sounds like a soothing lullaby, and feels like a warm hug. Boo-boos have to be kissed and vanquished, sand castles photographed, and amateur drawings treasured. The days of careful feeding and constant nappy-changing have passed, but the days of driving to school, playgrounds and classes have only just begun. The child trusts guilelessly, running behind the protective parent at the slightest whisper of a threat, and looks up to every action with wide, worshipful eyes. One cannot even begin to describe how much Sunday adores this bundle of joy, but it is an exhausting job. Lunches have to be made and packed, messes cleaned, homework checked, and the little monster limitlessly loved.