Seeking Redemtion

I know I'm just being silly.

I know I need to let you go.

Why is this do difficult?

I'm always searching for you.

If you were to ever read this,

How would you react?

What would you say to me?

What actions would you take?

Knowing you and all your hatefulness,

You would probably block me.

You've blocked me out of everything enough.

Why can't you seem I'm seeking redemption?

I'm trying to get approved by you.

Why can't you just take a step back and see that?

Your words are cruel.

Your words are spoken by your silence.

I'm lost.

I'm lonely.

You were my last female friend.

Why must you continue to hurt me?

Don't you get what you're doing to me?

I know I'm stupid.

I know this whole poem is stupid.

I don't think I really care anymore.

I want to speak out loud to you.

Even if it's only by these words,

I want you to hear them.

I want you to heed every word I'm telling you.

I'm calling out to you.

I'm reaching my hand out to you.

Don't bite me.

Don't slap me away.

Don't leave me in this darkness.

Respond to me.

I don't care how you do it.

Just respond to me.

I want your approval.

I want redemption.

Stop trying to remain out of my reach.

My arms aren't long enough to reach you.

My legs aren't long enough to keep up with you.

I need you.

I want you.

Why don't you get that?

I'm seeking redemption.

I'm seeking acceptance.

Why are you so bent on killing me?

This is murder.

This isn't love at all.

I need to be loved by you.

I want to be loved by you.

It can't be anyone else.

I've already tried that.

I'm a freak to everyone else.

I guess now I'm a freak to you.