Being a renowned 3D artist, Max Mironov believes that it is important for 3D artists to spend more time finding or building scripts and tools that help them eliminate the repetitive clicks. They can also find the shortcuts that will let them get their work done more efficiently.

He works to stay updated with the rapidly emerging technologies to be progressive. He believes that as a 3D artist, you need to evolve and change your techniques as well. Just ask more questions, read the articles and tutorials, and try out the innovative workflow methods.

Max makes use of 3D software to create artwork by using a range of programs and is updated with the latest technologies and techniques. Holding strong artistic ability along with the good understanding of form, color, texture and light, he always works within the production schedule, manages files and meets deadlines.

Max Mironov has a great knowledge of technical constraints that are related to real time, 3D engines, and level editors. With an ability to work on different artistic styles, he is highly willing to observe, absorb and modify his own work based on the avenues of artistic criticism.

Possessing the best artistic talent and computer skills, Max works to create assets, receive feedbacks and iterate on work. He works closely with the concept artists and designers to implement the visual designs created. He works with the team to define and meet the key milestones as well as create task lists and work estimates.

About Max Mironov

Max Mironov understands the project requirements and develops high quality 3D models accordingly. He knows how to troubleshoot problems on reintegration of outsourced assets into the 3D arts. Ensuring to meet high artwork standards, he works to create best 3D assets for arts and models.