This poem is dedicated to those who have lost their lives to suicide or are currently struggling with suicidal thoughts.

These times are especially hard for those struggling but please, remember that you can seek professional help. I'm not sure about other companies but I know pieta house have their hotlines open.

Hey Death,

I want you to take me today.

Let me breathe my last breath,

While you wash away my pain.

This world is better off,

Without me here.

I know others may scoff,

But I want to disappear.

Hey Death,

I hope you won't take me today.

Just let me catch my breath,

And please let me stay.

I want to stay here,

But I don't know if I could.

I don't want to disappear,

But I feel like I would, if I could.

Hey Death,

I don't know if you are going take me today.

I constantly feel out of breath.

Is it me you're going to slay?

Is this your plan?

I want this pain to end.

Let me live if you can,

But only if that is what you intend.

Hey Death,

I know you're not going to take me today.

Take it easy Death,

You have a day off today.

I have a place in this world,

And it is important.

This is my home world,

And I am important!


If you managed to get to the end of this without crying, may I ask how?

I hope you all enjoyed this poem and please, if you or a loved one are struggling with depression, seek professional help. It's best not to talk to me because one, chances are I don't know you in real life and two, I'm not a professional. I definitely do not have the social skills to be any sort of therapist (Thanks autism) so I guess you could pm me if you want to just vent without getting a reply because I'm horrible at soothing others.

Anyway, I hope to also get a new story uploaded today so, keep your eyes out for that and yeah bye.

-End of notes-