I'll admit this: getting a really old apartment at a suspiciously low price may have been a bad idea. However, I never expected a ghost to be a feature of the apartment. Old furniture that I would maybe want to replace? Sure. Maybe some bad plumbing or flooring. But a ghost? No way.

I guess I should start from the beginning.

My beginning is kind of normal. Just turned 18 a bit ago, moved out of the house, looked for a place to live while I go to college, yadda yadda. I had been looking for apartments for a bit, and I had saved up enough money for an okay place near campus. The haunted house I live in now caught my eye. I had stuck gold. My lovely haunted house (I know it's not a house, it just sounds better) was relatively close to campus, about a mile away, so I could easily walk home instead of having the added price of transportation. The apartment was a good size, with more than enough room for one person. It was also in my price range, so I hopped onto that opportunity as soon as possible. It's age was made clear, but like I said, the biggest problem I expected was replacing furniture and floorboards and maybe having to fix something.

Moving day quickly arrived. I promised to call my parents everyday and ask them for help if I had any problems, but I was mostly calm about moving to a new city on my own. It's not like I moved to another country, a drive back home would be 2 hours tops. Since I had no car and I didn't have too many things coming with me to warrant a moving van, I decided I would take one of my parents' cars and they could pick it up the next day.

I arrived at the apartment around 10 P.M. I had gotten a late start on my way to the location, and there was quite a bit of traffic. I decided that I would get all my boxes inside the house When I found out which apartment was mine, I picked up a few of my boxes and went to the door. When I had unlocked the door, something immediately felt... odd. The air felt stiff with perfume, as though someone else had been living there. I placed my boxes gently on the floor and looked around. The room was extremely dark, sparing the light from the window by the door. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see pieces of antique furniture, left behind by the previous owner. I decided to go back to the car and shovel through the boxes and get a flashlight, which might have been a terrible idea. When I flicked the light on, I could see layers of dust on every surface and large cobwebs in the corners of the room. Despite my fear of spiders and allergies to dust, I decided that cleaning up would be a problem for another day. For now, I just needed to get all my things inside.

Once I had gotten all of my boxes inside, I decided to keep exploring the apartment. Using the flashlight and not so helpful light from the occasional window, I found a small dining area, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Once I came to the bedroom, I noticed something odd. While the other rooms had some furniture, the bedroom was completely empty. The room was also clean, with barely any dust and, thankfully, no cobwebs. I took advantage of the empty space, deciding to furnish it early on. First I put up some lights. Then, I decided to put up a few shelves, with small figurines, plants, and such for decoration. Since I had no bed-frame, I just laid out a mattress onto the floor, and threw a pillow on top. I was exhausted from all the heavy lifting, so I decided to lay down in the makeshift bed.

As I was falling asleep, I began to hear strange noises. Taps, to be specific, maybe from the kitchen? Throwing away the fault of investigating, I covered my ears, but the sound kept getting louder. I flailed out of the bed and looked for something to defend myself with. There was no use in having a plant or a plushie to defend yourself from a burglar after all. The flashlight outta do, I thought to myself, since it was the best bet. Holding the flashlight like a baseball bat, I quietly made my way out into the hallway. Swiftly making my way around the apartment, I checked every room for the source of the tapping. My assumptions were correct, as the only room left to check was the kitchen. I tried to swallow my fear as I stepped into the doorway to the kitchen...

And that's were the trouble began.