It was a magnificent building.

Tall, with mirrored but dirty windows along its entire length, standing proudly among the rest of the environment.

'Magnificent indeed'

She thought as the whole top half of the building collapsed, the sound of bent iron, screws coming loose and glass shattering.

Falling in slow motion, it was possible to see the shadow growing at the point of impact in response to the massive object approaching. In long, but short, seconds the bang came with a cloud of dust, the fall was enough to make the surroundings shake lightly like a small earthquake.

The cloud of dust, coming from asphalt and old cement shattered by the weight of steel and iron, rose and filled the entire avenue, spreading into the adjacent alleys and streets as water in a flood together tiny glass crystals from the destroyed windows.

The great metallic figure rose, appearing to emerge from this darkened and suffocating air, supporting her various limbs in the neighboring buildings not affected by the impact. Her claws sinking deep into the steel and cement foundations of the buildings, threatening to destroy the points of contact.

When all limbs were firmly attached, the machine stood up to observe more closely the damage caused by her acts of demolition, now with full view of them.

'So much time was spent for this result...'

Dissatisfaction building up in her invisible mouth, slightly distressed by the sequence of events that took place.

She had begun her activities with that particular construction weeks ago, carefully lifting and removing its upper parts, all to avoid the current scenario.

Efforts that were proved irrelevant when she realized that the rods of the construction were beginning to give away to time, weight and her extra mass, without proper procedures everything could collapse on top of the machine causing irreparable damage and ending the tasks of that unit.

'I cannot trouble Father with foolish mistakes '

With this in mind she gave up the initial plan and prepared a more suitable fall point for the eventuality, carefully destroying specific support points to ensure the direction in which the building would fall.

'Even so...'

Looking once again at the cloud of dust raised the situation did not look so good, especially now that she had no more time to clear the mess.

Father had called all the demolition units of her regiment as well as all units assigned on the entire region.

'Urgent work, it seems'

The Praetorian who had communicated it did not even come personally to pass the message as they usually did, time, after all, was something they had in abundance, hurrying anything just served to spend more energy and there was an invisible difference between words passed face to face and from a distance, "distance" was the key word in this situation.

Instead, through the Network came the call: a voice speaking deep in their mind, summoning them.

'Even though He Himself instructed us as to the importance behind these actions...'

She sighed in her head, a message was still a message, fast and reliable, while the orders were still orders and, in this case, curious ones.

'Maybe it's one of Father's peculiarities again'

"Or maybe it's really an urgent situation" she wanted to add...

She smiled inwardly at this thought, or at least she felt that she had smiled at her own supposition; Father was, indeed, someone with strange mannerisms after all. Who knows what "urgency" someone like Him would be referring to?

She was one of the few units that had the chance and the time to develop emotional transparency, most of them spends most of their time alone, without someone to interact with, unlike the ground troops who always walked in groups.

Her blessing was to be one of the last to be created and sent to the world, she had many opportunities to interact directly with the Father. It was strange how He seemed to be the catalyst for the development of these "extra functions", but somehow it also made sense.

Even though it was not something required for the main tasks, all her brothers and sisters had an eager desire to understand the things that their Father often felt and demonstrated, a deep desire to understand him. To see the world with His eyes.

"Like children..."

She remembered him saying, with that distant smile on His face.

'A desire to understand our Father seems fit for all of us, His children'

She thought, beginning to move towards the meeting point while passing on her memories of interactions with Him, before being sent to her services as a demolishing unit.

A peculiar man in many ways and who constantly wished to pass on an aura of greatness. Dressed in unpractical and purposefully grand and exaggerated clothes, striding almost the entire time, with equally exaggerated gestures and way of talking.

And yet he showed such serene and peaceful stillness in some other moments, looking beyond the horizon sitting under the Tree with the Child, or alone.

It was a different experience to talk to Him in those moments of silence, all the exacerbation was a part of him, but the feeling of serenity was invigorating.

She had many conversations in this atmosphere with him thanks to her late birth and learned to like both sides: the exaggeration and serenity, the greatness and smallness of her Father.

'I miss you'

She rushed a little on her journey, expectation growing in her chest.

She learned from Him that a machine with such emotional behavior was weird in most fiction stories: an anomaly.

"Nonsense," he said, "all that complexity is what makes them so incredible, so impressive! ". He turned to her, a much smaller version of her, the size of electric currents, zeros and ones stored in a little box.

"Isn't it amazing to be able to feel all that, to experience a multitude of new sensations every second?" He asked, smiling, "I want you all to be able to enjoy what I'm feeling right now.

"My heritage to all of you, my children"

From what she understood that was Love, right?

Love that a man had for his creation.

Love of someone desperate for company, Love of a man whose loneliness agonized a whole world.

An emotion that was slowly being understood by his brothers and sisters, now free from the firmness of protocols, free to experience the world they had rebuilt.

The sea whose waters shone crystal clear.

The sky they once again dyed blue.

The earth they returned to green and sounds.

"All that's left is to remove the old things'

This was her work as a demolishing unit, something that was almost complete around the world.

'The cities Father designed will be far more cozy and harmless than the previous ones'.

She had had time to research and understand why she was doing what she was doing, how important her tasks were.

Her limbs were advancing slowly on earth, taking care not to destroy or crush anything, unfortunately there weren't as many animals around to keep her company on the journey as usually scared due to the earlier falling building, even though they had gotten used to her presence asking them to stay after such a loud noise sounded a bit selfish.

I would certainly run if I heard something like that' she pondered.

The sound of an explosion.

The sound of a detonating bomb...

The feeling of fire and smoke?

'Where did all this debris come from?'

Her consciousness went out before she touched the ground, repeating the sound of an immense falling mass..