Long before Hurricane Sandy hit the northeastern region of the United States, Andrew Lesnak was leading a flourishing life. He was a professional baseball player with the Minnesota Twins in 1982 before retiring and becoming a successful businessman. He is a product of being an inner-city child from The Bronx, in New York City. He credited his tough upbringing, to the successes that he has achieved.

On October 29, 2012, the hurricane had a direct hit on his home. He had a total loss of his house, along with all of his personal belongings. His life turned in to a state of constant turmoil, uncertainty, despair, and hopelessness. However, soon he realized that he was not alone in his struggles, as there were literally thousands of victims like him, who had experienced the same losses. To help him best cope with the tragedy, he decided to serve as a counselor in the field of mental health. And, the counseling focused on the victims and how they could best regain some sense of normalcy in their lives. Additionally, Andrew has found personal comfort in volunteering, as he has been part of many fundraising efforts for The Red Cross.

About Andrew Lesnak

Andrew Lesnak has volunteered, as a counselor, to address the mental and physical health issues of those people impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The mental health therapy focuses on the learning to cope with this disaster, which includes general distress, anxiety, substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, suicidal thoughts remain for many, and that remains the "hidden scar" that the victims have to live with.