The Jaguar is now parked in a city park. Around and near it, the city's people release their inhibitions, and surrender their souls to this tiny piece of nature that's surrounded by big-league urbanization.

High above, swallows, martins, and flycatchers dart around. They have to be fast. Their prey is faster.

From the tops of buildings, falcons watch. When they're ready, they dive after these fast birds. They're harder prey to catch than pigeons or nightjars...but they keep the stomach from growling better than nothing.

Far below, Nicole, still a thousandth her normal size, wanders among tree-sized grass. It's a big world out here. And she could get squashed like an ant at any minute.

Down here, the ants are as big as horses. Thankfully, none seem interested in charging her. Thank luck; Nicole would hate to trespass their bad side. They're scarier, when they're bigger...

Soon, she's faced with a wooden wall. It's tall...but not nearly as tall as some things she's been up against.

She relaxes, and climbs it. It's a long way up. At her size, everything is.

Before she gets to the top, she sees butterflies and hummingbirds above. They're huge. What's more, she smells flowers. She thinks she knows what this is.

Atop the wood, a deeper and darker forest lies before her. Hog-wire is its gateway.

High above, many of the flowers are bell-shaped. Isolated Roses-of-Sharon stand isolated, surrounded by hog-wire tomato cylinders.

Mostly, though, there are hostas, ferns, ornamental cale, and coral bells; many of them. Nicole could probably land a custom-sized aircraft atop one of their leaves...if she could fly. Alas, she's a LONG way from becoming a bird. And hence, she's probably just as far from becoming a pilot. Even more so, now. Flight schools have health standards, and Nicole's pretty sure she doesn't meet the minimum height one...or even the minimum weight one.

High in the vines, hummingbirds nest. Their chicks are very cute. Alas, the public never sees them. Hummingbirds can be VERY overprotective of their young. Their very long bills are good for more than just nectar-sucking. Any falcon that's ever died from a dogfight with a hummingbird knows this.

More spread out through the vines, there are caterpillars. They eat everything that doesn't bite back; greenery, mostly. They're everywhere.

To Nicole, they're bigger than locomotive engines. They're much higher up than locomotive engines. They don't even need elevator decks.

Here, Nicole sizes up her own waistline. She's always seen herself as sexy, for being small. And now she's smaller than these gluttonous caterpillars. Never has she felt sexier...

And's a man going to see her, if she's smaller than a bug. Fuck; a man would probably mistake her for one before she could court him...

She's not sure how wise it is, to hang around these caterpillars. But then, if it worked for Alice, then surely it can work for her, too...

Elsewhere in the park, a boy sleeps in a hide. He has...psionic abilities.

He blinks, and raises his head, when his mind detects something new. It seems human, but... Her world is much bigger than his own. It's here, in the park. It's among caterpillars. And...her psychology is so expanded, he's going crazy, just by trying to follow it all...

He shakes his head, and gets some more rest. He knows he needs it...albeit less so than Nicole...whose psionic trail he's just detected...whether he knows it yet or not.