Travis Hills Minnesota works with Machinery Company to develop and roll out the laboratory extraction apparatus with a higher efficiency of extraction to be rolled out by an OEM like Thermo Fisher. To make the process better, he works to implement a technology that works differently, uses less chemicals and eliminates dangerous, flammable, and toxic solvents. He designed a multi-liter solvent system that is backed by several patents with expansion capability for lab-to-pilot plant scale extraction of all the botanical materials and natural products, using the conventional and cryogenic products. He has made his efforts to the normal extraction efficiency from 1-10% all the way up to 50%.

Travis works for a private equity where he specializes in various areas of gas, oil, lab extraction and processing, agriculture, and some space exploration. He is highly specialized in turning coal into graphite, graphene, and olefins through acoustic cavitation. Backed by 37 patents, the process of acoustic cavitation provides graphite feedstock to the electric cars, giga factories, space exploration companies, heating and cooling companies and nuclear reactor companies.

The proper treatment of ballast water actively removes, kills, or neutralizes organisms prior to discharge. After all, ballast water contains thousands of aquatic or marine microbes, plants and animals, which are then carried across the globe. The untreated ballast water could potentially introduce a new invasive marine species.

The system that Travis Hills Minnesota works for created and patented the optimum configuration to use the disinfection abilities of technologies in series to achieve 100% kill. It ensures that each method is highly effective at certain species. Moreover, the cost is significantly less that either direct competitor with 50-80% reduction in acquisition and operations cost.

About Travis Hills

Travis Hills Minnesota works to develop water purification systems that are sustainable, zero-polluting, and lower in energy use than any technology in commercial use or in development.