I sat there on the table top just waiting for Javi to decide what he was going to do after all. He had been pacing back and forth for the last minute or so as the siren alarm went off in the back around, raising and lowering itself in pitch as we waited.

I felt so anxious as the my hand trembled. Sweat was already beginning to build on my forehead, drenching my eyebrows; I could feel a lingering sense of dread following us around, as if there were eyes on us at all times.

The hallway was filled with silence now; all that remained were the amounts of cracklings from the small fires that covered the floor. Our footsteps echoed gently off the walls almost as if speaking to us. It had become routine in such a short amount of time, the more I anticipated the low-pitched clicks against the polished floors, the more I became irritated, the more it bled into my head. Was this a joke? Where did everyone go? There were literary explosions and all kinds of mayhem occurring just a couple minutes ago. "How long was I out?" I managed to mumble out.

"Maybe an hour or so," Javi replied just now. "Everything seems to have settled down now."

"It's too quiet," Katie managed. "I don't like it."

"Where'd you think everyone go?" Sarah spoke next, almost sequentially.

"I don't know," Javi replied. "If they got in this fast and got out just as fast, then they were looking for something. Sarah, what time is it?"

"It's 5:39 P.M." She replied.

And just like that, it clicked to Javi. "Weren't we expecting a shipment of items around 4:30?"

"Yes, sir, but it was delayed about 10 minutes. We lost contact of the cargo for a few minutes the tunnel. We didn't think much of it."

"The tunnel off Loren and Brock?" I asked. Wasn't that tunnel always have all kinds of problems?

"Yes, that one, but everything seemed normal for the most part."

"That doesn't seem to add up with these events." Javi was in deep thought now. "No one knows where this location is. No one even knows who the Knowing is. There are those conspiracy theorists who go on about our 'business', but they don't know the truth."

"Do you think it has something to do with who ever set up that news broadcast earlier in the morning?" Katie asked concernedly.

"I didn't see that to be honest," Javi admitted. "I heard it was something big, and outlandish."

"You don't want to know," Katie said. She looked like she didn't want to remember what she saw on the television. It was disturbing. I honestly couldn't picture myself in a situation like that. It was so dark, so unexpected. When I saw it, I felt as if it were feeding off me.

What frightened me the most was that I still didn't know if I died or not. It was a simple, yet mind boggling thought that someone could just perish like that; from bleeding out, I'm assuming, but nevertheless, what was that that I experienced. It was almost as if, death lead to nothingness, a sort of tranquil, pure emptiness, but how could that be? I've read reports on how the our life source goes to a higher dimension according to quantum physics, so I didn't die? Or did I just…

"Brandon," I heard Xion's voice break through my thoughts. "How are you feeling? Anything strange?"

"What, oh, no, I'm fine." I managed to blurt out, almost forcefully.

"Well, alright," Xion said. "No need to get jumpy."

"Sorry," I managed. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"I don't blame you," Javi chuckled. "If I were dead for five minutes, and I was sudden brought back, I'd freak out too."

"Wait, so I died…" That was such a sudden strike of reality that I nearly fell over, so much so that Katie had to hold me up from falling down to the floor.

"Oh, give him a break," Sarah butted in. "You could've given the boy a few more hours before letting him know the news." She seemed rather upset. "I don't like bring people back, so you'd better have a good reason for making me do so."

"Of course, I have my reasons, Sarah," Javi proclaimed defensively.

"Oh, really, let's here them then," Sarah demanded. I wasn't sure weather she was upset for bringing back, or upset for someone reason. She seemed like a reasonable person, so I wasn't sure why bringing me back would upset her. I mean, it was the right thing to do, right?

We stopped in our tracks. Javi had turned around towards us. He looked like he had lots on his mind. "Well, I honestly can't say," Javi inquired.

"Oh, really, and why is that," Sarah crossed her arms.

I awaited anxiously why he couldn't say. I looked at him, and I knew that everyone else was waiting as well. None of this added up. How did the Brotherhood of Light get access to this place, and of all days, why today? When Katie and I got here everything started to turned, for lack of a better world, to bullshit.

Javi didn't respond. He looked down with a sad look on his face. He looked really reluctant. "I just can't."

"So you made me put my life in danger for nothing?"

"You don't understand the powers that are at play. Brandon is a lot more important than you think."

That was when there was another explosion from way behind Javi. The shock-wave hit us, knocking us over. Then, out of no where, I felt tightening grip on my arms, and then next thing I knew, I was on my knees. I felt handcuffs around my wrists and ankles. I forced myself around to try and get a sense of what was going on, but my efforts were stopped when a bright light on my eye welcomed me.

"Brandon," I heard Katie's voice scream.

I heard everyone struggling around me, I opened my eyes, and tried to regain focus, but everything was a spinning blur. I was able to make out tall dark figures that were all around us. I found myself be picked up by the arms and then placed on my knees. I looked up and couldn't believe what I saw.

"Hello, Brandon."…


"What," the man who was standing in full black proclaimed. He was there glancing down at me with short dark brown hair. His eyes glanced back at me, and there was something so familiar about those eyes, something so dark, and sinister, but soothing and calming about them. "Is that how you say hello to your own father?"

"What…" was all I could mutter.

"Alexander?" Xion muttered.

"What," my father chuckled. "You all act as if you've seen a ghost." He walked up to me looked right at me, grabbing my face from my and turning it side to side as if were examining me. A smile grew across his face as he stood in front of me. The man who claimed to be my father curled his figures up towards him and then I sudden rose up from my position towards him.

What the fuck!? I thought. I was immediately stricken by fear. As I raised through the air with absolutely no way, my father said. "Well you have grown up to be a charming young man." His face went from the smile to a more stern look. "So is this how you greet your father; stricken with fear, huh? Not even a hello?"

"Alexander?!" Javi finally spoke. His voice was riddled with fear. It trembled almost as much as I did.

"Dr. Javier Lozano," Alexander said, closing his eyes, smiling as if almost reminiscing the name. He wrinkled face was beaming to the point of utmost satisfaction. "My how have you changed, a pencil pusher, really now?" Alexander turned to Javi. I still remained levitated in the air.

I tried to move, but I felt as if I was being held there against my will. I couldn't move and as I struggled, I soon came to notice that there was some sort of purple aura around me. What the hell is this? How is this even possible?! I couldn't get these words out of my mind. In fact, I couldn't help, but mutter them aloud. I, however, soon found that I couldn't speak. Was I this stricken by fear?

What was it that was going on exactly? I couldn't piece together, but as I watch my father approach Javi, I couldn't help, but feel a sense of relief that I wasn't being look at directly by my father.

"My how things have changed around here." Alexander began. "I see that you've initiated Brandon into the Knowing."

"I didn't have him initiated. It was the Counsel of Light, and you know that's how it works." Javi shot back in defense. "You know, he couldn't have known the truth if he wasn't part of it. His heart is pure."

"Pure, you say?!" Alexander cocked his eye brow. "Well, that hasn't happened in over a thousand years."

"The boy is pure, Alexander," Javier remarked sharply. "Its only a matter of time that he realized what's truly going on and he will change the universe as we know it."

"I don't count on that. You see, a Syren came to my presence and declared that I was what they called Chosen."

"Please, Alexander, you of all people can't be Chosen," Sarah butted in this time. She seemed really upset. "How could you just fucking show your face and treat Brandon as if he's nothing to you?!" I honestly haven't seen anyone lash out at anyone so aggressively. Even though Sarah was small compared to the guards holding her. "After you fucking abandoned him, just so you can gloat about your large ego!"

Alexander burst out into laughter; a maniacal one. It was laughter that began to re-verb off the walls and echo back at us, chilling and almost artificial. "You really think that's what this is about, you stupid bitch."

He laughed as turned to her and suddenly, Sarah went soring towards the wall to the left of us. It all happened so fast, I hadn't noticed Alexander's arm had swung in the direction that Sarah flew. She hit the wall with such velocity that the wall broke. She stayed there, her eyes in shock. Sarah slowly fell over to the ground face first. Sarah laid there motionless, her left hand's fingers twitching in a clawing manner.

"SARAH!" Javi shouted. Katie just gawked at her twitching body. I nearly gasped at the sound of the large bang. The creatures that were holding Sarah burst out laughing and rejoiced as the sound of the bang echoed through the corridor.

Her body laid there in an awkward fashion. Her left leg was twisted in such a way that it couldn't possibly be normal. It was twisted at a 39 degree angle. There were bruises and lumps all over her body, and Sarah's left arm was snapped in half.

Alexander walked up to her and knelt. He stroked her hair. I felt so angry, but yet I wasn't able to move. Why wasn't my body reacting to what I just saw! "Such a stupid girl. Disrespecting me like that. Tch, tch. You know, if I could have the Ningyo just tear you molecule by molecule, but I'm not that cruel. No, no, no. I'm going to take you to my home, and give you ladies and gentlemen the grand tour. Brandon, you remember where we're going don't you?"

"What?" was all I was able to mutter out.

Alexander laughed. "You'll know soon enough.


Next thing that I knew, tied up facing each other surrounded by those strange creatures again. I knew that we were speeding down the roads. Where too, I wasn't sure, but I knew we would arrive really soon.

"What do you think is going to happen now?" Katie from my left asked. "How could we simply get captured so easily?"

I hadn't thought about it, but the Knowing wasn't so protective, but to be fair, it was last minute to get us, and there was something about my father that doesn't make any sense.

I remember him telling me that he loved me and no matter what happened, he always would, but this didn't feel like my father. The vague memories that I had of him, were those of subtle gentleness and love, nothing as chaotic as was demonstrated not to long ago. What could have possibly happen? What could have stripped my father, who I haven't seen for what felt like a life time, from his sanity? These are the questions that I wanted answered, but yet, once again, life presents it self in such a weird way.

As I find myself, surrounded by the sense of unwillingness, and hopelessness, my friend Katie, and the people that I have met, Javi, Xion, and Sarah's unconscious self, tormented by an unwilling sense of submission, I come to realize answers are only given to those in fiction. Life is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. I remember hearing that somewhere, so long ago, but I never had a chance to fully comprehend it, until this day.

I was now a fugitive, my father a psychopath, my best friend laying on my shoulder, Javier glancing down at the floor with a look of defeat and utter disappointment. Xion couldn't have looked more angry, and enraged. I haven't seen him like that before, his eyes filled with the tears of utter disgust, trembling.

The creatures throwing their gaze at all around us. One of them, dressed in his gray armor that carried all kinds of strange gadgets. He met my eyes and hissed at me. I jumped up slightly.

"Vile human," he said, in a deep dark, raspy voice. It almost sounded like it were scrapping metal along the walls of a cargo ship, as they twisted and were torn by the ocean's waves. "Why does he look at me?"

"Who are you?" I asked, more curious than anything. I might as well get some answers while I'm here. This creature was staring right at me, and could speak English. It was extremely terrifying, but fascinating. Even as we drove to what was possibly our imminent demise, I still had to know the answer, but during those moments of silence, all I received was a stare.

"The human is speaking to you, Garax," the one on the right responded.

Garax, I assume that's what his name was, finally spoke. "I am Garax, son of Gartron. Why must you know?"

"The human is the son of Lord Alexander," The one to the right added.

"You," that's when Garax laughed. "You're the son of the great Lord Alexander of Quadrant 3."


Note From the Author: This is where I stopped writing this story. I'm not exactly sure why, personal problems back at home I assume, more than likely had to do with something about an ex-girlfriend or something. Regardless of the reason, I hope that you enjoyed what I have written here. Maybe I'll continue the story and rework a lot of the frame work that I've done here, but in the mean time, this is all I have so far.

Thank you for taken the time to read this simple tale!

- R. R. Solomon