The hike up the hill was more than Chris thought it would be. Keith from playing football thought that this was a great way to work out. He commented more than once that he was going to let his coach know about this for a summer workout for the team. Amber kept up with Keith while Chris and David tried to keep up as best as they could.

"Hey, you two let's stop and take some pictures. I mean look at the view."

"We can get better pictures once we are closer to the top."

"Amber come on, this way we can take pictures every step of the way up the mountain."

"Alright let us stop, Keith wait up let's take some pictures."

"Ok, but I feel like I'm in spring training."

"That is good for you Keith but the rest of us do not play football and we are not in a big race to make it to the top."

"David you are right, we are supposed to be taking pictures and videos so we can use this trip toward our final project for the semester."

"Ok, you guys let's document and take a five-minute break before we get back going."

"We are trying to make it to a specific spot before nightfall. We don't want to fall behind. Remember what I told you guys about that storm on Sunday."

"Amber they said that storm might come, but we don't know for sure. They always report bad weather coming this time of year and most of the time it goes around."

They recorded a video as David narrates as Amber and Chris pull some rock samples from the side of the mountain to give a brief description of each rock. Keith just watches on as they made their video and he notices other hikers staring at them. He just smiles and waves as they walk by the group.

"Ok that's enough, I'm going to post a picture on Facebook with all of us showing the view in the background."

David snaps the picture and they return back to hiking up the hill. They look around and other hiking groups some with tour guide some without were walking with them. Although Chris did not say anything he was happy that the four of them were not by themselves hiking up the hill. He was worried about going this high up, he had never been up this high before and he had some anxiety about it.

In the underground base of the Tears of the Sea, an alarm goes off that catches Meko's attention.

"What alarm is that?"

"We have more people on the mountain taking videos and pictures."

"That is normal, so why did it set off the alarm?

"There is a small group taking videos where the agent died. They could be looking for him."

"Do you have their frequency that they are using? Is it the same one we saw earlier?"

"No it is a different frequency, but they spent a lot of time in that area. It could be nothing but you said to notify you with anything that came up strange."

"Yes, I did, and thank you. I will contact Ollie and have him go investigate."

Ollie was in his quarters doing some soul searching. Despite what he told Samantha earlier he was not alright with them killing people. He knew that Tears of the Sea would be pushing the envelope to get people to listen to our message. But killing someone in cold blood and then hiding their body. He had not signed up for this and he wonders if it was too late to get out.

He had been studying his handbook "The changing of the world one teardrop at a time," but there was nothing in it about killing innocence for a higher cause. He thought that Meko was operated on his own agenda. He was sure that Meko missed their last gathering with the elders and that they would not approve of his methods. He thinks about what he could do without getting himself hurt. There was a knock on the door, and Ollie wonders if Meko could read minds. He slowly answered the door.

"Ollie you have any chance to prove yourself."

"What happen Samantha?"

"It might be nothing but we have reason to believe that the enemy might have sent someone to search for that agent Dorian we got rid of earlier. We need you to go out and verify what is going on."

"What if it is another group of agents?"

"Well if they are then you know what must be done."