It was about 4 hours after school had let out and Astra was now standing at the door of the clubroom, waiting for the rest of her club to arrive. She kept inhaling the scent of her purple pajama dress with silver outlines since it had been recently washed and she had never smelled freshly washed laundry before. After about 10 minutes, Levi approached her with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Instead of the black jacket, shirt and leather pants he was wearing earlier, he was now wearing a black pajama set with red accents. Astra was about to greet him, but was cut off.

"You don't belong here." Levi said bluntly, taking the cigarette out of his mouth and blowing smoke into her face. Astra waved her hand to get the smoke out of her face as she asked him to explain the statement.

"I saw it, Quinn has a thing for you. You better leave before I-" Levi explained before being sprayed with water. Levi looked out of the corner of his eye to see Patchy sitting on Conan's back with a spray bottle in hand.

"I did message you about bullying. I will not hesitate to bring this to Quinn or a member of staff." Patchy sighed in her usual monotone voice. She hopped off Conan's back and unlocked the club room door, explaining that Qinglong would be delayed by about an hour.

The club room had almost entirely changed. The table and chairs had been removed and the floor was now covered in blankets and cushions. The walls had a bed for each member of the club. Every bed was different to clearly state who owned each one. Conan's bed consisted of numerous, fluffy blankets since he couldn't actually lie down being a centaur and all that. Levi's bed was similar to a coffin but without any lid. It was painted black on the outside and the inside contained red sheets and pillows. Patchy's bed was gothic style with black metal bars as a frame and black, lacey decorations on the blankets and pillows. Quinn's bed was different to the one she was spotted in earlier. Quinn was now sleeping in a normal bed with blue sheets and a gold dragon print on the duvet and pillow cases, all of which seemed rather expensive considering the fabric felt as though it was 100% silk.

Astra looked over at her bed. It was rather plain compared to the others. The frame was made with wood and the sheets were just plain white without any design on them. She didn't expect any more but she did have an idea of what she could do the next day.

The group all sat down on pillows that had been specially arranged in a circle for everyone in the club. Quinn came after a few minutes of everyone sitting down and sat herself down on a cushion between Conan and Astra. She was wearing a light pink dressing gown over her emerald green pajamas with red slippers. Something seemed to be missing from her but Astra just couldn't think of what it was.

"So how is everyone? I know we only saw each other like a few hours about but how's things?" Quinn asked, pulling out a piece of paper from her bag which appeared to be filled to the brim with activities.

"Just got off my four hour shift. My back hurts like hell." Levi sighed, leaving Astra to wonder what kind of job he must have.

"You work at a cat café. How can your back of all things hurt?" Patchy complained, resting her hand on her knee as she took out one of her witchcraft books.

"It just does okay? It's not like you understand how it feels to do work!" Levi groaned, lying down on his back so it would hurt less.

"Relax Lev. You're probably just sore from being a stomach sleeper. Also I work part time at a furniture store on weekends." Patchy pointed out, folding her arms with her deformed hand stroking the lace sleeve of her pajama dress. Levi started growling and hissing at her. It was as if he was ready to take at swing at her by the way he suddenly stood up. Quinn immediately intervened, telling everyone what she had planned for each day and night of the weekend sleepover.

"So tonight, we're going to just talk more about ourselves since we have a new member of our club. Since Lev love talking about himself, maybe he should go first." Quinn explained, putting her piece of paper back in her bag. Levi was startled by the last statement to the point where he asked what anyone wanted to know about him.

"Maybe explain why you've been such an asshole to Astra." Patchy suggested, not looking up from her book. Levi growled at her again then moved his attention to Conan, who suggested that Levi talked about some 'Café Incident'.

"Oh yeah that...happened. I guess I have nothing else to talk about." Levi sighed, sitting back down. "So a few weeks ago, I was working my usual Friday shift and who did I see but Patchy and Conan. Of course, they had to be sitting at a table that I WAS SERVING ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY! So I went over, took their order and delivered the food. When they were leaving though, Conan couldn't keep his big horse mouth shut and told everyone at the café that we were having a sleepover. My manager thought it was...something else and I was nearly fired if I didn't bring my manager here to show her what we were actually doing. And that's how this club nearly got me fired!"

Conan burst out laughing, saying the story made him laugh every time. Astra let out a small chuckle, even though she didn't understand some parts of the story such as getting fired and about what that something else the manager thought the sleepover was.

"Do you work anywhere Astra?" Levi asked, avoiding eye contact with everyone in utter shame of having to retell that horrible story.

"No, I haven't quite gotten the hang of jobs yet. I have been asked to be a babysitter for my neighbors. I'm not sure why they would want someone to sit on their baby but would that count as a job?" Astra replied, rubbing her neck as she did so.

"If you get paid, it's a job. Also I babysit and it's not about actually sitting on children. It's actually just taking care of them while their parents are away. It's super easy. I usually just watch them play while playing on my phone and if they get hungry, I just make them a sandwich. Simple!" Conan told Astra, watching her breathe a sigh of relief when he told her that she wouldn't actually be sitting on children.

"Sounds fun. What about you Quinn? What's your job?" Astra asked, tilting her head at Qinglong.

"Oh, I don't need to work. My parents make enough money." Quinn explained, scratching her cheek. Levi muttered something about her being lucky which earned him another bit of water sprayed by Patchy. Quinn giggled, pointing out that she work she could work but her parents wouldn't let her which, to Astra at least, seemed a little odd.

"It's getting late and I have plenty of activities for tomorrow so we best head off to bed. Goodnight everyone." Quinn yawned, getting up off the pillow and taking her dressing gown off to reveal her black and blue dragon wings. What had been seemingly missing from Quinn's body suddenly hit Astra like a bullet train while her peer got into her bed.

Conan wasn't bothered to get up and walk to his bed so he just rolled there instead. Once in bed, Conan pulled one of his blankets over his horse half and fell asleep.

Levi's demon wings spread out and he flew to his bed. Once he got there, he stopped flying and let himself fall face first into his bed, immediately falling asleep.

Patchy carried her book to bed, turned on a nightlight and continued reading instead of sleeping.

Astra walked over to her bed but didn't sleep when she lay down. In fact, she felt more awake than ever. It was strange as she was usually able to get to sleep quite fast. She decided to consult the only other person awake - Patchy.

"Hey Patchy, do you ever just...not sleep?" Astra asked, pulling herself further under the blankets.

"I don't usually sleep until after midnight. It's probably adrenaline since it's your first sleepover and you're probably nervous. You'll probably fall asleep in about an hour." Patchy explained, trying to rationalize Astra's problem.

"Will you stay awake with me? I'm scared of the dark." Astra mentioned.

"I mean, you should be used to the dark shouldn't you? But I suppose I will stay awake. Again, I don't sleep that much but it's more than what rest I used to get." Patchy sighed, putting her book away but keeping her nightlight on so Astra wouldn't get too scared. The two then continued having a conversation until Astra finally fell asleep and Patchy could get back to reading only to fall into slumber herself a few moments later.


I have officially looked up the weirdest stuff for this story. Don't judge me but I had to look up how the hell centaurs would wear pants. I was eventually reminded of a Centaur's Life (Really good anime that I definitely would rewatch when I get decent wifi) and that answered my question. If I'm now making you wonder how centaurs wear pants, just look up a Centaur's Life that that'll answer you question.

- End of notes -