Posing a direct hit on the Northeast coast of US, hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and the most destructive hurricane of the year in 2012. The impact of the storm also created a long-lasting power outage that had affected more than 8 million businesses and residents. Hurricane Sandy is now considered the nation's most expensive storm, and there are still many years ahead, in the rebuilding from this devastation.

Struggling hard to rebuild his life from the losses of his home and personal belongings, Andrew Lesnak decided to contribute his time, money and business expertise towards other victims. He served as the counselor to diagnose the mental health disorders that occurred because of losing everything from this event. The mental health disorders include higher levels of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Andrew makes his best efforts to work for the empowerment of low-income families impacted by hurricane. He helps them in overcoming their life's obstacles, by taking a very "hands on" approach to their circumstances. By providing the essential life skills to such people, Andrew Lesnak helps them develop a wealth of confidence and stability in their home lives. He gets involved in helping them properly communicate, plan, organize and make the proper decisions that can lead to a path to creating wealth and home-ownership.

Through his humanitarian efforts, Andrew found it quite therapeutic to recover from the trauma of hurricane. It has eventually helped him to come to peace with the losses.

About Andrew Lesnak

Through his fundraising initiatives and dedication, Andrew Lesnak helps the staff spend more time and resources in assisting those who seek help for their addiction so that they can triumph over their struggles and find their identity. In an attempt to raise more funds for programs to support the recovery of drug addicts, Andrew joined hands with Hope Sheds Light so that more resources can be brought to both addicts and their families.