So the conversation with my brain this week was literally me begging for chapter ideas for existing stories but my recent English homework got my brain messed up so now I have this.

The book that I'm reading as part of my English class is Living Sensationally by Winnie Dunn. I haven't read the full book but I recommend it for anyone with autism, SPD or any other disorder that affects your senses or if you just want to read it that's cool as well.

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Avery Avani woke up at 5 am just like any other morning. He did this to hopefully avoid the morning ruckus his roommates made. Even though it was 1 week since they all moved in together, Avery had very little interactions with any of his roommates. It may had seemed strange to his roommates but he couldn't stand the amount of noise they made. He was unlucky enough on this particular morning which was realized the second he opened the kitchen door to see the one roommate he knew made the most amount of noise in the morning - Seren Selvaggia.

"Hey there Avery! Want some sausages? I got beef, pork and vegan ones." Seren cheered in her usually loud voice.

"No, I already planned to have a cheese omelette this morning. Besides, I don't like sausages, they sometimes release burning hot grease and the texture is confusing." Avery explained, taking two eggs from the fridge and a bowl from the cupboard. He had a headache just from Seren's voice and the electronic music she had in the background.

"Party pooper..." Seren muttered as she took her cooked sausages off the frying pan and onto a plate. She took two of each - leaving another two of each for their other two roommates. As she walked to the table to sit down, a crashing noise came from the hallway. Not long after that, a very tired Byron Buz stumbled into the kitchen.

"I heard music and smelt food, where's my plate?" Byron asked, stumbling around the kitchen. He bumped into Avery and before he could apologize, Avery took the bowl that used to contain his beaten eggs and hit Byron on the side of the face. This, surprisingly, woke Byron up and made him more aware of his surroundings, despite his navy blue glasses being knocked off his face.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH ME WHILE I'M COOKING!" Avery yelled, putting the bowl down. Byron apologized and picked up his glasses. Avery sighed and started putting the cheese in his omelette. Byron used this time to stand up and grab one of each sausage.

Avery finally finished cooking his omelette and was about to sit down when the last of the roommates, Senna Sebastian, entered the room in a fury. Avery chose to ignore her until he heard a crashing sound from beside the sink. He looked up and saw that Senna had thrown Seren's phone and speakers to the ground. Instead of being shocked or feeling sympathy for Seren, Avery simply looked at it and thought to himself Thank god the music's off! while quietly eating his omelette.

Byron, who was sitting across from Avery but had fallen asleep, suddenly woke up at the sound of the speakers crashing. He saw Senna and Seren arguing over the phone and speakers and decided to step in.

"Hey guys! It's our first day of college today so why don't we all just sit down at the island and calmly talk about our majors or something." He said, hoping to restore peace to the kitchen. Senna growled, grabbed the last vegan sausage off the counter and sat down beside Avery, who inched away from her slightly. Seren grumbled to herself and sat down beside Byron. There was a couple of minutes of silence before Byron finally spoke.

"So I'm taking creative digital media. I love designing websites and other techy stuff. What about you...Senna?" He said, randomly picking a person at the end of his question to avoid everyone speaking at once, since it seemed to annoy Senna.

"I'm taking law classes." Senna sighed bluntly as she at her sausage with a piece of bread.

"I'll go next. I'm taking up drama and performance arts. I'm going to be a Broadway star. What about you Avery?" Seren cheered. She seemed much happier now that everyone was talking.

"Accounting and finance." Avery huffed, barely looking up from his nearly finished omelette. He took the last bite and quickly put his plate in the sink before hurrying into his bedroom.

Once in his room, Avery proceeded to sit down on his pillow and rub the temples of his head. The only other time he had interacted with all of his roommates at once was the first day in the dorm when they were all doing introductions. He remembered feeling anxious and overwhelmed afterwards to the point where he passed out once he had gotten into his room. He didn't want to say anything, worried that no one would understand what he was going through.

Avery preferred his room over any other in the house. It was dark and cold but that was just the way he liked it. The only light he allowed to be on was his salt lamp but that was only on certain occasions when he was reading or writing.

The door suddenly opened and a confused-looking Byron was standing there, staring into the darkness. Byron clumsily looked around for the light switch, which was covered by a small box Avery had gotten from online. Avery sighed and turned the salt lamp on for his roommate to see. Byron continued to fumble about for the light switch before Avery called his name and his attention was caught.

"Oh hey man. I'm just still a little confused about which room is which ya know? I thought this was my bedroom." Byron explained, rubbing his neck and chuckling in embarrassment.

"We all put signs on our doors for you." Avery explained, folding his arms across his chest. Byron was about to say something but then opened the door to check. He saw a white sheet of paper with 'Avery Avani' written in what seemed to be a ballpoint pen. There was no decorations or anything, just a pain sheet with Avery's name on it. Byron let out an "Oh" and another nervous chuckle.

"Well, we gotta leave soon so uh, how about some guy talk? Ya know, since the girls seem to be annoying you." Byron explained, sitting down on the edge of Avery's bed.

"It's mainly Seren, she's loud, her clothes are too bright and colourful and her feet smell like she walked barefoot in the trashcan." Avery growled while fixing some stray strands of hair with hair gel. Byron was about to ask how Avery knew how Seren's feet smell but then he remembered when he stood on her barefoot while grocery shopping.

"I actually kinda like that about her. I don't know why but it gives me energy. Is that hair gel? Can I try some?" Byron cheerfully sighed. Avery took it as the perfect opportunity to pull a small prank.

"Sure, close your eyes and I'll do your hair for you." Avery said with a crooked smile on his face. Byron obeyed and smiled at the sensation of Avery moving the hair gel through his hair. What Byron didn't know was that Avery had gelled his hair into a bowl cut.

Once Avery had finished, Byron didn't even think about looking in the mirror and instead ran straight to the front door where Seren and Senna were waiting. Avery had offered to drive everyone on the first day of school so the girls were waiting for him so they could get to class.

Byron proudly showed off his new blonde and white bowl cut hairstyle while Seren burst out laughing and Senna gave a look of disgust. Avery proudly came out of his room to see the reactions.

"Brian, did you even get a chance to look at yourself in the mirror dude?" Seren chuckled, holding her compact mirror up to his face. Byron stared for a few seconds before laughing his head off at the prank.

"Thanks, I love it. I think I might hire Avery to do my hair more often." Byron laughed, putting his shoes and coat on.

The drive to class was boring for all. Everyone was in completely different buildings so Avery dropped everyone off one by one. He refused to play music or anything while he was driving so everyone was left to their own devices. He dropped Seren off first, then Senna but while dropping off Byron a conversation started.

"So about what I said about you doing my hair from now on? Can you? It's always getting in my face recently and I kinda like the feeling of the gel in my hair." Byron explained, rubbing his neck. He figured his question was probably weird...and it also probably made him sound gay.

"Sure. Is 6am every morning good enough for you?" Avery sighed, parking the car in the drop off zone. Byron smiled and hugged Avery before getting out of the car. Avery took a few moments to take in what just happened before finally driving to his classes.


Before I get any questions, here's what sensory types each of the character are (In case it wasn't already obvious):

Seren: Seeker

Avery: Avoider

Senna: Sensor

Byron: Bystander

If you don't want to read the book, you can literally just look these types up online. I hope to explore their senses more in the future. See ya'll then.

- End of Notes -