"It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy." -Jiddu Krishnamurti

1: There sits in the world currently, a fundamental error in the depths of people - we have lost our mental capacity. For some period of time now, I have observed onto those who claim of themselves as "skeptics" to the world. I do not, however, speak of the oft-expected agnostic or Pyrrhonian; or even to the centrist. I can say with a degree of certainty, these self-imposed skeptics are without any succinct connection to either the religious or the philosophical or the political as to questioning matters; they are of their own distinct category. Truthers they call themselves, but madmen I call them.

2: To illustrate this, first I must detail the meaning of the word "skeptic", pure and un-tampered. When so the word skeptic is spoken, an image of a doubter appears before the mind. An image of those who question the foundations of something in particular, or onto everything. I have, in the section prior, named distinctly three variations of such an individual. The agnostic, or religious skeptic, knows in of itself nothing relating to the Divine. The theological and ecclesiastical alike. One must add, however, the term agnostic has now become somewhat of a byword for religious discordance or so it appears to my eye.

3: The second is the philosophical skeptic, usually synthesizing into the Pyrrhonian. Though, that is not to say the Pyrrhonian is the sole form of the philosophical skeptic. To name but a few, who I can name without further exploration; there are the Middle Way Buddhists, found within the Mahayana tradition. There are the so-called Academic Skeptics, who came to prominence in-between the chronological time period of the aforementioned two. And then, and perhaps somewhat more hidden in attention to the three listed above; there are those who follow the teachings - or rather method - of Krishnamurti. I shall refer to them as the Murtians. Thirdly, and perhaps more oddly, there are the centrists. But to say that a centrist is in of itself, nothing but political skepticism; is somewhat fallible. For a centrist, whilst pertaining neither to the of the left or to the right - could be said, in a sense; as a skeptic of both but with elements of both. To give a more understandable means of presenting this; we must think of oolong tea. Oolong may be more to green, but it also has elements of black, yet isn't. As it also has, in some variants, similarities in taste to white and yellow teas, but again sits in neither. It presents itself as, in a sense, a combination of elements from all yet persisting with definence as none of the others. But like oolong, centrism may be defined as something of itself instead of as a skepticism. So to say with absolute power, that centrism is political skepticism, is rather fallible. Instead, I shall say of centrism as something related to the doubts on political ideals. With this now said, I move over to the subject of this essay once more - the Truthers.

4: If so you read the comment section of Youtube videos, that delightful centre of the highest in man's wisdom, and in specific to those relating directly or only partially to the subjects of religion, science, politics and occasionally philosophy; there will be those who post such comments as: "The atheists have corrupted God's work." Or, and these relate to the second of the topics: "This is a Kabbalah/Masonic/Jesuit/&c, lie, the Earth is flat/mostly flat/oval shaped/&c." No doubt, at least one of those who have interests to these subjects, and have seen at least one video on them; that such a comment was spotted. I remember quite distinctly, the first time I laid eyes on one, was 14 months ago when watching a video on the faults of creationism. Most I can imagine or at least, guess on a whim, pass these by without reconsideration or afterthought. "Some old and/or paranoid boomer who can't keep up with the times." Is a response I have heard, even with variation, often on occasion. I. however, was more intrigued upon such a first sighting than as to apathetic or in outright jest.

5: In this period, I became aware of the Truthers and they're primary ideal. To relate what they speak of themselves as, they are a loosely connected group of individuals, dedicated to understanding the so-called "real" truth of the world and it's endless machinations. For, in their view, the world as we so view it, is false and over the last 2,500 or so years; a certain group has endlessly attempted to convert people onto one of the Satanism's they proclaim. I say "a certain group" out of the group in particular changing either with the times, the individual, the group, or in many cases - all of the above.

6: Not to mention also, there are proclamations made by them, of the supposed "proofs" that show their epistemological superiority; and often times religious superiority. But the more one reads of these supposed "proofs", a queerness arises. A kind which arises doubt onto the doubts. These proofs are usually rather one-dimensional, giving only; on most of them, to their authority of choice. But this, as I've suggested towards earlier, begins to present more properly onto the paradox of their paramount nature. I've said prior, that their goal is to find truth outside the narrative so set in the present day. And yet they resource only to switch the narrative, as to that wherein it matched - but with much more radicality - what was the narrative from two centuries ago, upwards to as far as ten centuries ago.

7: But in this, the core problem or paradox in them becomes visible. For surely, if one is to be in a pursuit onto the correct path for truth - subjective only to oneself or objective to all - it must be followed without a defined path, presupposed on the basis of past or present truth-seekers. And since, so they claim, their primary goal is to find truth outside the narrative that has hovered over us for centuries, this is more-so the case in their situation - or so it is in theoretical matters. Truth, as the sages have said, is a pathless path and distinctly personal.

8: However, if one partakes to the truths spoken by members of this community, it is quite clear what the usual source of truth is for them - the Bible. Now, I say usual, as because it is not the only source for them. Indeed, the Koran, the Vedas, the Talmud and even in one individual I met some months ago - the Avesta - can also be their predominant authority onto which everything else is based from. But above all, and as a result of it's primarily Christian demographic, the text held above all others is the Bible. Usually, it is, in particular, the 66-book canon of the Protestants; for they are strongly so, as to what denomination is most prominent. Very rarely do I see a Catholic amongst them and rarer so an Orthodox or otherwise. In fact, the other denominations are often blamed as apart of the problem; with Catholics being the greatest offender.

9: Although, the previously mentioned texts, as well as many others, are more often the target of criticism than as to belief however. I can remember vividly, around 9 months ago now; on how an Arian Unitarian member of the community - if only he knew his irony - began what eventually resulted in a near 3 day long argument, about whether or not Hindus were Satanists. And nearly a month prior to that, I myself was "warned" about the dangers of paganism, after I mentioned with a fundamentalist in sight; about reading a text from the aforementioned religion. To be specific onto the text, it was the Agni Purana. But above all, they in terms of religion, persist on criticizing two texts in particular. Those being the Koran, and the Talmud. To be fair however, this is not atypical as a generality, but merely the standard comments of the religiously strong. I now move away from their religious beliefs, and onto detailing more thoroughly, their dichotomies.

10: The first of these has now been illustrated, in their oddly religious approach to changing the narrative of progress; despite it only - if so the heavens allow to happen as they think - leading in the end to a re-performance of the events that occurred from the 10th to the 19th centuries. The second, however, is one I have up until here, not illustrated. And that is the intense and unmindful dogmatism that plagues over them. I do not mean this in the sense of religious dogmas but as to communal dogmas. Or as, the dogma of the hivemind. They have a set way, a set doctrine, whereby if so they follow what they say, in the word of the Bible and often also to Fuhrer Trump; they shall be respected and treated akin to a wise sage or at the very least; like a monk who travels in the pursuit of wisdom. But if so one falls out of favour with one or more of these, they are looked upon as a foreigner or a person who doesn't seem to be on the right path. To put it into perspective, think of it like the son of a sawmiller, whose fathers and their father and so forth were the same - becoming a housebuilder instead. It follows similarly to that of his father, but with variation onto the use of the wood. Much like how most look at truth via certain means, whilst one or two look at it nearly the same, but differs in certain - perhaps fundamental ways.

11: I can give one, personally infamous example onto this. Nearly a year ago now, on a now defunct Discord server, there was a divide between most of the community, and to that of one individual in particular. This person I will not identify, but shall attribute the pseudonym "Spirit" as a means of identification. In this group, the majority of the respect individuals were flat earthers - those in the belief that the Earth is completely flat, usually founded upon a literal reading of certain Biblical verses, such as Psalms 19:1, Job 26:10, and Psalms 75:3. Yet, Spirit believed in the world being not entirely flat, but merely mostly flat. Somewhat bent is an appropriate means of explaining this, as he "proved" that it had some curvature, but in that it was minimal and not enough to say the Earth wasn't flat. Due to this, he was concerned from that day on, to be somewhat bent himself in the pursuit of truth. And after taking over another, mutually subjected server in a pseudo-coup e'tat, transforming it into the Discord equivalent of a totalitarian dictatorship, he was in essence - ousted from the main community of that sort; followed shortly thereafter in being declared by most who previously supported him, as insane and untruthful; being sentenced to their own equivalent of a damnatio memoriae. This view has not changed much since then, and so far as I know, he hasn't even been referred to in the server that replaced it's now defunct predecessor.

12: It comes to mind then, that these people are strongly against the idea of individual rights. For wherein, they worship metaphysical tyrants, political tyrants, and act in of themselves as tyrants. Some yes, do act less of as a tyrant than others - but it is not by much. But throughout all of this, they portray themselves as; above all other things, a libertarian. An individualist who is steering away from the collectivist evils of modernity and returning to the days of olden ways; where the individual mind and act was paramount of importance, and a free mind was a natural mind. And yet, compared to them, you would likely find more of an individualist streak in a fascist. For I, as well as others I know, have not noticed hitherto any such actions in them. In fact, if I may add, they become more of a hivemind as time progresses, and their hobgoblins of madness overtake them. Indeed, if they are as pious to God as their image implies, I would doubt they've even read Christ's Sermon on the Mount. But even so, they still proclaim themselves as defenders of the individual. Defenders of the independent, despite avidly loathing or leering away from those who believe differently to the rest.

13: When all of this is combined into the community which forms around them, and has over the last 5 or so years in which they have grown to prominence - I see nothing but what is essentially a new religion. This, and rather ironically, goes quite fiercely against one of their core beliefs. One may say, including myself, it is a fundamental contradiction. And of which I previously have only detailed in sly references. In that, they belief there will come a "New World Order", founded by a collaborate of the Freemasons/Illuminati, Jesuits, Satanists, ""Communists"" and other centre-leftists, amongst others who have been the scapegoats of ill will for many centuries. And that, when it arrives, they will proclaim unto all a "New World Religion", which to their description is a reworked and more properly systematized version of various New Age and Eastern ideas - such as the Buddhist and/or Theosophic idea of Maitreya or Fifth Buddha; an individual set to come in a time when Buddhism is heard no more. The concept of a higher, but attainable form of consciousness; which has in the last century become widely known as "Christ Consciousness". And also a kind of polytheism, involving the worship of several Gods, all of whom being - in their view - manifestations of Satan, therefore evolving into a sort-of "pansatanism" if you will. And when it is formed, it will be forced onto all with the "truth" being eradicated. Funny then, that the ultimate goal of their New Religion prophecy, matches their own actions and intentions. For they wish, at least to most, to reinstall Christianity as the religion of the world. And I've seen many say that, as for those who believe otherwise or nothing at all; that they should be "shown" the truth, or punished to hell. To say it more simply, beaten unto conviction to Protestantism, or death.

14: It can be, therefore, that these proclaimed Truthers, are nothing but the dogmatists of today. And that, if so the world is faulty and corrupt in narrative - a likelihood to any period in history - they do not attempt to free themselves from it; but as to only further limiting themselves. They have tried to steer away from a modern narrative to an archaic and equally unjust narrative. They say we are the mentally enslaved, and yet they are just as much in chains as we reputedly are. And to say they are individualists and pursuiter's, enrages me intensely. I shall say unto them, as they have unto us: You are not the searchers of truth, but the corrupters of truth. Alas, if objectivity to truth was not probable as a phantasm.

15: In short, I can say with some certainty on my part, that the group I have hereby in short, detailed and described, are an epistemological quackery. A pack of those who, in seeing the waning's of their religion and having doubts onto society, cannot accept a moderate position in dividing out what is and isn't right in their own. In having lacked an attitude of critical deciphering onto ethical, theological, philosophical, and other such manners - they became a herd of madmen. And madmen they remain and likely shall unto death, for if so a sense of individuality to worldly perceptions exists in them - it is chained and contained deep within their skulls.

"I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth." -Jiddu Krishnamurti.

-Ryan Rider.
May 19th, 2020.