Aunt Lisa

"Your parents doesn't spank you much, do they?" Aunt Lisa asked her young nephew Michael.
"N... no... why?"
"Well, it's quite clear from your general behaviour that you would be in need of quite some spankings."
"But... but I'm almost nine years old, Aunt Lisa..." the boy said.
"Which means that bottom of yours is as good to spank as ever. It's quite clear that your parents don't take your discipline seriously. Perhaps I should teach you a lesson myself" Aunt Lisa said.
"No!" the boy exclaimed. "I mean... you... you can't, you're not my mom..."
"But I am your aunt. And trust me: another single little misbehaviour and you'll regret it."

Michael swallowed as his aunt left the room. Even though she was usually nice, he had also always known that she was strict and firm. On their earlier visits, she hadn't hesitated to put him on time out in his room for hours. But now she was threatening him with spankings. That was something else than or groundings. Neither Michael nor his little sister, six-year-old Mila, got spanked as punishment. Although Michael did know of friends who got spankings regulary, and from what he had heard about them, spankings were not to play with.
Michael swore to himself he wouldn't give Aunt Lisa any reason to do anything like that to him.

"Aunt Lisa say's it's dinner time" Mila said.
"Uhu, coming soon" Michael replied.
"She said come right away."
"I am coming, I'm just finishing this."
Mila shrugged and Michael heard her leaving and going down the stairs again.
Michael kept playing the game for a few minutes before he realized what he was doing. He pressed on paus and then hurried up from his bed and down towards the kitchen.

"So, time to come now?" Aunt Lisa said.
"Sorry, Aunt Lisa" Michael said. "I just had to finish something."
"Didn't Mila say to you that I wanted you to come right away?" his aunt asked.
"Y... yes. Sorry."
"You know what, Michael" Aunt Lisa said. "That was the last straw. I've had enough of your ignorant behaviour and that attitude. It's time that you learn some respect."
Michael swallowed. Was this it? Was his aunt going to hit him now?
Aunt Lisa sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and gave a sign for Michael to come over to her.
"I'm... I'm really sorry, Aunt Lisa. I won't ignore again, I promise" Michael said.
"Well, that's just empty words" Aunt Lisa said. "You still need to pay for your attitude. Get over here."
Michael slowly went over to her.
"And you watch this, Mila, and remember it in before you decide to have an attitude or disobey in this house."
Michael gave his little sister a look. She watching the scene with big, round eyes.
Then, without warning, Aunt Lisa suddenly put her hands in the waistband of Michael's pants and pulled them down all the way to his knees. And a second later she did the same thing with his underpants!
"What... no!" Michael gasped.
"Over you go" Aunt Lisa said.
And she pulled Michael down so he was laying face-down across her lap. Before Michael even had time to protest again, load smacks were echoing through the room and a sharp pain was building up on his buttocks as his Aunt started spanking them hard with her hand.
"Ouch... it hurts!" Michael found himself whining.
"It's meant to" his Aunt replied.
"Please stop..." Michael begged as the pain increased.
"Oh no, young man. You have been asking for this for a long time."

Michael tried his best to get away, but Aunt Lisa was strong and held him down. As he automatically tried to protect his bottom with his hands, she locked them behind his back with her free hand.
Michael couldn't help it. He burst out into tears. The sting was so intense and there was no way getting away from it, he just had to lay there, locked, while his bottom got more and more sore. Aunt Lisa spanked him all over it, and she even spanked him on the back of his tighs. The worst blows were whenever she hit the same spot several times in a row.
He cried and heard himself beg, but nothing happened. He just had to lay there and receive his spanking.

After what felt like an eternety, Aunt Lisa finally let go of her firm grip of him. But Michael was totally out of energy and kept laying there, crying, across her lap.
"I said stand up" his aunts stern voice commanded.
Slowly, Michal got on his feet.
"And now I want to hear a full apology" she said to him.
"S... sorry" Michael sobbed.
"For what?"
"For... for b...behaving bad."
His Aunt looked at him for a moment. Then she commanded: "Pull your pants back up."
Michael bent down to pull his underwear and pants back up, they had slid down all the way to his feet.
"Now listen, both of you" Aunt Lisa said. "From now on, this will be the consequence for misbehaviour in this house. I won't accept kids with bad attitude here. And I don't care what your parents do at home, whenever you're with me you will get your bottoms spanked. Do you understand?"
Michael nodded.
"Mila" Aunt Lisa adressed his little-sister who had been sitting still and totally quiet for the whole time. "This includes you. If I have to, I won't hesitate a moment to bare that little bottom of yours and spank it just as I spanked your brother's, do you understand?"
Mila blushed and nodded at her aunt's words.
"Well, let's have dinner before it gets too cold" Aunt Lisa said.

After dinner, Michael went back to his and Mila's room. He tried playing, but couldn't concentrate. His bottom was still hurting and also itching. He couldn't really believe what had happened, this was really bad. For a moment, he thought about calling his parents. But that would mean he would have to admit all the bad things he had done, and they would be really disappointed.
The door opened and Mila came in.
"How... how are you?" she carefully asked.
"I'm okay" Michael lied.
She sat down next to him on the bed. It was obvious that she didn't believe him.
"Does it hurt a lot?" the kid asked.
Michael nodded. "Not as much as before, though. It'll get better soon."
"It looked like it hurt really much" Mila said.
Michael looked at his little sister. "Whatever you do, don't misbehave while we're here."
Mila nodded. "I promise. I mean, I'll try."
"Try your hardest" Michael said. "I promise you that a spanking isn't something you want to get."