Chapter 9: Home Sweet Home

We enter the main foyer of the building, and I take a look at my little companion. She's dumbfounded, I can imagine that she never she herself in one of the towers in New York. Lilith is looking everywhere, from the receptionist to the right, to the fine couches to the left, and finally to the chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. Yeah, not everyone can just come here and say I want an apartment. This is some high class shit right here, and I hate to accept it, but my job as a D.E.E.P Agent tends to pay very well. They should, I put my near immortal life on the line to protect the security, and that other nice stuff about humans and so on. No one cares, and neither do I, so I continue on my walk to the elevator while making sure that the young lady is following me.

"This impresses you? We haven't even reached my apartment." I say to her, and I'll admit, I'm showing off, but it should be expected of me. She looks at me, and runs back to me. The sound of her shoes as she lands each step is silenced by the expensive carpet covering the floor.

"You live here?!" Says Lilith, still looking around while keeping pace with me.

"I think you should be more impressed by the fact that you'll be living here." Those eyes of hers just go wider by the revelation, or reminder, which ever fits the situation. We finally reach the elevator, we go in, and once the doors are closed in front of us, I push a button.

"Oh my god, the top floor?!"

"I'm starting to think that you'll faint the moment we reach it."

"Can you blame me? Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined myself actually being here."

"To be fair…" I push her to the wall of the elevator, one hand on her back, and the other way lower than that, "…you didn't get this for free." I hear a little gasp coming from her, such a sweet sound, I wanted to kiss that beautiful neck, but had to contain myself. Instead, I simply brushed her with my lips, and maybe a little whiff of her hair. However, I feel her trying to push me away, that was a bit odd. She didn't really try to avoid my advances, so what's new right now? I keep a hold of her, but move my face away from her.

"W-wait, there's a camera." Oh, I see, she doesn't like to give a bit of a show. I can respect that, I would do it, but they would have to pay top dollar for that. I move away from Lilith and fix my clothing, even though there was no need to do that. I have to be careful, she's supposed to fall for me, not the other way around. I mean, that sense of innocence and such vulnerability just makes it so tempting to just take her right where she stands. I have to be stronger, she has to ask for it, or she might use my libido against me. I hear the ding of the elevator, indicating that we've reached our floor, and the doors open. We step out of the elevator and enter a corridor. Its not big, but it is well decorated with a clean carpet, white walls, a few windows showing the city, and a few couches to the right. There's also an emergency staircase to the left of the elevator, and the door in front of us is my apartment. We walk up to it, I pull out my specially design key, put it in the door, and open it. I let my little companion enter first, so she can bask in the glory of my home.

I follow right behind her, turn on the lights, and I'm greeted by a spacious living room. It has an expensive taste, beautiful floor, wonderful couches, a coffee table made of glass, a 65 inch plasma flat screen TV, and windows showing the city. Lilith is basically at a loss of words, she's simply looking around, but she is walking towards one of the couches. Once she reaches one, she lays down and starts resting on her side.

"Its so soft." Says Lilith with her eyes closed. She must be tired, and as a good owner, I should be nice to her, for tonight.

"Don't let sleep get a hold of you just yet because tonight, and only this night, you'll be sleeping somewhere else." I say and grab her attention. I signal her to follow me and I start walking towards another door. She gets up from the couch and we reach the door. I open it, and show her my bedroom, the best part of my apartment, and I like to call her that because I had some passionate nights in here. I hope there's no smell left in here, the cleaning people have better done a good job. I enter my bedroom, but notice that she remained outside of it.

"Well, come on in." After I say that, she enters slowly, timidly, as if it was out of her place to enter such a lavish room. I mean, yeah, the floor is the same as the living room, the bed is big and comfy, a nightstand on each side with a lamp on top of them, a TV just like the one in the bedroom, a bathroom, a door that leads to the terrace, and a lot of other cool stuff. To me, its just my bedroom, but she makes it feel like its the house of a god or something.

"You're giving me your room?"

"You did have a rough night, so you can sleep here, for now."

"So, your sleeping on the couch?"

"I don't need sleep, I'll just drink something and watch TV."

"Wait, you don't sleep? Then, why do you have a bed here?" I was about to leave, but I couldn't let this opportunity to pass me by.

"Oh, are you interested in hearing some stories that involve this bed? I promise, they'll get you hot and bothered."

"N-no, I just wondered why you would spend so much on a bed that you don't even need." Curiosity, not a bad thing, but its not a good one either. Might as well be honest with her, it might give me points with her.

"For the same reason that humans buy such expensive cars, or massive mansions, or those beautiful watches."

"I-I don't understand." Sometimes, she's just too adorable with that innocence.

"My dear, I have all this because I can have it, to show just how superior I am to the rest of the world. Sure, I could get something smaller, cheaper, but what's the point if I can't rub it in everyone's face?" I start to walk up to my adorable assistant, and I see her walking away from me. This is fun, is like a hunter stalking its prey. I can't help the smile that creeps to my face. She kept all of her attention on me, that she didn't realize how close she was to the bed. The back of her knees hit the bed, and she falls on it, while I get on all four above her. She hugs herself, as if trying to block me from her, kind of funny. I caress her pretty face with a hand, and she tries to pull away, but I keep it on her.

"Why did you brought me here?"

"You're my assistant, remember?"

"Am I?" She's suspecting me, and she feels…betrayed. Did she expected something different from me?

"What do you think you are?" I brush her soft hair.

"A trophy, no…a pet?" It might sound wrong to say this, but she's kind of hot when she tries to act all assertive like that. I get off the bed and start walking away.

"You should get some sleep, tomorrow is your very first day as my assistant." I reach the door and grab the doorknob.

"I could leave." A challenge? A bluff? She's trying to push, but I can always push back. I turn around to look at her in the eye. I move to the side and signal to the door.

"My little Lilith, you are free to leave at any time that you see fit. I would wish you a good day, or evening, and the best of luck." She's incredulous, I can see it in her eyes, did she think that she was my slave or something? After everything I did for her? She's not that wrong, but I'm more crafty than that.

"Just like that?

"Just like that." I keep an eye on her, to see what would be her next move, but she makes none. She looks down, away from my gaze, and I can tell that I won this interaction. I have the cards, and she has none. "If you have any questions, I'll be in the living room." I open the door, get out of the room, and start closing it. "Have a good night." I say before closing the door behind me. I have a feeling that she's going to be a really fun pet to train. I look forward to it.