This is my first time on fictionpress, I just found out not long ago that this existed and I thought I give an introduction by sharing a initial idea to my character's backstory. I hope you enjoy.

Joey Takedown

Backstory v1

There was a universe, a universe with 5 elemental planets around it. Mag Fire, Loon Light, Natural Nature, Pianic Ice, and Volton Electricity. It brought balance to the universe when it was created, until a dark void spread across it. An army of monsters, robots and phantoms; all in one atmosphere of destruction. Leading them was a woman, their queen, their leader; Neghan Infamous.

The void was dangerous against all odds, as it invaded the elements and left no one to mercy. The planets were gone, but one still stood, the electric planet Volton. No one survived, everyone was at war against the void, but falled. One survivor was alive and it was a little girl, a guardian of the planet. She needed to refuge the planet's core to have the spirits of the volton race survive. She went to the core and sacrificed her life to send it away from the planet before the void can consume it. It took millions of years to travel around galaxies to the year 2024, it founded its destination; Earth.

During that time on Earth, a little 11 year-old boy was in his family house; this was Joey getting ready to go out to his prom night in elementary school. As he arrived he was shy and too embarrassed to even speak out to dance, he tried to fit in, but was unsuccessful (people laughing at his pain and misery) he was overwhelmed in emotion and ran home. The boy was in his room, until he heard multiple thunderstorms, during that time the Volton core was in the earth's atmosphere. He heard multiple screams and shouting from downstairs, he ran down and saw his parents working on an electric experiment, which resulted in them being electrified and dissolving into ashes. Joey was in horror and broke down again, even worse than before. He did however find an insect on him and held him in his hands, trying to be comforted by someone, what he didn't know was the volton core that was now a bolt about to strike down and causing a major shockwave, catching joey and the insect and secretly fusing.

As the storm died down and it became midnight, the house was destroyed, in ruins and Joey was around rubble alive, but changed. He looked like a bug from the head, but still had his humanity still in him, however it changed as well. He felt terror and scared, and stayed in the house for the night. Next morning he had to think about what happens next. Joey then packed his things to travel to his sister's house, where she finally moved out a few months ago.

As he traveled, he came up to a graveyard, where a girl his age was emotional and losing control of light powers. She was scared and alone. Joey went up to her and comforted her. She felt she needed this, she then introduced herself as Josie who lost her mother and missing her father. Joey felt similar pain and requested she follow him to a safe place, she agreed and they kept traveling. Soon they were at the house as Joey's sister; Maloney was shocked to see her brother in a horrible state, as well as seeing the girl next to her. Joey told her everything and immediately accepted them to stay. She told everyone in town about the main situation, not exposing the whole story. Joey made friends with Josie, and many other fellow kids. They met another new kid that wears a green mask named Marky and they hang around together. They are in middle school now, enjoying life as it is.

Joey was sitting on the roof, looking at the moon and realising his skin glowing with bolts, this was unknown to him until later on.

This is just a rough idea of his backstory, everything I have worked on and thinking in the future will be rough ideal developments before the final call. This is a animated series idea made my me (J-547) and I will continue to develop this further before making a final decision. You may criticize, comment and even give advice. It can help out as well to see what people expect to see from this.

Im also around , just to let you know, however my fanfic writing isn't the best and I have some stories that aren't good.