My first story on Fiction press since I have no idea how this works yet I decided to write about Persephone and Hades date if u like this story review please and if u want me to make this a multi chapter story about Hades and Persephone let me know in the reviews.

Hades:"Persephone honey are you ready for our date"

Persephone: "I am ready hon"

Hades: "okay let's go"

Hades and Persephone left for their date. After around thirty minutes Hades and Persephone have finally arrived.

Hades: "Hello, I have reserved this place for me and my wife"

Worker: "Okay follow me"

Hades and Persephone followed the worker to their seats.

Worker: "ok so what do u like to have on the menu"

Hades: "Your special please"

Persephone: "Same here"

Worker: "Okay, what do u want to drink"

Hades: "Just water please'

Persephone: "I would like ice water"

Worker: "okay, I will be back with your drinks and food soon"

The worker came back with the drinks first.

Worker: "Here are your waters *puts the waters down*, I will be back with your food shortly"

Ten minutes later the worker came back with Hades and Persephone's food.

Worker: "I am back with your food" *Puts the specials down* enjoy

Hades and Persephone talked and ate their foods. After they were finished with the food both Hades and Persephone got up and left the table to pay for the food.

Worker: "Okay that will be 10 coins please"

Hades: *hands the worker 10 coins* "There you go"

Worker: "thank you have a good night"

Persephone: "You too"

Hades and Persephone leaves the restaurant to head back home. Once they got home both Hades and Persephone changed out of their fancy clothes and into pajamas.

Persephone: "I had a wonderful time with you"

Hades: "same here"

Persephone: *kisses Hades*

Hades: *kisses Persephone*

Persephone: "good night Hades"

Hades:"Good night Persephone honey"

Both Hades and Persephone fell asleep and dreaming about each other.

Have a good day,night or afternoon depanding what timezone you are in-shimmerpuppylover