Earth is so bright and vibrant. Everything about it is so refreshing to see and feel. The people, however, are different. They don't have rough, reptile-like skin like my species. And they don't seem to regenerate when they get injured. Strange, why would the people, I'm about to meet with, endanger themselves when they don't have the same capabilities as my species, I thought to myself. On my planet, we would call these people 'fools' for engaging in such outlandish behavior. But, if my queen insists that I meet the law people of this land called New York, I will adhere to her request.

Inside this stoned facility, I sat patiently, watching the people walking by in their fancy attire and talking about these cases. Waiting for this woman of the law and her associates to come meet with me. Is she like the statue of that woman I saw when I was descending from the ship? I thought and pondered. Then, I laughed to myself, thinking how foolish I was to think that the woman is going to come here covered completely in green. Then, I hear the sound of clicking, *click*, *click*, *click*. It was a strange noise and I look to my left. There I see a human female, walking in my direction.

She was walking alone, towards me and looking straight at me. I analyzed her while she was coming over. Finely dressed, walks with a purpose and strength in how she carries herself. She also has shiny, black hair and fair skin. She is an attractive human female and I can see how males on this planet might fall over themselves for her. "Excuse me?" said a feminine voice. I respond to her "yes?". She was standing right in front of me and I stood up from my seat to look at her. This woman couldn't be more than 5'5 since I was 6'0; she was very small. "Are you the person that a woman named Ihall said was coming?" she calmly asked me.

I was taken back, somewhat appalled that the woman didn't refer to my queen with her royal title. I replied "yes, Queen Ihall did sent me here". I stressed the word queen, so the woman may know who she spoke with and may now know how to refer to her with respect. I hold Queen Ihall in high regards and respect her dearly as her second-in-command. I do not tolerant people referring to her as anything less than what she is. But, I understand it was a harmless mistake on the human female's part, so I don't hold too much ill feelings towards her. "My name is Derek. I am second-in-command to Queen Ihall and it's a pleasure to meet you" I told the female as I bow my head towards her as a show of respect.

The female looked surprised and replied with her hand straight out to me, "My name is Erin Whiteford and I'm one of the top attorneys here. And to not be rude, I was expecting you to have a very long and complicated name". I took her hand in mine; it felt soft. I lightly laughed at her comment and said "I do have a complicated name, but since I was going to be on Earth for some time, I thought it would be best to select an Earth name to use as I walk among you". I looked at our joined hands and shook up and down as I've seen people do around.

Erin slowly nods her head and releases her hand from mine, "well, that makes things a little bit easier on my end. If you could follow me, I'll take you to the boardroom where we can talk about why you are here", she said as she led me towards where she came from. Brown; her eyes are brown. Very different from my grey eyes. So much of her is different from me. But, I can't compare myself to a human, much less a human female. The difference will be there. "This is new to me" I said to her, to make our walk to this room more comfortable.

She looked at me, confused. "What do you mean? Have you never worked or have experience in law" she asked. I looked at her, "no, don't get me wrong, I've worked in the realm of law and justice before. It's one of my duties as the Queen's second, but this is very different from any time I've operated in the world of law. Most laws are similar wherever you go in the universe, but I feel that you do things differently here. I personally have some worry that there might be a miscommunication between our worlds." I expressed to her my concerns with this arrangement. I continued on "however, I really feel that we will work out fine...with some time though." Erin's face goes from showing confusion to showing a slight smile. "We'll see about that. Things do get twisty around here, so it will definitely take some time to get use to. But, don't worry, you have someone here to help you."

I smiled back at her as we made it to what seems to be the boardroom. Erin opens the door and enters. I follow shortly after to meet her associates and to talk about what I'm here for.