Author's Note: Got bored during quarantine. But at the same time, I had a story in mind.


Once upon a time, there was a boy who disobeyed his mother's rules. He left the farm without informing her and goes out alone into the forest as she was preparing her special beef stew for supper.

He must never go out alone. She told him there are monsters in their wandering around. The boy did not believe it until he sees it.

His uncles never said anything about any monster or anything dangerous about the forest. They only mention about getting lost in the woods. That is what the boy agrees on. But he developed a method where he cannot get lost. As he passed a tree, he leaves a mark on it.

The boy ventured deep into the woods and leaving marks on his path.

Later, he came across a stream leading to the East. There he encountered a man on the other side of the stream wearing dark coat and black hat. He seemed to be carrying a long leather suitcase and wore a pair of round glasses. The boy tried to ignore the man and slowly retreat back home.

The man said, "Hey, kid! Will you help me?"

The boy stopped and realized the man cannot get him when he's at the other side. But he still needs to keep his guard up. "How can I help you, sir?"

"I'm lost. Do you know any nearby town in this area?"

"No." The boy answered. "But I think my mother knows."

"I see. Can you take me to her?"

"Why would I do that?"

"I was tasked to help this town for their monster problem."

"Monster problem? Are you a hunter?"

The man smiled. He removed his hat and bowed. "The one and only. I'm here to kill a beast. Do you happen to encounter one?"

"You're the first." The boy said. "Follow me. I can take you to my mom."

The two followed the boy's trail that leads back to the farm. As they were walking, the boy cannot help his curiosity and so asked the man. "What is inside that suitcase?"

The man gladly answered. "Here I kept my prized weapon. A powerful weapon that can end wars and kill any monster in a single blow!"

"Wow." The boy said. "Does it have a name?"

"Gungnir." The man told him a story about a farm that was attacked by a monster. "I received a message from a mayor who told me of a monster problem. A farm was attacked by a monster who destroyed their barn and took their cows. I've tracked the monster's trail in this woods. Fearing the monster would strike to another town, I tried to get there as soon as possible." The man said.

"I see." The boy realized what he must do. His mom could help the man. She knows the forest more than him. "Is this the first time a farm got attacked?" The boy asked.

"No. There was one time that I hunt down a dragon that terrorizes a kingdom." That is when the man told his story to the boy.

The boy was amazed by the story that he asked for more. Gladly, the man told him everything he experienced as a hunter and all the kinds of monsters he hunted down. The boy said he wanted to be like the man but he told the young one it will be impossible for he is too young.

The boy said he can wait.

Later, the two reached the farm and just in time for supper. The boy's mother called everyone to gather around. "I finally did it! I made the perfect beef stew!" Everyone went out from their homes as they smelled the tasty stew.

However, everyone froze as they saw the man with the boy. The mother was horrified to see him in their farm. Her eye opened wide like a deer looking at headlights.

The boy was confused by everyone's reaction. He calmly told them the man was alright. He is just a monster hunter.

Little did he know, him and his entire family were cyclopes classified as monsters.

The man puts down his suitcase and looked at the kid. "I'm sorry." He sincerely apologized.

The boy was puzzled. "Why?"

"Your mother stole those cows."