Thea Trekkinton was awoken by her mother on a fine morning in the early days of June.

"Mom..." she groaned. "It's summer. What happened to sleeping in?"

"It's almost 11:30 dear. I let you sleep as long as I could." her mother, Piper, replied.

Thea sat up, rubbing her dark brown eyes. "Are you going somewhere?"

"I have to run an errand that'll take most of the afternoon and I need you and Justin to watch Faye for me." Piper said.

Thea got out of bed and ran a brush through her long dark brown hair. Her tips were naturally white which surely infuriated nature.

She went out to the kitchen where Justin and Faye were sitting. Justin was her age, eleven and Faye was nine.

The kitchen was bright and cheerful with yellow walls. It wasn't super big but it was big enough for them to all sit there.

"Morning Thea." Justin said. He had carmel hair and blue eyes.

"Morning." she said as she went over to the fridge. She stood on her tiptoes and reached for the bagels. She popped the last one into the toaster and waited for it to toast.

Thea looked over at Justin and Faye, who were both reading. Justin was deeply engrossed in a book about sports and Faye was enchanted by Inkheart. Thea had read it and didn't get why her sister was obsessed with the series.

Her bagel was done and she got it out of the toaster and joined her two siblings at the island.

Her mother came into the kitchen. " Okay, I'm leaving. I should be back by four. Be good. I love you guys." she said, giving each of them a kiss.

"Love you too, Mommy." Faye said. She had light hazel eyes and brown hair that had the slightest curl.

"Love you too, Piper." Justin said.

"Love you, Mom." Thea said as she watched her mother walk out the front door.

After she had left, Justin rose and got out the chess set. "Wanna play chess with me, Thea?"

Piper was hurrying down the street. She wasn't in the mood to waste time today. She had a job to do and she had to get it done fast. Her blonde hair whipped her face as she hustled along the sidewalk

She ran smack into someone she dreamt she'd never run into in New York City.

"Idrea! Fancy seeing you here in the middle of Brooklyn." Piper said.

The olive toned woman smiled. "Ah. Piper. The one that got away."

Piper ignored this. "What brings you here?"

"One of my girls ran away a couple of years ago and she's supposed to be here." Idrea said, smiling.

"That's a shame. Maybe I could help you." Piper said.

"Perhaps. I'd love to have you by my side again. My salon hasn't been the same since you left with that man." Idrea said.

"Ha! I doubt that." Piper said. "And James was a wonderful person."

Idrea, as she remembered, was opposed to men and all their ways. She had been this way for centuries, the only exception was when she decided she needed an heir and had Katrina.

"Yes, I suppose he was." Idrea mused. "Until that plane killed him."

PIper bristled and regained her composure, determined not to expose her emotions and let Idrea know that she had touched on a hotspot. "You will not talk trash about my late husband, Idrea Zilldress." she said.

Idrea was benumbed. Not many people knew her last name and Piper was one of the few who did. "I find it very hard not to criticize him; he took away my best hairdresser."

Piper scoffed, disinterested on hearing how much Idrea disliked her husband. "What were you here for? A lost girl? You know, Idrea, if she ran away she probably doesn't want to be found."

Idrea's face went red. "I know that, Piper. I can't afford to have another like you. All I know is she's in the vicinity. "

"Okay. That's something." Piper said as she resumed walking again. Idrea followed her. "We can take the subway if we have to."

They walked quite a while before Piper decided to take Idrea to her favorite pizza place, Benny's Brick Oven Pizza. She wasn't really interested in eating; she wanted to call Hunter, the children's godfather and she couldn't do that with the busybody that was Idrea Zilldress standing over her.

After they had ordered and had been seated at a boothe, Piper excused herself to use the restroom.

Once she was safely in a stall, she pulled out her phone and dialed Hunter's number, silently praying that he would pick up.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hunter? I need you to do something for me." Piper said.