Author's Note: Just got a headache today. But at the same time, I had a story in mind.


There was a knight sitting under the tree on top of a hill. He usually goes around town, patrolling. In the end of the day he goes back to that spot every day. Never once did they saw the knight without armor. He kept his true identity hidden.

One day, a curious child approached him. He has been wondering what the knight was doing and so he asked. "What are you doing under the tree, Sir Knight?"

The knight flatly said. "Dreaming."

The little boy asked, "What are you dreaming about?"

"I dream of being a bear."

"Quite an unusual dream you got there, sir." The boy said. The knight assured it is more than that. "You want to hear a story?"

Once there was a boy who lived with his father. He asked his father for a toy he can be with during the night. The father gave him a teddy bear and told him that it will keep him safe. The boy was happy to have it. He named it M; like his name Michael.

Little did Michael know, that when he gave it a name, the toy came to life. It began to speak and asked. "What is my purpose?" Happily, Michael told him, "I want you to be my friend."

And so M became one.

Years goes by, the toy was always at his side. Michael grew up and later became his father's apprentice.

Then one day, as he was heading towards his father's workshop with M on his back, he met the love of his life. Elena was working in the toy shop that her father owned. She saw the toy bear and recognized her father's design. The two later talked about M.

The toy just watched as the two humans became a couple.

A year later, Michael got married, and started a family with his daughter Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth reached her teen years, Michael introduced Elizabeth to M. She was excited to see a living toy bear but she preferred it to be a toy knight.

"Why do you want it to be a knight?" Michael asked.

Elizabeth was fond of fairy tales and read a lot of knights saving princesses. "I love reading fairy tales, dad. Knights are heroes in every story."

Understanding her reason, he told her to take it. "It's yours now. But you have to give it a name."

She then thinks of keeping the name but adding something else. "M is okay but I'll add K for Knight."

Once given a new name, MK asked for its new purpose. Elizabeth smiled as she gave him one. "Be my knight."

The toy bear looked at itself and said, "I am not a knight. I'm a bear."

"I can turn you into one." Like her mother Elena, she built an armor for the toy bear. MK wore the armor that she made and became her knight. She then engraved her initials and his name on one of his armor plates. Now she has someone who can protect her. Her own personal knight. "Now you're my knight and I'll be your princess." She said.

"Princess..." MK said, realizing his purpose.

Years later, Michael fell sick. In his dying words, he asked MK to protect his daughter always.

Keeping his word, MK was always at her side just like he did with Michael. As she grew up, MK began to be overprotective when men approached her. Elizabeth doesn't mind it. She was happy to be someone like MK.

Every year, Elizabeth upgraded its armor with new materials she acquired. She used to tell MK the materials were imbued with magical properties, giving him power. MK felt it every time he receives a new one. But never once did she ever give him a weapon like a sword or shield. "Does a knight need a weapon? How can I be a knight when I don't have a sword?"

She said, "You are a special knight. You are like the Silver Knight from the stories." She explained to MK what a Silver Knight is. "A Silver Knight wears this metal called Silver. It is an enchanted metal that can change into any form depending on the wearer's imagination."

MK was fascinated by it that he can feel its power.

"But do not use it if I'm not in danger." Elizabeth warned him. "Don't brag about it." The knight understood and followed what she said. As days goes by, she keeps adding materials on his armor. Little by little, he grew too becoming human by size. Soon he towers over Elizabeth.

But one fateful day, catastrophe came. War broke out between two nations and the enemies attacked their town with swords and spears. Elizabeth quickly packed up her things, planning to escape with the others. However, MK wanted to fight them and defend the town. "I can't go. I must face them."

"It is pointless." Elizabeth said as she took her father's journals with her. "You cannot fight them all. One is not enough against 10 men."

"But I have to. You built me to be your knight." MK said. "You gave me this power and you don't want me to use them?"

Elizabeth hesitated, wanting to tell MK something important.

Unfortunately, their place was attacked by soldiers with ebony armors and stained swords. MK did not hesitate to attack them with his silver gauntlet. But then, in just one swing, MK's arm was cut easily by the ebony knights.

The enemy did not pause for a moment as they saw that MK was not human. They continued to attack him and threw him aside. As MK went down, Elizabeth screamed as she was dragged by those ruthless knights.

MK tried to save her but two black knights broke his legs, leaving him incapacitated.

He did not feel pain but only distress as he watched helplessly when Elizabeth was taken by the enemy. He crawled his way out from the house and into the streets. He saw her one last time as she was taken into a wagon along with the women they captured.

"Elizabeth!" He cried.

How could that be? He asked.

Why did the armor break easily?

Is this not the Silver?

This is when MK remembered one detail. He is just a toy dressed up as a knight. The armor was not made for combat but for appearance. Elizabeth is not a blacksmith. She is just a toy maker just like her mother.

The toy knight realized it too late.

The enemies swung their weapons at him again, damaging its brittle form. MK fell and watched as Elizabeth disappeared from his sight.

"And then what happened?" The boy was amazed by the knight's tale and asked how it ends. "Did MK save Elizabeth?"

The knight said. "He did but it will be a long tale filled with magic and dragons. I might say he will have a quest to save her."

"I would love to hear them all, Sir Knight!" The boy said.

Soon, the boy's mother called him, calling him for supper. "I'll just come back tomorrow, Sir Knight. You'll be here tomorrow, right?"

"I'll always be."

As the boy left, the knight sits back and remembered what really happened.

With only one functioning arm left, MK crawled all his way to find Elizabeth. He followed their footprints that lead outside town. It took a day to crawl his way out of the ravaged town.

Outside town, MK soon found people piling up the bodies on their wagons. Dead civilians and knights were left all over the place after a huge battle happened. MK searched for the footprints but he stopped when he recognized a face among the dead.

It was Elizabeth.

MK felt sorrow and emptiness for the first time. As his purpose to be Elizabeth's knight is gone, so he will be. The last thing he saw was her blood-stained face.

Not for long, he was found by an old hermit. He found the damaged knight and noticed his strange enchanted aura. He then fixed him, giving him true armor. "What is your name?" The old hermit asked.

MK heard his voice and answered. "I don't know."

The hermit saw the engravings on his armor. "Who is Elizabeth?"

The knight then remembered her face and felt sadness once again. "She's my princess. My purpose."

"I understand." The hermit said. "I found your Core that is attached inside you. Inside the toy bear that you were."

"What am I? I only have a name but no purpose to live for."

The old man then said. "We humans don't have a purpose once we were born."

"How can you live like that?"

"We look for it. Sometimes we find it and other times it comes to us." That's all he can say to the knight. "Anyway, be happy that you are alive. I gave you a new armor and so a new life. You are no longer a toy. You're a knight."

"Thank you." The knight said. "Thank you for this second chance."

The next day, the old hermit left heading to another town. Hopefully, the war hasn't reached there. He then gives one piece of advice to MK. "If you ever feel lost, just look at the sky."

Later, the knight head back to town, looking for Elizabeth. He asked the grave diggers where they buried them. Once he found her, he gave her a proper burial away from the field of corpses. He buried her on a hill and stayed there at her side, thinking of his own purpose. As years goes by, the war ended and the town rebuilt itself and a tree grew on Elizabeth's grave.

The knight continued his existence sitting beside her. He then remembered what the hermit said about his purpose. He told MK to find it on his own. The knight laid down and look at the sky just like the hermit advised him to do.

Instead of thinking about his purpose, the knight started to dream about being a bear again.