I wish I could turn back time.

I want to go back.

I want to return and stop myself.

I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life.

Now you want nothing to do with me.

Even that fact doesn't hurt.

What hurts is that I could ever have done that to you.

I feel like such a monster.

I feel like I shouldn't exist.

I've hurt you in the worst possible way.

I want to erase.

I want my memories to disappear.

I want to scream until the orbs in my brain shatter.

I want them to shatter into a million pieces.

I've tried to connect with you once again.

I know I should never have.

Why can't I let go?

Why can't I shove it all away?

I feel like I'm going crazy.

I know I have no right to feel what I'm feeling.

I know you've moved on.

I know I should move on.

I thought I had.

Maybe I was wrong.

You don't deserve the suffering.

It's myself who deserves whatever I've got coming.

You deserve better.

I don't deserve you.

Let me go.

Please, let me go.

I want to leave my memories locked away.

My soul aches.

Erase these memories.

Erase these emotions.

I hate seeing this.

I hate feeling this way.

We pass each other on by.

We don't say a single word.

You ignore me.

It's as if I don't exist.

It's okay.

I need things to be this way.

I was a monster.

I was a fool.

I wanted to be loved.

Even if it was by you,

I wanted so desperately to be loved.

I pushed too far and this is what I got.

Please, erase these thoughts from my mind.

I'm afraid I'm losing it.

I'm losing what I haven't already lost.

Get rid of this urge to push even more.

Erase what's going on with me.

This is territory that's off limits.

Every ounce of me yearns to enter.

Please, erase all of it.

I don't need any of it.

I don't want to suffer anymore.