Daniel walks around thinking, analyzing all the clues he is given, then looks in his book, and comes with a plan that makes a smile.

"I have an idea, and I'll need your help Patricia along with your aunt and uncle,if that's okay", Daniel revealed.

"Of course, it'll be okay", Aunt Aqua agreed.

"Hey, I'm game", Uncle Jel agrees too.

"Patricia", said Daniel,holding out his hand.

"You do realize that if this plan doesn't work, you and your family will stuck here for the rest of your miserable lives", Patricia says harshly, with her arms folded.

"I always look at every angle, to make sure I get the right answer, besides your already an undead girl stuck in a horrible town with not many friends, so it can't get any worse", Daniel points out, with a sly smile.

"Fine, I'll go with your plan", Patricia finally gives.

As Patricia shakes his hand, then pulls him close to her face, and says "But, it better be good".

Then, Patricia gives Daniel a kiss on the cheek, Daniel gives a shocked look in his face, Patricia slaps him.

"Focus, smart guy, the plan", Patricia snaps him out of it.

Daniel nods and leads Patricia, Uncle Jel, and Aunt Aqua to the warehouse, where the pyramid.

While walking to the warehouse, Daniel asks about what Aunt Aqua know about the prophecy girl.

"She showed up way before the curse took into full effect, you see it took the curse years to turn the town into this, the thing about freak weather patterns and stuff was just gossip to keep out tourists; People still lived her, since they had no choice, anyway that girl showed up almost out of nowhere. A strong mist came by that's when the warehouse appeared along with her, she at first seem like a normal fortune teller, until half of her prophecies had to do with the curse came true; after that many people steered clear of her thinking she is a witch, she even made a prophecies about you and your family before you'll enetered this town", Aunt Aqua explained, throughly.

In a small flashback, Patricia, Uncle Jel, and Patricia are by the warehouse, where the blond girl is with the mist behind her

"When time feels it has been reversed, you know your curse will break, but before that can happen a family will come thinking to find a new home, but really destiny calls them here; and beware of the boy with high intelligence, he will cause mayhem as he has descended from the evil that haunts this town", Prophecy girl predicted.

"But, when will this family come?" asked Aunt Aqua.

"You will know, for they give a strange aura", said the prophecy girl.

"But the boy?" wondered Patricia.

"He won't be like the others, Patricia, this boy has something hidden inside him, a special something that I haven't seen in a long time, so stay alert", Prophecy girl makes clear.

"Great", Patricia says sarcastically.

"That is all I have to say,so keep each other safe, and bye", replied Prophecy girl, then walks away in the mist and disappears.

Back in the present.

The screen goes to the pyramid that stopped glowing.

Daniel tells Uncle Jel and Aunt Aqua to touch the mini pyramid.

Patricia pulls Daniel close to her and whispers "Are you crazy, that pyramid could be a trap?"

"Silly, if it was a trap, it would've had an alarm system and a force field", said Daniel, looking at his book.

"True, okay, fine", said Patricia.

After touching the mini pyramid, a strong aura blast Uncle Jel, Aunt Aqua, and Patricia, knocking them down, the aura turns into a black tiger cub.

What they didn't notice is The prophecy girl is watching them, and says "This boy is just how I expected him to be, which is perfect for us being able to get out of here, right brother?"

The screen shows a boy with white hair similar to the color of the moon, wearing a green uniform, holding a teacup, looks at the prophecy girl and says "That's been our plan ".

"But, do you think he will cooperate?" asked The prophecy girl.

"Of course, after all he already knows", said The brother.

"Shall we?" asked The prophecy girl, holding her hand out.

Daniel helps Patricia up.

Patricia pushes his arm from her shoulder, but she is still weak so she nearly falls on the floor, but Uncle Jel catches her.

"Their here", replied Aunt Aqua.

"Good eye", the Prophecy girl smiles.

The prophecy girl wraps her arms around Daniel, separating him from Patricia, and says "We'll be taking him".

"Daniel, leave him out of this, you're prediction was wrong, he's just a regular human besides his smarts; theirs nothing special about him", Patricia insists.

"Oh no, my sister's prediction is quite right", said the brother, as he summons a purple circle center's around Daniel.

"But, there's one part of the prophecy I don't want to come true", said The prophecy girl, flies Daniel to the circle.

"You can't do this so soon, after all the spell must be casted before you can take me", Daniel revealed.

"You think so, but didn't you know, that this is part of the spell", The prophecy girl reveals to Daniel.

Daniel tries to struggle, but it doesn't work.

Outside, Jack, Tia, Stephanie, Larry, and Anne sees the clouds creating the symbol of darkness.

"Oh no, that's where Daniel is", Tia remembers.

"We have to go", said Stephanie.

"Daniel, what are you up to?" asked Anne.

Everybody runs to the where the Pyramid is.

There they see the circle, but they don't see Daniel who's in the middle of the circle.

"Daniel, you know more about us, than you know, like your great ancestor, which is a gift", replied The prophecy girl. "Which is why we need you".

The prophecy girl ties up Daniel with golden chains, which activate the circle.

"What is going on, we need to put a stop to it", suggested Tia.

"Agreed, let's go", said Stephanie.

The family runs to the Pyramid, which the brother of prophecy girl noticed, so he tries to hit them with magic, but Patricia flies in and protects them.

"Patricia!" gasped the family.

"Don't worry about me, save him", said Patricia, as she gets up.

The family sees Daniel in the middle of the circle.

The family walks up to the prophecy girl who traps Daniel in a ball.

"Let him go!" Stephanie demanded.

"Not a chance, he's my key to eternal power", said The prophecy girl and her brother, both of them attack the family with magic, but it doesn't affect them.

"Huh?" asked The prophecy girl.

The prophecy girl noticed the circle disappeared and that Daniel has claws, dragon wings, a tail and his eyes are glowing.

Daniel gathers a golden aura that turns to power, and destroys the model pyramid.

Once the model pyramid is destroyed, the prophecy girl gathers a lot of dark energy the size of a town and blast Daniel.

As the prophecy girl does that everybody in Daniel's family attacks her with no magic, instead with their own strength.

Daniel is found unhurt, he raises his hand, and says "I lift the curse that made this town like this and may it never come back".

Once those words enters his mouth, the magic surrounds The prophecy girl and her brother turning them slowly to dust and get rid of their magic.

Daniel's spreads around the town, restoring it to its formal glory, unfreezing time, people coming back, Patricia's family turning back to normal.

Daniel flies down and turns back to his human form.

Everybody hugs him including Patricia and her family.

"So, you helped save this place after all", said Patricia.

"Yeah", said Daniel, looking at his hands.

"Daniel, you knew you had powers didn't you, and pretended not to know", Tia assumed.

Daniel smiled, and says "That's half of the truth".

"What's the other half?" asked Stephanie.

Daniel takes Patricia's hand, and says "I'm not telling".

"What? Why not?" asked Stephanie.

The chapter ends with Stephanie still asking the same question.