The boardroom was sizable room. Not too large, but also not too small. There was a large, rectangular table in the center of the room. Two individuals occupied two seats on one side of the table. Erin sat down on the opposite, next to the chair I believe was for me. I sat down and looked at the two other occupants in the room. The first one is a man, looking to be in his late 30s like Erin, but his hair is bright, almost like the Sun. He also seemed a lot paler than Erin, as if he doesn't see the Sun at all, which I find to be foolish as how can his hair be so bright, but not his flesh. This male also seemed to be lean like me when it comes to build and wears these weird microscope lens on his face. He must use them to see or to analyze criminal scenes more effectively, I thought to myself.

The second one was also a male; he looked to be the oldest in the room, by a good 15 years I would say. He had brown hair that was beginning to show signs of grey. His complexion was a fair green, like an olive, I believe that is what it is called. His built seemed to be somewhat frail, but still presents itself as strong. Possible to reflect his will, I thought. After I analyzed both males, I felt that they were examining me with their eyes.

"You're not at all what I expected to see in an alien." the male with the eye-wear said. It's true. My appearance is that of an average human male. Black hair, grey eyes, skin kissed by the rays of the sun. At a glance, you would think that I was a human being, born and raised here on Earth. But, that is not the case. "No, I don't look the part of the alien. That is only because I'm using a second skin to cover my true appearance. Like in the case of my Earth name, I wanted to have an appearance that would make your people more comfortable around me", I explained to them. The male with the eye-wear simply nodded at my answer to his statement.

"Derek, this is Andrew McBride. He's one of the investigators who helps out in the office and often works with me on my cases" Erin said as she gestures to the male with the eye-wear. "And this is DA Nick Sherman, he oversee everything and anything in the judicial system of the state of New York" she said as she gestures towards the older male. I nod my head at the males to show respect and looked at them.

DA Sherman looks at me and folds his hands in front of him on the table, "Now, I understand that this woman Ihall contacted us about you observing us here at the office..." DA Sherman said, but I cut him off. "Yes, Queen Ihall did initiate contact with your office in regards to my work here", I said, again stressing to the human about my Queen's status. What is with these humans?! How dare they refer to my Queen as if she was a lesser being?! Maybe they don't understand the significance of my planet's leadership, I thought to myself as I glared at the DA. The older man look stunned by my response, but continued on, "Well, yes, Queen Ihall explained to us that you'll be working alongside Ms. Whiteford on learning the laws and regulatory actions of our planet to act as one of the potential bridges between us humans and your people."

I nod. That is one of the main reasons why Queen Ihall wants me on the ground, interacting with the humans. "What do you expect to get out of this?" asked investigator McBride. He was looking at me and I can tell by his facial expression and tone of voice that he doesn't trust me or my Queen's intentions one bit. I looked at him, unmoved by his tone or expression, and responded "I act as the Queen's second-in-command. In addition to that, I train the next generation of combatants in our academy. I use my experience interacting with the inhabitants of different planets to help create friendships and build potential alliances with other planets and their leadership. All of these services are to help better assist my Queen and to better service my planet."

Investigator McBride continues to stare me down, but I don't falter and stared right back at him. "Why New York then? From what it sounds like, you should be in DC rather than New York if that's your plan." He said to me, distrust spilling out of his words. This male really, really does not like me, I thought. "Isn't the headquarters of the United Nations here in New York? Where all of the international diplomats come to, to speak with other members of different countries? It makes logical sense to be near a location as prominent as that in order to better familiarize myself with your law practices" I said, giving him a sly smirk. The investigator McBride looks very annoyed and unhappy with my answer. Good. This male seems like he's going be to testing patience while I'm here. Might as well test him for fun, I thought.

"There is sense in your reasoning for your location, but how long do you expect to be here?" Erin asked, staring right at me as if I was one of her criminals on trial. Uncertainty, I don't blame her, but at least she is not annoying as the investigator. But they are all doing their job and since I'm an outsider, it makes perfect sense to be hesitant of me. But that still won't prevent me from playing around with the investigator. He almost reminds me of the third-in-command, Daniel, I thought. "I don't know. As long as you want me here in your offices. It's your place, therefore you have the decision to let me work alongside you or to remove me. I don't look for any ill-will with your people" I told them, making my stance clear that I only want learn from them and not cause harm.

The DA nods his head, "Okay, we'll let you work alongside Ms. Whiteford, but you'll be on a probationary period. Once it's up, you can truly be one of us in this office. Ms. Whiteford, I trust that you'll do a good job, teaching Mr. Derek the fundamentals of our judicial system." He says while packing his belongings. Erin looks to me and him, "I will, sir. And, I will keep an eye on him" she responds. "Good, now I have a meeting in my office in five. Have good day everyone. Derek, I expect great things, if not interesting things from you." DA Sherman says to me as he extends his hand to shake.

I shake his hand and smile, "Don't worry, I'm excited for such a learning opportunity for both our worlds." The DA nodded and left the room, leaving only me, Erin and McBride.

McBride begins to get up from his seat, "I'm gonna head out. Erin, if you need me, just reach me on my cell phone. And Derek, don't get in our way." The investigator says with annoyance towards me. Yep, he really doesn't like me, I thought. Once he left, it was just me and Erin. "So, when do I start?" I asked while helping Erin pack up.

"You'll start tomorrow at 9am. You'll meet me outside my office where I'll give you a run down on what we do. As of right now, you're free to go." Erin said as we moved out of the boardroom and into the hallway. We walked towards the elevators and waited. "Okay, thank you Ms. Whiteford. It was a pleasure to meet you and it will amazing getting to learn your law" I said to her when the elevator arrived to take her to the next floor.

Erin got on, "It was nice to meet you, too. I'll see you tomorrow, Derek. Have a good day." She said as the elevator doors closed. I walked towards the exit of the facility and made my way to the ship to report to Queen Ihall of the exciting news.