I stood in front of the house of law at 7:30am. I'm suppose to be here at 8am. But, being early means that I can get my tasks done as soon as possible. I walked inside and into the large, open hallway where there were several other hallways and rooms, leading to the other men and women of law offices. I also saw some lead to these chambers where judgement is passed on the criminals. I believe they call those rooms 'courtrooms'. Very unoriginal. Courtrooms. Courthouse. Once again, humanity's simplicity is showing, I thought to myself. I went down one hallway towards my left. This hallway will lead me to Erin's office, I believe. As I walked to her office, I felt a sense of excitement for my first official day here. I understand that there's possibly nothing glamorous about this job, but being exposed to these humans' everyday life and culture is interesting.

I realized that people were sneaking glances at me as I walked by. Perhaps, they know that I'm the representative for Queen Ihall. They must know that an alien was going to be working here. They're probably surprised to see how human I looked, I thought. Humans seem to care too much about physical appearance. Than again, if I were to roam the streets in my Vigmax appearance, people would panic and alert the authorities.

I reached a door that said 'Erin Whiteford' on the glass. This must be her office, I thought. I knocked on her door to alert her of my presence if she's there. I waited and heard that clicking sound, again but from the other side. The door opened and there stood Erin. "Good morning. You're here pretty early" Erin said as she opened her office door wider to let me in.

"It's important that I get started early and learn the ways as this is my first day" I said to her while I walked into her office. I took in the room. It was simple. A large desk, covered with documents, possibly relating to her court cases. Her name plate was visible to all regardless of the amount papers that covered the desk. A black office chair was right behind the desk. Two brown chairs were placed in front of her desk. A couch, right against the wall, overlooking the outside from the window it was near. A small sitting area, maybe used for when colleagues or clients showed up to talk to her. Two bookcases covered the right corner of the room.

I walked to the bookcases and saw the various number of books that occupied the shelves. All of them were law books, but there were a couple other books mixed in. Criminal justice, social welfare, human rights, ethics, etc. Words that were unfamiliar to me. "What does each of these mean to you?" I asked Erin, my eyes absorbing the words that were on the bindings of the books. I felt Erin walk over to me, "Some of these books I used during my time in law school. Some were gifts from friends and family. While, others were ones that I picked up because I was interested." Erin said as she continued to talk." Each book I view as something to help me navigate and understand my field. Even though I worked in law for years now, there's still always something new to learn. Does that answer your question?" Erin asked back.

I turned to her "yes, but I was talking about the words. Social welfare, criminal justice, human rights, ethics. What do they mean to you? These words are unfamiliar on my homeworld. I would like to know their understanding and importance." I told her, fascinated in the potential of uncovering the complexity of humans and their ways.

Erin, sensing my extreme interest in those words, had a slight smile on her face and explained to me, "criminal justice is, in short, another way to talk about law and order. Social welfare is what people do to help others who are unable to help or care for themselves." She walked to her desk, sitting down and continued with her points. "Ethics, in a sense, are the rules or code that we follow in order to work to the best of our abilities while respecting the rights of others. Human rights are the rights we, as humans, have regardless of who we are, where we are and what we have done. It is the rights that can never be taken away from you."

I walked over and took a seat in one of the brown chairs. I begun to process these words. They sound so alien to me. Funny, something that sounds alien to an alien. I thought to myself. "Is that why you decided to be a lady of the law?" I asked her, interested in learning what motivated her to be here.

Erin smiled again, only this time the smile was bigger. "By 'lady of the law' you mean 'lawyer', yes. I wanted to be able to help reduce crime in New York, maybe in the process change laws to give people a chance or to help people understand that the law isn't out to get them. I want to rebuild the idea of law and order, and revision it as something that everyone can trust and respect." She said this with passion in her voice, with a will that seems to be unbreakable.

Erin turned to look at the clock on the wall. It read 8am. She turned to me, "I guess it's time to start your first day. Come on, we have a court case I want you to sit on at 8:30. So, I'll bring you up to speed on what's going on." She said as she gathered her documents and headed for the door.

I got up and followed her. I admired her passion and her will just then. If my excitement wasn't high enough before, it sure is now. Humanity is more complex than I give it credit, I thought. I silently thanked the stars and Queen Ihall for placing this human female in my presence. I briefly paused when I remembered Queen Ihall and her instructions for me while I'm here. A part of me wondered if I can handle the plan, but the other part told me to not worry and to not be distracted. To focus on the well-being of his species. Even if it means potential going against Erin's.