A supernatural story Naruto/Avatar inspired a very little bit. Don't like,don't read. I really invite you to take a look to give me your sincere point of view said with respect.

A nomad's house. The house was located in an unknown place. We can't see what's outside the place. We can't see what it looks like from the outside. But from the inside... It looks like an igloo. An igloo without ice block instead rotten iron bars which we can see the aging metal covered outside by a large crappy coat so that we can protect ourselves from the hot sun... Okay nothing to do with an igloo at the end !

And what about the house itself ? Well... There was just a table,a drawer,a mattress with an orange blanket which wasn't cleaned after his use,some tea marks on the floor and candles hooked on the wall. Typical of a nomad. Suddenly someone comes out. An old man. At first sight,he looks like a chinese : white long hairs going down to his spine,mustaches getting to his chin,the rectangular eyes and he also had glasses and perfectly white teeth for someone like him in this place.

He comes out from nowhere with a homemade tea-pot (iron and wood very badly cut) on his right hand and crouching down because of the size of his ceiling and his 6'9" . He was also wearing dirty clothes that he looked almost like a hobo : white T-shirt,orange messy pants and bare feet. But he also has a straw hat. A chinese hobo basically. Everything around him was just tea drops and dust. Everything in the house... except for his face. There wasn't any room left for a bathroom but his face was still clean. There wasn't a toothbrush nearby but his teeth were cleaned.

And even his hands were spared by the dust. No tea drop on his hair or his skin. Then he suddenly sees someone on his broken door which couldn't stand on his feet anymore. He welcomes the person with a slow bow.

" Hello sir. " He says into a very conforming voice corresponding to his old age. " Welcome to... my house. " He says that by waving to the mess of the "house". " Sorry for the atmosphere but I never have time to clean up. Plus... I don't have a broom. I don't have a lot of money in my pocket. But at least I can eat on my own. So what did you come for ? "

No responds. But the old man understands mysteriously what he wants to say. " I see ! You're here... for the legend. You are here to gain more information about THAT legend. Unless you are here... because you are curious to discover new stories. Or maybe you're bored and searching for new things in your healthy life. Anyway sit. "

The old man invites the mysterious person to sit on the carpet. When it's done,he delicately puts down the tea-pot on the table. Then he leans down to the floor despite his advanced age in order to pick up a clay glass which was lying on the floor with some other utensils. He puts it back vertically on the table before to use the tea-pot t9 serve some tea to his guest. He grabs the glass and gives it directly to the individual.

" Here. Take it. Now you wanna hear about the story. Don't you wanna rest first. A person like you surely had traveled a lot to get to meet me,a poor ermit. No ? As you wish. Anyway,did someone talk to you about me ? About the story ? No ?! You just discovered it by chance ?! So you're not afraid to explore the unknown. I like that. "

" Shall we begin ? I would have loved to talk more about me,but I have a story to tell. So,this story... is true and occured somewhere far in the time... at Rikunokuni. "

" Once upon a time... our peace was suddenly disturbed... by a dragon which was sleeping in the center of the Earth. That dragon was part of the Dragons Builders,a group of giant dragons who were responsible... of the creation of our Earth. They then lived in harmony with the humans for a long time... until an evil man imprisons them rudely in the center of the Earth with nothing but their anger to feed them. Because of that they felt a huge hatred for us.

That's why,when the evil man's sons liberated them and lied to them by saying that all the humans rejected him,the dragons allied with him to destroy the world they created for ten years. In consequence,they led a vicious and bloody war against the humans. The man's plan was obvious : he wanted to conquer the world. The war was already won for the dragons and the evil boy... until that... five men. Five powerful people managed to resist and to imprison all of them into the center of the Earth again.

They used the Air to fly at their height,the Water to protect themselves from the flames,the Fire to burm their tortoiseshell,the Light to blind them and the Earth to lock them into the earth for eternity. The humans won the war. Since then,they have made a lot of decision in order to prevent that from happening again. But despite there were locked for eternity,the dragons and the evil boy still could be freed with a code. A code used only by a specific person.

Since that day,because of their courage,the lands of Fire,Earth,Light,Water and Air earned the right to dominate all the others,like a country dominating a subcountry. Understood ? And since then,two thousands years later,we still live in peace. Isn't this impressive ? "

" You may be thinking there's only five elements... but you're absolutely WRONG ! There are more elements that you know it. Those elements are dispersed into all the planet. And one last thing before to finish : about those elements,there are born thanks to the dragons who were based on these elements,like the Hiryƫ,who was born into the fire. So that's it. For the story of the war Dragons vs Humans. How our system was born.

I hope you enjoyed this. You're probably wondering what element I'm from. That would be disappointing to tell you now. So that's it. You have what you need to hear. Now go enjoy your life. Me... I'm 1200 years old,I enjoyed the life enough. Now I just have to wait patiently death. I hope to see you soon... in paradise. "

And with that the old man uses his hand... to drain the light from the candles,vaccuming yellow light bubbles from the wick to his old hands which was turning into orange before to returning to normal. In consequence,instead of turning itself off,the fire becomes fully black. The man smiles to that.