She kept walking. Just a few more steps and she would be inside her apartment, safe and sound. Away from all her problems, Away from Him.

She finally reached her apartment building and headed up the stairs towards hers. It was her first home alone since breaking up and escaping Him. She had felt terrified, nauseous, and a wreck. It wasn't a pretty sight having to cover up all those bruises for 3 years, lying to her mother or anyone who asked.

It was over though, and for the first time in what felt like forever she could finally breathe.

As soon as her shoes were off her phone started ringing. There was no caller id, but she answered anyways, might have been her electrician coming to fix the lights in the kitchen.

"Hello?" she asked, trying to keep the exhaustion from today show.

"Hello Adrianna, you would not believe the day I've had so far."

She froze. Eyes widening at the sound of the voice. "D-d-daniel?"

"Why, yes it's me, who else would you be expecting to call you?"

With bitterness in her thoughts she could think of a thousand different people, anyone but him. Maybe this was all a dream, maybe she wasnt hearing him ramble about how his day went, how much he misses her, what she could cook for dinner tonight. Trying to coax her back into his poisonous arms.

His oh so very poisonous arms.

Breathe in, Breathe out. The voice stopped talking. Thanks god it stopped talking.

"Adrianna? Did you hear me? I said you needed to be home by 8 o'clock, it's almost 10."

That it is. She kept silent though, forming words carefully with the venom of a viper. Maybe if she ignored him he would think she was tired and leave her alone. Bullshit, he's too much of a asshole to care. She was tired of this, tired of all his shit. She was out, done,gone. Time to give him a reality call.

"Daniel, listen." She took a deep breathe in and let it out in small puffs.

"I'm not the person who you can call randomly and ramble about your day with. I'm not the person who giggles when you smile, kisses you ob the cheeck, holds your hand whenever you felt it was convenient. Who you wrapped in warm hugs and told over and over again that you loved me, that you would never, ever hurt me." She could feel the steam coming out if her ears, the sudden extra warmth of her powers coming to life.

She could feel the heat of her flames coming to life on her wings.

"I'm not the person you used to beat senseless when I messed up, would tell constantly that she need to 'look alive' would scream at me to cover up my bruises. Would send death stares at if I messed up, bad mouth whenever I was out of earshot or even if I was."

"I can give you time to cool down if you-"

"Yeah, you'll give me all the time in the fucking world because, listen close and listen well."

She leaned into the phone as if that would amplify her voice.

"I am not your fucking girlfriend anymore, I never was, I was your plaything. Not anymore though." She took another deep breath. "Have a nice day, trip on some rocks and over a cliff for me, will ya?" She hung up.

She did it, she actually did it! It felt so good to be able to let that off her chest after bottling it all up for so long.

She changed her phone number one more time and threw the device onto the couch.

Good riddance, motherfucker.