Midnight Rain

Harlan Glovenek managed to make the transition to high school without losing life or limb – although there were a few close calls! Now, as his sophomore year unfolded, Harlan realized that he had survived the right of passage of the past few years and he was now experiencing coming of age milestones that made him feel more mature - mostly because his female classmates were looking more mature!

Some girls still ignored him, of course, but others were happy to talk to him at school and in various social settings, including the dances. Harlan's attitude regarding girls was one of curiosity. He enjoyed getting to know them especially as they began changing in their physical appearances —expanding breasts, widening hips, and noticeable makeup the most obvious transformations.

Girls were behaving differently in high school too –more worldly and classy and boys like Halen had to catch up to such sophistication and intelligence.

Sometimes Harlan wondered if girls really knew more about life than boys – or if they just acted like they had all the wisdom and answers. Harlan had expanded his reading list in high school just as much as the girls had. He was watching the same adult level films too. Just the other day he watched a movie that featured a male shaving his female lover's pubic hair so Harlan knew the truth about what was between girls' legs.

He recently read a book with a scene describing how a boy removed a girl's underwear in a barn loft. He knew about sex and romance now. He'd even seen porn on the internet.

Of course these were topics Harlan couldn't exactly discuss with girls without the risk of having his face slapped or being pegged as a pervert – but Harlan knew that girls knew what he knew – and that they thought about the same things he thought about – even if they didn't talk about it aloud to boys like him.

Being a member of the high school band was Harlan's ticket to a higher social circle. He played the trumpet and he was getting good at it. He became friendly with many of the kids in the band and it felt good to belong to a group that welcomed and accepted him. His friend Yogi Barnett was also in the band – it was Yogi who first turned Harlan onto the guitar and Harlan was in the process of learning how to play with Yogi's help.

Doug Wagner was another one of Harlan's friends which was good because Doug was adapt at talking with girls and Harlan was happy to tag along to the various parties, one of which is where Harlan played post office for the first time and learned how to slow-dance with girls at another.

It was Doug who introduced Harlan to Liz Andrews for one of those slow dances at Marley Davidson's cellar party. Liz's body was so close to his that he could smell the fragrance of her shampoo and he felt her small breasts under her sweater pressing against his chest. It was a wonderful sensation, so new and unexpected and that moment was when Harlan knew that he had graduated into a whole new world.

Phys Ed is where Harlan truly learned about coming of age realities – specifically, in the locker room before and after class. It took him a while to get accustomed to getting naked and showering with other guys and even now, as mature and experienced sophomore, he still got embarrassed looking at other guy's dicks and walking around with his own tool hanging there for everybody to see.

Tank Vandermeer was the winner of this year's biggest dick contest. Tank had more body hair than anybody else. He was a burly husky sixteen year old and his genitals matched the rest of his muscular body in size and scope.

Tank was proud of his endowment and he took great delight in wandering around the locker room naked showing off his dick with a grin on his face. His member dangled between his legs like a piece of kielbasa and sometimes he'd rub it to make it go hard. In its erect form, Tank Vandermeer's penis was really huge.

"Today's the day," Doug Wagner informed Harlan as they entered the locker room after Phys Ed class.

"The day for what?" Harlan wondered.

"Tank's going to show his dick to some girls," Doug announced.

"What?" Harlan asked with disbelief.

"Ten bucks per girl," Doug explained. "He says its easy money."

"He could get expelled."

"Hanson just left for a dentist appointment," Doug said. "Nobody's around. The girls are lining up outside the locker room door as we speak. They've been planning this for days."

Harlan glanced across the locker room at Tank who was standing naked by his locker, rubbing himself to create a boner.

"Well, he's got a hard on now," Harlan observed.

"Such an extraordinary situation shouldn't go to waste," Doug remarked.

There was excitement in the air as the naked Tank walked toward the door with his hard-on in his hand. Several guys – including Doug and Harlan - made their way to the door to see how the girls would react – and which girls were perverted enough to pay ten bucks to see Tank Vandermeer's cock.

"Hurry up, before you lose it!" Somebody yelled.

"I can keep a hard on for an hour," Tank bragged with pride.

The boys stood by the door and Tank motioned for Frank Denson to open the barrier – which he did.

Standing in the otherwise vacant hallway at the far end of the school building were five high school girls – Carol Blake, Polly Lewis, Vanessa Newton, Faye Robbins, and – much to Harlan's dismay - Rain Barnes, ready to ogle Tank's hard on.

Carol and Vanessa were in the band with Harlan. He knew Polly and Faye from various classes and Rain Barnes lived in his neighborhood and although Halen didn't know her well he liked her and he was surprised to see her among the viewers because he didn't think she was that kind of girl.

All five girls covered their mouths with their hands, some screamed and shrieked, others laughed and said complimentary things about Tanks' crank. He wiggled his hips and he used his hand to move his pecker up and down.

"Let's see your ass!" Carol dared, so Tank did a pirouette and he offered them a moon shot.

Frank Denson stepped into the hall to collect the money on Tank's behalf. Somebody else held the door open as Tank continued with his exhibition to the cooing delight of the female onlookers.

Harlan was amazed by excitement and thrill on the giggling girls' faces.

"That's it, Ladies," Tank announced, motioning for Frank to close the door to the complaints and groans of the girls.

"They'll never forget that!" Tank grinned as Frank handed him the fifty bucks behind closed doors.

"What if somebody narcs on him?" Harlan asked Doug as they returned to their lockers to get ready to shower.

"Who would believe them?" Doug laughed. "How would you prove it? Do you think those girls would admit to being peeping tom perverts?"

It was true. There wouldn't be any consequences for Tank exposing himself and the five girls in question would escape with their honor intact no matter how much gossip, rumor and innuendo floated through the school in the coming days.

And yet the girls had seen the sensational pride of Tank Vandermeer's physique without getting in trouble for being voyeurs.

Harlan wished he had that amount of guts.