Astra rushed down the hallways of Pruberry Academy in search of a club. Being new to not only this school, but also this world, she struggled with trying to understand most of the language and social etiquette but she tried her best. It got to a point where she just opened the door to a random room with the word club on it, even though she didn't understand the other word on the door - Mixture.

Upon entering, Astra stared at what was in front of her. There was only four other people in the room - two of which were having an argument. There was also what seemed to be a six-year-old and another unidentifiable person sleeping in the fetal position on a dog bed in the corner. The six-year-old person looked up from her book and gave Astra a look of disgust before yelling the name Quinn. The person on the dog bed perked their head up as the six-year-old gestured towards Astra, who was too distracted by one of the people arguing to notice anything.

The person that had been arguing was flung against the wall beside Astra and the two quickly made eye contact. They were a male grey centaur with black hair and...wolf ears? His tail seemed wolf-like as well - big, puffy and soft. His eyes were brown and yellow and they stared deep into Astra's navy blue ones. The other arguing person then shouted something to him and before Astra could say anything to him, the centaur got off the wall and got back to his fight.

At the same time, the six-year-old and the unidentified person were now standing next to Astra. Astra had a good look at the unidentified person. It was a girl with pale, blue skin like similar to hers but slightly deeper. She had dark blue scales on her neck and chest as well as black and blue dragon wings on her back. Her hair was black and her pink and red eyes were scanning Astra's body, as though she was making sure there was nothing wrong. Yet this girl seemed friendly and even gave Astra a wide smile.

The six-year-old, on the other hand, did not seem happy to see Astra. They had light purple hair that appeared almost silver and jet black eyes which didn't seem to have any sort of pupil in them. They had a straight face which looked a little angry but what confused Astra the most was their hand. It looked as though they had strings with a puppet at the end but there was nothing there. Their hand was just deformed like that.

"Hi, I'm Qinglong Kelila and welcome to our club!" the previously unidentified girl spoke, giving Astra another big smile. Club? What kind of club is this? Astra thought, looking at Qinglong in concern. The fact there was a six-year-old there made things even more concerning.

"I'll have Patchy here show you around. Call me Quinn by the way. I'll be over on my bed there if you need anything." Qinglong explained, gesturing to the six-year-old before going back to the dog bed and going back to sleep. Astra and Patchy stared at each other for a few minutes before Patchy finally spoke.

"Before you ask, I'm sixteen. I'm only short because I'm a doll. We're the Mixture Club. Everyone here is a mix of two or more races. For example, I'm a doll and a witch and Quinn's a zombie and a dragon. I'll introduce you to the boys, just give me a minute." Patchy then proceeded to turn around and yell "HEY YOU IDIOTS!" at the two arguing people. They immediately stood still and faced Patchy and Astra.

"That centaur that was over beside you a few minutes ago is Conan Rosamund. He's a werewolf as well. On the other side, we have Levi Brenton but everyone calls him Lev. He's a fire demon and a werecat." Patchy explained in her monotone voice. She then turned to Astra and asked her to introduce herself.

"'m Astra...Astra Damla and I'm a galactic and a water elemental...which is pretty rare considering galactics are made from stars." Astra explained.

"So you're an alien?" Lev asked before getting his toe stood on by Conan.

"LEV! You know what Quinn says - no slurs in this club!" Conan explained, taking his hoof off Lev's foot. Alien had been considered a slur by galactics for around 20 years at this time but some people - especially demons - still considered it an appropriate word to use to describe them. Lev muttered something to himself before sitting down at the table Patchy was at beforehand.

"So what do you guys do here?" Astra asked.

"Y'know, usual friend stuff. We hang out, have sleepovers, movie nights and- actually now that I look at it we do a lot of slacking." Conan explained, seating himself at the table. Patchy and Astra both sat down as well, getting everyone to (roughly) the same height.

"You interested in joining us?" Lev asked, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and lighting it. Patchy angrily slapped it out of his mouth and stepped on it to put it out. She then reminded Lev of some 'no smoking during club time' rule before sitting back down.

"Yeah I am. I was really struggling to find a club but I feel good here." Astra explained. Lev muttered something again but this time Patchy slapped him, telling him not to say whatever it was he said.

Patchy then turned back to Astra and sighed "I don't really want to wake Quinn up a second time so I suppose we could do it tonight. We're having our usual weekend sleepover if you want to join us. I'm sure Quinn will register you then."

Astra smiled and nodded before hearing the end of day bell. Everyone got up from either the table or, in Quinn's case, their bed and left the room, only to return that night.


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