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"Aquarius! Look how high I am!" Aries yelled down from a tree. What a tall tree it was too.
"Aries be careful! I don't want you getting hurt before we finish our scrapbook!" Aquarius yelled back, mesmerized at how high up Aries was.
"I'll be fine! I just need to finish getting these bird feathers first." Aries said, screaming this time.
"You think that's cool Aquarius? Check this out!" Called Leo from the monkey bars. Aquarius watched how Leo swang from bar to bar, doing neat flips and tricks.
As Leo finished her show, Aries was jealous at how Leo had Aquarius's attention.
"Whew! What a workout!" Leo said.
"Leo! You look so tired! I bet you need a break from all of this attention." Aries spat.
"Huh?" Leo wondered. "What's she talking about."
Aquarius had no clue whatsoever about what was going on. He called out to Aries, "What's going on?"
"Nothing!" both Aries and Leo yelled.
Obviously they both liked him.

In a different part of the playground, in a secret cove known to very few, sat Capricorn and Cancer.
"Why am I here exactly?" Cancer questioned.
"Because I wanted to tell you something."
Capricorn said shyly.
Cancer was wide eyed. Did she mean that she likes him?
"W-what are you talking about?" He stuttered.
"Well," Capricorn started.
"You know how you're my only friend?"
"Well, I feel like we should become closer as friends. Maybe even more than friends."
"You mean?" He started at her in horror. He really didn't want them to start dating.
"Cancer, will you..." Capricorn was cut off by Cancer.
"Stop! Stop! I don't want to date anyone yet!" He yelled.
Capricorn starting laughing. "You thought that I was asking you out? No silly!"
Now Cancer was embarrassed. Super embarrassed. He thought she was asking him out! "Then what did you mean?"
"I thought it was obvious! I was only asking you if you wanted to be my best friend!" She said.
"Oh..." His bad.
"So..." She asked.
"So?" What was she asking now?
"Will you be my best friend forever and ever?"
"Of course Capricorn! Of course I will!"

Now, here's a bully in action.
Gemini. Lord of Evil. Mean. All that jazz. He was busy pushing kids off swings. He didn't want one of course, he was just bored. Nobody knows why he's like that. He just is! Several kids were crying and Gemini was just laughing. He kept going in a row. Pushing kids off, one by one. He went to the next set of swings. He did the same thing, pushing one off each time. The next set however, he walked towards them and saw Sagittarius. Gemini liked Sagittarius, so he didn't want her to see him pushing kids off, but it was too late. Earlier, she saw him. Hopefully his crush hasn't been crushed. He kept pushing the kids off. Slower though, so he can catch her in a sad moment. Knowing her, she was pretty gloomy. So on he went.

Sagittarius sat on the swing set, reminiscing the fun times she had as a kid. She remembered her father pushing her as she yelled "Higher daddy! Higher!"
Now, those memories are gone. Her father was kicked out of the house and her mother has never been the same since. Sagittarius spends most of her time at the playground. Hoping to revive the memory, she asked the nearest kid to push her. That was Gemini. Known for his bad behaviour. Sagittarius over here, was a pretty normal. Average. Boring, some might say. But, she was hoping not to end up on the ground.
"How high do you want to be pushed?" Gemini asked.
"Strange." She thought to herself. Why isn't he being a bully?
"Uh, how high can you go?" Sagittarius asked.
"Pretty high. It all depends on how far you want to fall." He smirked.
"Uh oh." She thought. "Here's the trouble. I might as well risk it for the sake of this memory."
"Push me super high!" She told Gemini.
"Ok. You asked for it!" He smirked even more.
She started off slow. One. Two. Three. She was speeding up. Trying not to hit Gemini with her feet and holding on tightly so she doesn't fall.
"Any second now." She mumbled.
Six. Seven. Eight.
What's going on? He's still pushing me.
Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.
He's probably waiting until I'm off guard and very high so I fall harder and farther.
Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.
Oh no! I'm wearing a skirt too!
Nineteen. Twenty. Twenty-one.
Worst. Idea. Ever!
"Umm... Sagittarius..." Gemini started.
"Yeah. What?" She asked.
"Well, it doesn't look like your enjoying this. Would you like me to stop?"
She realized what he meant. She's been worrying this entire time about why Gemini wasn't pushing her off the swing.
"No. I want to enjoy it some more. Thanks."
"No problem."
Sagittarius felt the emotions flood through her. She felt so many different emotions. Sadness, for her father not being there. Happiness, for the feeling of being pushed again. Confusion, for why Gemini wasn't bullying her. Anger, for getting mad at herself by not enjoying this feeling sooner. She started to cry.
"Am I hurting you?" Gemini said with worry in his voice. He stopped pushing
"N-no of course not!" Sagittarius exclaimed.
"Then why are you crying?" He questioned.
"I was just thinking about my dad." Sagittarius said.
"What about him?"
"He, uh..." she sniffled.
"If your uncomfortable saying it, then stop."
"No I'll say it. He was k-kicked out of our house."
"Oh. I'm sorry."
"No. It's fine. Please don't be sorry."
"Well, thanks for pushing me Gemini."
"No problem Sagittarius."

At the other side of the playground, sat Scorpio. He was staring at all the other kids having fun. He wondered why he wasn't out there, playing with the other kids.
"Oh yeah." He mumbled. "Kids are too immature and messy to play with. That's why I'm all alone over here."
"Hey S-Scorpio." Taurus said as she staggered towards Scorpio.
"Uh hi." He replied. "Are you ok?"
"Yep! Jusssst finne!"
"Are you sure you're not on something?" Scorpio asked, concerned.
"Only candy!"
"Candy can be bad and full of drugs."
"Not thisssss candy." Taurus said, slurring her words harshly.
"Who gave you this 'candy'?" He questioned. He was going to catch this dealer no matter how old they were.
"Followwwww meeeeee." Taurus said.
Scorpio followed. They walked around the playground for a bit only to end up where they started.
"Umm, Taurus, we were here earlier."
"Over there." Taurus said. She was so wobbly that Scorpio didn't know where she was pointing at.
"Where?" Scorpio asked.
"Go ssssseeeee Virgo." She replied.
Scorpio was steaming as he stormed over to Virgo.
"Look Virgo! I know your selling kids candy! Stop it ok! It's hurting everyone!"
"Taurus liked the candy. I don't see why you wouldn't."
"Stop. Selling. Drugs."
"It's candy OR drugs." She implied.
"There's drugs in the candy." He said blankly.
"So what if there is? I can't go to jail! I'm only 7!"
"You can go to juvie. That's basically jail for kids."
"Shoot! I don't wanna go to juvie!"
"Then stop dealing drugs!"
"Whaaaaa!" Virgo called out. Bawling so hard, she could barely breathe.
"Oh no!" Scorpio thought. "People are going to think that I hurt her! This is why I don't get involved in this stuff."
Scorpio ran away to hide as the other kids crowded around Virgo.

Pieces and Libra stood at the slides, watching what happened with Scorpio and Virgo.
"Libra, I don't know what happened. Do you?"
"I have no clue Pieces."
"Let's race to the tallest slide and slide down! One slide has a giant mud puddle and the other slide doesn't!"
"Umm... ok! I bet I'll win!"
"Sure you will. First we need to stand in front of a rock wall. There are two facing across from each other. Let's use those!"
"But there's mud in front!"
"Who cares. It's just mud!"
Libra got in front of the rock wall, grumbling about how it would ruin her outfit.
"On your marks!" Pieces started.
"Get set! Go!"
Pieces ran through the mud, she didn't care about getting dirty. Libra on the other hand, slowly inched her way around the puddle, very, very, slowly. Libra found a way across the puddle and slowly started to climb the rock wall.
"Too slow Libra! I'm already at the top!"
"O-ok! Does that mean I can stop the race now?"
"No! Now we race down the slide!"
"Why me." Libra whispered.
Libra got the the second slide and looked down. There was more mud at the bottom! She looked at Pieces slide, and of course it was clean. Only wood chips at the bottom.
"Here we go!" shouted Pieces!
"Go!" Libra yelled, starting the long slide down.
The slide was a tunnel after a bit. The tunnel went all the way down, so she couldn't see if Pieces was winning. She was almost at the bottom when she saw the mud. Libra slowed down super fast. Right at the end of the slide, she jumped off the slide and over the puddle.
After she landed on the cleanliness of the wood chips she saw Pieces, asleep in the wood chips.
"I can't believe she fell asleep." Libra murmured, shaking her head.
"Wha? What happened to me?" Pieces said as she jolted awake.
"I guess you fell asleep in the tunnel."
"Oh! Yeah, I was tired and I fell asleep somehow..."
"Totally. Wanna race again?" Pieces suggested.
"No thanks!" Libra replied. "I almost got my outfit dirty!"
"Silly Libra. Worrying about her clothes."
"How 'bout we slide normally?"