She said I was the sunrise to her shrinking violet flower

As it sprung up in the warmth of the approaching dawn.

The stars blanketed us, holding us close together

In the frigid cold that was the winter night,

When the prose from her brain

Took a long walk off of its short pier

And hopped into an ocean of unresolved feelings.

I met her just two days before this,

Back when I thought that she was a purple missing a red

And I was the orange streak that could never

Fit into that equation of colors

Yet, her words, like golden fireflies that lit up the night,

Were all that I needed to think about something else.

I was never that great at math anyway.

My face, crimson as a Virginia cardinal, remained unnoticed

Underneath the blues and grays of the moonlight

And I thought –

Maybe, just maybe, you're the sun:

Peeking out of a cover and gone when it rains

With everything that you've held back throughout the years.

But I looked at you like you were the moon.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'm the sun:

In your face and somewhat bright

And sometimes incredibly annoying

And maybe, just maybe, you're that moon:

You reflect my light, yet remain gorgeous and kind alone.

Was I the sunrise you expected?

Did you spring up against the starkness of my dawn?

Or maybe you lay low, like grass that's been freshly cut

Only to be trodden down by other's carelessness.

Maybe I lay just as low as you.

Maybe we cannot put words to what we feel yet –

It's a kaleidoscope of colors and conflicting emotions

It's as complicated as a constellation lost in a sea of stars and planets

It's a pallet mixed with the leftover paints of last night's drunken art session

But it is us -

And after all, why would I go anywhere else when I could be here with you?

Me: It's been too long. I should write more poetry.
Also Me: *doesn't write poetry or upload any older poetry for 6 months*

Anyway, my gay dramatic ass wrote this a long time ago (like a year ago) about Clementine and Violet from Telltale's The Walking Dead (which... is also what I wrote Starbird about, go check that out if you want). Hope you enjoyed.