The story started on a cold dark night, and a family was driving to their new place.

Inside the car is a mom driving, dad listening to the radio, teenage twin sisters texting, a brother playing a video game, and a little boy reading a book.

The family is heading to a new neighborhood in swamp village.

"Dad, how long are we going to be staying at this house?" wondered the teenage daughter, with blond hair, wearing a pink dress, with a phone in her pocket.

"What do you mean, Stephanie, this our home?" answered/asked The dad, with short brown hair, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.

"That's what you said about the other homes. Face it dad, we're never going to find the perfect house", the other twin pointed out, with blond hair, wearing a pink jacket, white shirt, black jeans, and red shoes.

The littlest boy lifts his book.

"My sister's observations are correct, by my calculations we have gone through eight houses, nine if you count that vacation spot". the little brother agreed,

The little brother has blond hair, wearing a red cap, black shirt, blue short, and white shoes.

"How is it, you're so young yet you are such a nerd?" wondered the other brother, with black hair, wearing a tropical shirt, red pants, and black shoes.

"Jack, don't pay attention to him, he's just upset because he can't learn playing video games won't get you an A", commented the mother, she has long blond hair, wearing a brown dress, and white shoes.

"Mom, I always ignore my brother's annoying insults, they don't bother me", answered the little brother: Daniel.

"Well, it's called Swamp village, a place known for supernatural stuff and being one of the happiest towns ever", said the dad.

"Dad, I must also inform you that in Swamp village is a very old time, so our electronics might cause a panic plus our vehicle", Daniel told his dad.

"Oh, Daniel, that thing about the village is a mere rumor", Chuckled the mom.

"Actually, I saw this on the news when we were packing, and it definitely didn't look like a joke, I have observed the signs and they point to the truth", Daniel informed them.

"Daniel might be right, we're in the neighborhood and I don't have a signal, my cell service is gone", said Stephanie.

"I got a high score! Woohoo!", exclaimed Jack.

Everybody ignored Jack

"The GPS is off", said The dad.

"Mother, Father, do I prove my point or what?" asked Daniel.

"You have, let's go", said The other twin:Tia.

The family starts walking around except Jack, who's getting his anime cards to put in his Nintendo, the others noticing that it seems mostly empty, until they see a seven-year-old girl with blonde hair, wearing a pink dress and black shoes.

"Hello, new neighbors, welcome to swamp village, I hope you like it here", said the girl, with a smile.

"My observations tell me, we should stay three feet away from here", suggested Daniel in a whisper.

So, the family backs up just like Daniel said, even Jack with his headphones on.

"I have a feeling something odd will come this way", Stephanie sensed.

Jack takes off his headphones, and says "Not one of your feelings again, like you had when moved next door".

"No, it's different", whispered Stephanie.

"Where did she go?" wondered The mom.

"Daniel, anything on that news about the people in this place disappearing?" asked Nina: the other twin daughter.

"No, there was a strange fire that appeared, but it didn't drive anybody away", Daniel recalls.

"What are you reading anyway?" Stephanie questioned.

"If you must know, it's a mystery book called Mystery of the green island",Daniel tells his sister.

"What guys, this feels like something I read from one of my fantasy books, where weird stuff starts happening or was it a TV show", Jack replied.

"It has to be a TV show because you've never touched a book ever", Daniel joked.

"Hey, that's not true I read before", commented Jack.

"Yeah, sports magazines don't count, Daniel means chapter books",The mom pointed out.

"Are you kidding, those things hurt my head?"asked Jack.

So, they check out more of the town and notice something very off about the cemetery.

"Since when do cemeteries look nice?" questioned Tia.

"By my research, most cemeteries are designed the same, but this one seems to have a sunny theme", said Daniel.

"This place keeps getting creeper, let's go", said Jack.

"Wait, brother, it could be a trap, this place feels Bizarre", said Daniel, stopping his brother.

"I'll take a look, while you guys try to find anything around here, that will explain what happened", Daniel decided, then walked the sunny path.