Chapter 9

In late March, COVID-19 cancelled the rest of the school year and isolated the miserable Harlan at home, sheltered in place. Social distancing was torture and all Harlan did was pine over Rain, his lost love who he didn't even get to see from afar anymore. Several times he thought about calling or texting her but what would be the point?

Rain awoke to the sounds of rain pouncing off her window pane. It was mid-May and it had been unusually warm lately even though she was stuck at home because of the virus.

She had been thinking about Night Spirits of the Rain recently, partly as a way to rid herself of the sorrow and guilt she was feeling regarding Harlan Glovenek.

She had re-read the book during her shelter in place captivity. Her mother had found it stuffed in their mailbox the previous fall after Rain had foolishly dumped Harlan for that two-faced lying jerk basketball player.

Rain had been selfish and self-centered, flattered and touched that a high school Senior took an interest in her and it seemed easy to discard the shy and quiet Harlan for somebody much more exciting and outgoing.

How was she supposed to know that Sean Shupard was an egotistical jerk with no inner core?

Rain lay in her bed wondering if this was the perfect night she had been anticipating for more than a year after being inspired and motivated by Night Sprits of The Rain. She had no fear about being caught or seen. She just wanted to experience Night Sprits of the Rain for herself just in case the world ended tomorrow which, in recent times, seemed like a distinct possibility between COVID-19 and Murderous Hornets.

She looked at the time on her cell phone and saw that it was midnight.

Rain got out of bed and went to the window, staring into the dark rainy night. Was it now or never? She left her room and tiptoed down the stairs and into the mud room. She had her phone in her hand and she knew it was finally time to text her secret to the one person she had shared her fantasy with.

'It's time for Night Spirits in the Rain,' she typed. 'Time to be naked with the night spirit. Will you resist a dance with me? Meet me in your backyard if you think you can forgive me.'

She sucked in her breath and then hit 'send', suddenly feeling extremely vulnerable as she pondered actually taking off her pajamas and stepping out of the house nude. It was out of her comfort zone but she was a dancer so why shouldn't she perform – even if it was for an audience of one?

Rain turned off her phone and set it on the bench before kicking off her slippers and pulling her pajama top off over her head and then waddling out of her pajama bottoms. She saw that a towel was already hanging from a hook so she would be able to dry off upon her return.

Naked, Rain slowly opened the back door and she slipped outside into the rainy night, enjoying the spiritual freshness of the rain against her skin, the wonderment of Mother Nature and the refreshing experience of doing something she had never done before.

She stood silently, allowing the rain to shower upon her, feeling natural, independent, and free. It was a spiritual event being cleansed in such a natural way. The rain was cool but the May night air was warm.

Rain left her footprints in the soft grass as she sprang across the yard, cutting her way through the neighbors' yards as she made her way toward Harlan's house. There was enough light from the streetlights to guide her and if somebody looked out their window at that moment they would have seen a naked white ghost darting through the yards.

Rain had no thoughts – only freedom as the raindrops splattered off her bare shoulders and soaked her hair to her scalp like glue. She watched the rain drip down her breasts, arms and legs, rolling down her torso until it got caught in her pubic hair like a bathtub drain. She felt the rain patter on her forehead, eyelids and mouth, and down her throat, down her back too – even into the crack of her buttocks.

Rain only had to cross one street to get to her destination. Who besides her would be out in a midnight rain?

The street was empty as she darted from the shadows of the yards and pranced across the street to the yards on the other side.

Sucking in her breath, Rain struggled not to giggle if not laugh out loud with delight as she saw Harlan's yard ahead of her.

The buzz of his cell phone yanked Harlan from his sleep. He saw the screen illuminated and it took him a moment to comprehend time and place.

And then he squinted on the text message on the screen: 'It's time for Night Spirits in the Rain. Time to be naked in the night rain. Will you resist a dance with me? Meet me in your backyard if you think you can forgive me.'

What the….? Was this some sort of sick joke?

But then he remembered the book Rain Barnes had given him last fall and the story she told about dancing in the midnight rain.

Why would she be texting him this now? Harlan frowned but then he felt the urge and the need to go to the window – which he did. He squinted through the rain to focus on the backyard, wondering if Rain would really appear – like a nightingale. Like an angel.

And then…..there she was. Emerging from the Davidson's bushes and appearing in the shadows – a naked dancing Rain Barnes.

Harlan wasn't sure if he was dreaming. But sure enough he realized he was awake and he smiled at the sight of the Rain Goddess that had come back to him in all her glory. He hurried from his room, careful not to make any noise and thankful that everybody had gone to bed.

He slipped out the back door and he stood on the back porch convinced that moment was enough to satisfy his fantasies for the rest of his life. Harlan knew he would forgive Rain in a heartbeat. He knew he wanted to be two with nature. He knew he wanted to be among the night spirits in the rain.

Harlan quickly undressed and he sprinted naked to join his spiritual sister without a second thought - except to pray that she wouldn't be disappointed having already seen Tank Vandermeer's cock.

The rain didn't feel like rain against his skin and Harlan felt as buoyant as a helium balloon when he reached the smiling Rain in the rain.

"Six feet apart," she warned upon his arrival. "I didn't bring my mask."

Harlan nodded in understanding.

"You're the only one who knows the rain like this," she told him.

"I'll never forget," he vowed and they danced about the back lawn.

"I can't believe I actually did this!" Rain marveled. "I'm in the rain. Naked in the rain."

"Everybody is asleep but for us," Harlan assured her. He had stopped dancing and he watched her prance about in her naked beauty, her breasts bouncing in the night.

"I've missed you," Harlan confessed.

"May the naked rain spirit be with us in the midnight rain." Rain leaned in and kissed him.

"What about the virus?" Harlan worried.

"It would be worth it just for this moment," Rain replied as she did a pirouette.

"It would," Harlan agreed.

"This is my apology," Rain said. "Do you forgive me?"

"Yes," he answered.

"You're the one for me," Rain assured him.

"The Rain," he smiled.

She glanced down at his dick. "I like yours better," she smirked.

He was surprised he had gone hard in the night rain.

"I bet you feel better now," Rain said as she resumed her dancing.

Harlan danced too - at midnight, in the rain, naked in the rain, naked with the naked Rain, two night spirits in the rain.

It was way better than fifty bucks.