Mila in trouble

"Please, Aunt Lisa, don't give her a spanking" Michael begged. "She's... she's too young."
"If one is old enough to misbehave and put on an attitude, one is old enough to take the consequences for it" Aunt Lisa said.
Mila was standing unusually quiet next to their aunt.
"Didn't I tell you, Mila, that I wouldn't accept any cheeky attitude in my house?"
The six-year-old nodded slowly.
"And what did I tell would happen to any naughty child in my house from now on? Michael?"
"A... a spanking" Michael replied. "But please, don't spank Mila. You can spank me instead."
Michael didn't know how he could even offer himself to suffer through another spanking. But he wanted to spare his sister that pain to any cost.
"Very noble, but your'e not the one misbehaving this time, Michael" Aunt Lisa said.
"But please..."
"Now stop it, boy. Unless you want a spanking as well after Mila's spanking."

Michael had no option but to watch as their aunt sat down on the sofa and pulled Mila close to her. His sister still didn't say a word, she was almost paralyzed.
Without hesitation, Aunt Lisa put her hands in the waistband of Mila's shorts. She pulled them down to her knees, revealing Mila's favorite pink panties with unicorns on them. After another second, those came down as well, leaving Mila bare-bottomed as Aunt Lisa put her down across her lap.
Load SMACKS eachoed in the livingroom as Aunt Lisa's hand started slapping Mila's naked little bottom. After three or four spanks, Mila started crying. Michael hated it. He always hated seeing his sister sad, and would do anything to comfort her. But now he couldn't. He just had to watch as Aunt Lisa kept spanking the child, and hear as Mila's crying increased.
As the spanking kept on Mila started kicking her feet, making her shorts slide down to her feet, but Aunt Lisa held the kid down so she couldn't move anywhere. Something made Michael keep watching every single smack landing on his sister's bottom. How much he hated this, it was strangely fascinating to see the color of her butt turn from pale white to rosy pink.

Michael couldn't really keep track on exactly how many spanks Mila got, but he estimated it to around 30 or 35. Anyway, they had been hard enough to leave his sisters little bottom very pink all over. The six-year-old was crying hard and Michael felt that he would have done anything to take over her pain. He didn't want her to have to experience this sting, he would gladly have taken it from her.
Aunt Lisa put Mila back on her feet.
"What did you just get from me?" she asked the girl.
"A... a spanken..." Mila sobbed.
"I want to hear a full apology from you, kid" their aunt said.
"Sorry... sorry for being naughty..."
"And will you have a bad attitude again in my house?" Aunt Lisa asked.
Mila shook her head.
"I cetrainly hope not. Otherwise that little bottom will get even more sore and red than it is now, do you understand?"
Mila nodded.
"Now pull you clothes up and go to your room for a while" their aunt said.
Michael watched as his sister slowly pulled first her panties and then her shorts back up. She grimazed and he remembered the uncomfortable feeling of fabric agains sore skin. Then she left.

"Yes?" Aunt Lisa asked as she noticed that Michael was still there.
"I think you hit her too hard" Michael said. He didn't know what made him be so brave, or foolish, to keep questioning his aunt. Maybe it was some kind of protective side of him that came out now.
Aunt Lisa gave him a bitter look. "Her little bottom was in as big need of spanking as yours. It's clear that the two of you haven't been spanked enough at all."
"Why? Your whole attitude gives the answer to that question, boy" Aunt Lisa said. "Do you perhaps want a spanking as well?"
Michael shook his head.
"Then stop questioning me, or I'll bare your butt right away and make sure you think twice before you question me again."
Common sense made Michael finally drop the subject, and he left the livingroom.

He found Mila laying face-down on the bed, sobbing hard. She had pulled her shorts and panties down in the back, her butt still pink all over it.
Michael went over and sat down on the bed next to her. He rubbed her back carefully. She looked up at him with eyes full of tears.
"How are you?" Michael asked.
"It hurts" Mila replied.
"I know the feeling" Michael said. "It's very unconfortable."
"She's... she's super strict" Mila stated.
"Oh yeah, for sure. Please don't get into trouble again, Mila. I can't stand watching you get a spanking like that."
"I'll... I¨ll try, if you try also. I don't wanna watch you getting another spanken either."
Michael smiled at her. And he knew that his sister felt the same way for him as he felt for her.
"Your bum is quite pink" he said.
"Your's was as well" Mila replied. "It looks kinda funny."
"But the feeling isn't funny" Michael said.
"No, it isn't" Mila agreed. "Not at all."