My brothers have never fooled me. Or mystified me.

Today when I went downstairs to the kitchen Maddox and Julius stopped talking all of a sudden. I asked them what it was and Julius said. "Nothing you need to worry about Adya."

Then Aunt Cecil shooed them out of the house to go wait for the bus.

"Aunty, why are Maddox and Julius acting funny?" I asked her as she set breakfast out for Stanley and I.

"I don't know sweetheart. Maybe it's school stuff." she said, brushing her blonde hair out of her face.

"Yeah maybe." I said.

I mentioned this to my younger brother, Stanley, who was one year my junior while we were waiting for the bus to come.

"They always do that around me too." Stanley said, his ice like eyes widening as the bus pulled up.

"Maybe Maddox and Julius are planning a surprise party for you." I suggested as we got onto the bus. "You are going to be eight in a month."

"Oh, Adya do you reckon? That'd be so cool!" Stanley exclaimed. His bus friend, Aaron, stirred and sat up straight.

"What's this about a surprise party?" he asked groggily. It was 6:55 afterall. Not many of us are fully awake. My bus friend, Khadijah, always slept and I had to wake her up every morning before we went into the school. She was in my Gifted English Class as well. I looked at my brother as he and Aaron talked about basketball. I wonder what gifted class he'll be in next year, I thought to myself. Third grade was when the school tested for areas of giftedness.

I fidgeted in my seat impatient. My thoughts went back to Maddox and Julius. Something told me that they weren't talking about a surprise party

"Stanley, you promise you'll help me figure out what they were doing?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." he said.

I relaxed, thankful this was the last day before Thanksgiving break. The bus doors opened, signaling that we were at school. I prodded Khadijah and we both got off the bus after Stanley and Aaron, the subject of what Maddox and Julius' conversation still on my mind.