She reaches out for your love and aches for your touch.

Is it the pain that interests her? Is it the loss?

What makes you so satisfying?

Each time she takes a breath, her chest bobbles up…



The intensity of how fast it moves driving him mad…




Sparks fly in the air with you two, and I don't understand.

What makes him so remarkable?

Is it the long nights spent on the phone? The gazing looks when you think no one is looking?

Is it the way his hand swallows yours, and you become developed in his masculinity?

I just want to learn more about you…

Why your smile can turn a frown upside down.

How you know something is wrong with her before even she does.

Why you look at her with such passion and why

With her, you are in



Can you blame her? She is perfect, after all.

Her skin is like porcelain, and her eyes like warm chocolate.

She has a smile that can light up the whole room.

What else could you want?

I mean… how to achieve a sustainable relationship is what we all want correct?

Especially with her…

A girl could dream, but in all honestly… the only dream I want