"You must have a thorough understanding of what you are getting into, whether you are buying or selling a property. However, as a layman, you might be far out of your element in understanding multiple documents involved in a real estate deal," says Joe Girouard, who is one of Florida's top realtors with more than twenty years of experience under his belt. Citing more reasons why people should hire a realtor instead of making a real estate purchase or sale on their own, Joe says that a professional's knowledge, good connections in the local market, and negotiation skills can prove invaluable in the buying or selling process.

Furthermore, Joe Girouard says that unlike a professional whose main job is assist clients with real estate transactions; you may not have the time to handle the phone calls or emails with queries while you are at work. Even if you choose to spend time and effort on these calls, they are most likely to cost you more than just the fee you pay to an agent, due to your lack of expertise and knowledge in the field.

About Joe Girouard

Joe Girouard is one of Florida's top realtors who got his start in the industry almost twenty years ago as a mortgage broker. Apart from his years of experience, extensive market knowledge, and excellent negotiation skills; it is his passion for helping his clients that has earned him a loyal client base. Girouard is also familiar with all the local laws making sure that you remain compliant with the rules & regulations during your real estate transactions.