It was supposed to be a peaceful cruise for the people aboard the A. S. Leonardo. It was the top of the line ship in the entire Valen kingdom. The Leonardo had the finest food, the richest music, and the cream of high society's crop in the ball room. If some moron did try to cause trouble, they would have to deal with some of the best trained soldiers in all the kingdoms.

It's just too bad that "moron" had just shown up, towering over all the guests, on one of the dining tables.

He was tall, with messy blue hair, his green eyes and big smile showed off his confidence and cockiness. He wore no shirt, but his muscular chest made it clear he didn't need one. His green jacket hung around his neck like a cape. On it was the symbol of his crew, the letter G wrapped around the letter C, the symbol of the Green Coats pirates. His pants were as black as the deepest, darkest hole, where no light could reach. His shoes were a fine pair, made for any occasion. In each hand were his Elgin Cutlass Revolvers; "S2BU" in his left, and "URF" in his right.

On one side of the room the patrons stared in fear, pressed against the wall. Above them stood painted glass works of kings, heroes, and religious figures. Soldiers' bodies lay dead around the room with bullet holes, cuts, and stabs covering their bodies. But the most frighten on to all the passengers was the body of a soldier that had both his eyes shot out of his skull with two cut right under the bullet holes.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" he addressed the crowd, "I am Captain G.E.M. of the Green Coats, and we're here to rob you blind."

"But we can see you!" someone in the crowd shouted.

G.E.M. lowered his arms and head, frowning, before turning his gun towards the man that called out to him. Not even looking, he shot the man right between the eyes, dead.

"Did anyone see that?" he asked the crowd, glaring at them. They all shook their heads.

"Good." He jumped off the table, performing a front flip in the process. "Now," he pulled an entire table cloth off, turning it into a holding bag, "before I was so rudely interrupted; we are here to rob you blind. So please give us all your money, jewelry, clothes… On second thought… Keep your clothes on." With that, he touched a commutator on his ear. "How are we doing, Sunshine?"

"We're looking good, Captain." Sunshine replied, "I've blocked all the calls for help, and cracked the security five minutes ago."

"Thanks, Sunshine." G.E.M. told him, before switching to another channel. "How's it going with those supplies, Pinky?"

"It's going well, Captain!" Pinky shouted over the sounds of gunfire. She was in her early twenties with pink hair going down to her neck. She wore the Green Coat's iconic jacket over a black shirt with short brown jeans and sneakers. "Alan and Bob are taking their sweet time!" She quickly hid behind a cargo box she was using for cover as bullets whizzed over her head. Wondering what was taking them so long, she could see light coming from the open storage room door.

In the treasure room two young men around the same age as Pinky were arguing.

"Man," Alan told his twin brother as they picked up another chest, "the chest is heavy." It was easy to tell them apart as Alan had shaved the left side of his head and Bob had only shaved the right. Other than that, they wore the same jacket with red shirts, blue jean pants, and boots.

"Of course it's heavy!" Bob shouted over the gun fire right outside the storage room. "It's full of gold!"

"It's heavy but not gold heavy," Alan said about the chest.

"Look," Bob told him, "what are chests full of? Gold and jewels. Gold and jewels are heavy. Ergo, chests are heavy."

"Yeah… but," Alan started.

He was interrupted when Pinky shouted. "Get the lead out you two!"

"It's a chest!" they both shouted back at her.

"I don't care!" Pinky kept shouting while continuing the firefight against the guards. "I can't hold these guards back forever."

"Okay, we're coming." Bob told her as he and Alan heading into the fray.

Alan carried the chest out into the hall while Bob fired at the guards. "You would think they'd just give up by now," Bob shouted to no one in particular.

"Where's our back up?" Pinky shouted into her headset, starting to get pinned down by the two remaining guards.

Behind the guards a man in the shadow lifted his weapon, a metal blade-edged boomerang over his head, and tossed it with emits force.

One guard didn't see it coming behind him, as the weapon decapitated his head. The head rolled across to the ground next to another guard.

Pinky panicked for a moment before ducking the swirling blad.

The other guard was next to the now body-less head, turning his gun on the object that was coming right at him.

He fired at the flying object. The bullet hit it, causing it to fall to the floor. Because all the focus was on the boomerang that was coming after him at the time, he failed to pay attention to Pinky shooting him right in the face.

As the body fell, Pinky turned towards the one that threw the boomerang. "Thanks, Boomer."

Boomer slowly walked over to her, revealing himself out of the shadows. His entire head was covered by a mask designed to look like a compass. Each glove had a letter on it to show east and west, and his pants had the letters for north and south on his knees. The left side of his skin-tight shirt had the Green Coats' symbol.

"Is everything okay?" Pinky asked with the adrenaline from the shot out slowly started to wear off.

Boomer just nodded, walking past the bodies, and picking up his boomerang.

"Hey, Pinky!" Bob called out to her, "We got the entire lot on the ship."

"Including the strangely heavy one!" Alan jumped into the conversation, but that just started another argument with Bob.

Pinky ignored them as she contacted G.E.M. "Did you hear that Captain?"

"Yes, Pinky, thank you." he replied, tossing the tablecloth full of valuables over his shoulder. He stood under a painted glass work that showed a man in a loincloth, his wrists and ankles tied with rope, making the man form a Y shape.

"And so," he bowed to the partiers, "I abide you farewell."

"You won't get away with this," someone spoke up. "You won't make it to your ship with all the doors locked."

"Who said anything about doors?" G.E.M. smirked, tapping his commuter. "Sunshine, a little help if you please."

"Yes, Captain!" Sunshine answered, pressing a button.

Ten seconds later, a grappling hook shattered through painted window. G.E.M. grabbed the rope, stepped on the hook, and with a quick tug was pulled out with the loot.

The passengers were all in shock, rushing towards the window. There they saw Green Coats' ship, the Green-Eyed Monster, flying into the wild blue yonder.

It was a large, all green air ship. Its underbelly was completely flat, aside for a turret gun that stuck out and open area where the grappling hook holding G.E.M. was coming out. There were four wings total on the ship, with two large wings located at the end close to the rockets and two small wings near the front. At the top, which the passengers could not see, was another turret gun and the ship's tail.

The high winds blew around G.E.M. and his spoils as the green air ship over his head carried them away from the luxury air ship his Green Coats had just robbed.

A large grin grew on his face, as G.E.M. saw the passengers from the curies ship, only able to watch as he was lifted into his ship and got away as the ship blasted off.

Miles away from the ship, the cargo doors closed under his feet, G.E.M. stepped down from the grappling hook, and his excited crew was greeted.

"Look at the loot I got from those walking piggy banks." he bragged to his crew as he dropped the bag. It spilled onto the floor, causing wallets, money, and jewels to fall at their feet.

The crew hooted and hollered as they tossed the loot into the air and all around them.

"How did the rest of the mission go?" he asked them.

"Good, Captain," Pinky told him, stepping toward of the group. "We were able to get every last piece of cargo from the ship."

"All right!" G.E.M. pumped his fist in excitement. "The rest of the crew is waiting for me, before open them." he asked his first mate.

"I made it clear they would all be shot if they did," she smirked.

"Please don't," he asked her. "It's hard to find a good crew when they learn you killed the last one." He smiled.

"I didn't say I would kill them." She smiled back. "I just promise to shot them all in their empty heads."

G.E.M. just sighed as they were reaching an open door, G.E.M. seemed to freeze up in terror.

Pinky watched in confusion as G.E.M. dropped to his belly, crawling like a lizard across the floor.

"Not this again!" Pinky shook her head at what her captain was doing.

G.E.M. looked at her, putting his finger to his lips, not making a sound.

Pinky just rolled her eyes as G.E.M. continued to quietly crawl across the floor.

He made it as far as his nose, entering the light as a scalpel was thrown right in front of his face, causing G.E.M. to jump, and crab-walk back into Pinky's legs.

"So glad you came for your check-up." A sexy voice came from the room. A woman with black hair in bun, white lab coat, green shirt with the crew's logo, black skirt, and black slip on walked into the hall and stood in their way.

"Hey, May…" G.E.M.'s voice shook in fear of the gorgeous woman that stood in front of him and Pinky in a very sexual manner.

"Why do you keep trying to sneak pass my room every time?" She picked up the scalpel, twilling it in her hand for show.

G.E.M. gulped, knowing all too well what she planned to do with that scalpel, and it wasn't anything sexual, at least not the way he saw it.

"Please, May," G.E.M. pleaded, "I've got to meet up with the rest of the crew to check out the bounty."

"You can't keep running from me forever," she told him, staring him down. "There's no escape. You're trapped here with me, so I'll find you if you don't get back here after you're done."

"Sure," G.E.M. nodded, having no plans on ever giving May the chance to cut him open.

May waved him off as she entered her office, leaving G.E.M. shaking like a leaf.

Turning his head up to Pinky, clearly scared. "Let's take another way." G.E.M. tried to get up and run away but Pinky stopped him by grabbing his coat collar.

"There is no other way." she told him, dragging him pass the door, kicking and screaming like a child.

It also didn't help when he looked into the room, and saw May licking the bladed edge of her scalpel while winking at him.

All that did was send chills all over G.E.M.'s spine, making him scream louder.

"Oh…" Pinky groaned in annoyce, "Quit screaming, you big baby."

G.E.M. finally calmed down after Pinky dragged him far enough from May's office.

"What the heck is wrong with you?" May argued, starting down her captain.

"That woman always wants to cut me open like a fish!" G.E.M. argued in a not completely calm voice.

"Then why do you keep her on board the ship?"

"Two reasons," G.E.M. told her. "Her sister is the cook, she's a really good doctor, and she threatened to cut me into really tiny pieces if I tried," G.E.M. explained, clearly terrified of her.

"That's three," Pinky pointed out to him, crossing her arm over her chest.

A look of frustration got on G.E.M.'s face. "Come on," he told her, "We'd better meet up with the rest of the crew before you have to keep your word."

"Whatever you say, Captain." Pinky shrugged her shoulders.

"I can't wait to see all those gold and jewels." Bob rubbed his hands together, looking over all the chests and cargo boxes that were stacked throughout the room.

His twin brother sighed, leaning against his fingers, shaking his head it. "They're not all full of gold," he told his twin.

"I know that." Bob looked over at Alan. "I'm just really excited!"

"I'm really excited about the wonder types of food you guys got," a young red-headed woman said while clapping her hands together. She looked like the ship's doctor but was younger. She wore a sleeveless shirt under a black apron, knee high skirt, a head band to keep her hair back, and steel-toe slip-free shoes. "I'm going to cook us a massive feast." She shouted in joy, before she asked, "Did you get any food from the ship?"

Alan and Bob looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders towards the cook.
"I'm not sure, April," Bob told her.

"Maybe that strange, heavy one is full of food," Alan added, seeming not to what to shut up about the chest Bob and him had argued over.

All the while Boomer was standing in the corner, minding his own business, gripping his boomerang in his right hand.

Something caused his head to turn towards the entryway as Captain G.E.M. and May came through the door.

"All right," G.E.M. said, putting his fists on his waist. "Let's see what we've got. Then…" He looked around at his crew, "we'll have a huge party!"

Everyone started cheering as Boomer walked over to one of the crates.

Lifting his boomerang overhead, he wacked the bladed end into the crate.

Everyone turned towards Boomer as he used his boomerang to pull the top off.

They all rushed over, looking inside. April's eyes lit up, seeing many different types of exotic foods staring back at her.

"There's all our party food," G.E.M. mentioned, patting Boomer on the back. "Good find."

Boomer shook a bit but stabilized himself from G.E.M.'s powerful pat.

They opened the other crates while other members of the crew joined them in the room. There were crates of find fabrics, barrels of booze, rugs, fancy tables, works of art and silverware.

Now it was time for the chests as G.E.M. popped the locks, and tossed the lid open. The entire crew's excitement quickly turned to shock as they found a little girl dressed in a beautiful, elegant dress.