The Glass Fence

In a field of emerald grass

Under skies clear and blue

Lay a fence of glass

Where two lovers meet at noon

Here fingers touch glass

And hands wish to hold

As lovers both weep

Holding but glass, always too cold

They talk with each other

Hoping for one to hear

But the glass stops all

But the sight of one dear

In this field, the wind never blows

And sound never carries

With tears shed of those

Wed but never to marry

It is here in this field

That all lovers push to meet

Where promises are made

Some never meant to keep

But through all the pain

The lovers come here

Hoping one day

The glass lay only at their feet

They hope to hold

And hold to that hope

As they walk the emerald grass

With eyes holding every word spoke

And as that push to the glass

They hide the sorrow behind hair

Hope giving to ware

As they tearfully stitch another tare