All We Want This Year by BigKidatHeart

Plot: this is a spoof of the funny family guy song "all we want this year" written in december 2019. Bold lines are not in original song. XxX keeps the verses apart . BK refers to yours truly . names have been changed to …. Uh protect the innocent.

Moe, Naomi , Nikita, Ian, Chrissy , Kara, Curly, Bethany, Ross, : THE INNOCENT ? THE INNOCENT ? (BK gulps) more like to save your rear! Start the spoof or we'll pound you flat!

Is there a third choice?

Marvin, Mia1986, Nikita, ian, Chrissy , Kara, Curly, Bethany, Ross, Roma:: hmm… NO!

fine.. sheesh no respect these days for a genius (Moe, curly, Nikita, ian, Chrissy , Kara,, Ross snort with laughter)

Curly: genius? you? Ha!

stuff it Curly. Enjoy the spoof.


Moe: Emma Watson and Megan fox

Jumping into my condo out of of a big box

Is all I really want this year.Yum


BK: good grief…


BK : being in texas with ross until from December till the start of spring

BK : with a sparkly ring (Naomi goes beet red. she hits BK's head with a hardcover Night Huntress book and then kicks her in the butt). owwww

Naomi : shush you! that's all I really want this year.


BK: ( rubbing her sore head ): lovely. What about the rest of you?

Mollie, Bethany, : I'd like to crash the fuller house set to see john stamos ( sighs longingly). But I don't know where that is. darn it

Nikita: I want an apple watch all in pink plus a boyfriend who doesn't drink

Robbie Gigi Bethany , Laurie, Naomi : oh and stranger things filming here


All (aside from BK) : All these happy wishes And lots of cheer Is all we really want this year.


BK: that's a whole lot of stuff

Moe, : Oh, we haven't gotten started

BK: me and my big mouth


Ross, Robbie : for a month I wanna tour the Europe coast…

Naomi , Mollie, , Nikita chrissy ,: A day with Corey Monteith's ghost... (sighs)

Ross, Robbie Naomi , Mollie, , Nikita chrissy : Is all I really want this year.

Robbie, Ross : Wait, … huh?

naomi , Nikita : um, nothing.. (BK Snickers and gets clocked on the head)


Chrissy , nikita, Laurie: Johnny depp in our beds…

BK: you wish (nikita and Chrissy kick her in the gut ) owww

Chrissy , Laurie , Ian, Carrie: want more lumps on your head

BK (meekly): no

Chrissy , Laurie ,, Carrie: that's all I really want this year.


Carrie: giant chocolate cookbook never mind the reason . Also a drivers license and a clone

Everyone : AHHH!


WC: That's lots of pricey stuff

All: yeah right! It's not enough!

Bethany, Robbie, Moe, Ross, Nina, chrissy kara ian ,: We've got your free gift right here [holds up balled fists](BK nervously chuckles )

All (aside from BK): All these happy wishes And lots of cheer Is all we really want this year.


BK: it seems a bit excessive.

Ian , danny carrie Marvin: get a grip you cheap-stakes. it's the holidays

Chrissy, Bethany Naomi : yeah. this time of year's about getting. Every one knows that!


Curly : lifelong Fenway season tickets behind home plate

Moe , Chrissy, Ian, Kara,: Can I come on the next stankees vs red sox date?

Elizabeth, Robbie,:- HEY!

Moe , Curly, , kara, Ian, Robbie : Is all I really want for gifts this year.


Laurie: Johnny depp signed dish wear...

Elizabeth, Nick, ,: Just one year where I don't rip out my hair..

elizabeth, Nick , Laurie : Is all I really want for gift this year.


BK : If you try to make me watch lots of horror films .. I will totally scamper away

(naomi , Chrissy, Robbie, Ross, Ian, Moe, Carrie, Nikita, (give her a 'Look"): Spineless coward!

WC: uhh... Happy holidays


Gigi , : wouldn't I love a new electronic toy

Danny : And a job at the gardens? Oh boy! I'd see free events and concerts all year

Danny,and Gigi: All these happy wishes And lots of cheer Is all we really want this year.


Laurie: I want my works published in a thick golden tome

Ross: a side walk down pitchers so to Naomi I can safely roam

BK : (snickers ): so you can- ( Ross, lee and Naomi kick her butt hard with kung fu kicks ): owwwww Seriously?

Laurie, Ross: Is all I really want this year.


Curly : I want a brand new pitching wedge.

Naomi : being taller would give me an edge

Curly ,Naomi : That's all I really want this year.


Nikita, Carrie , Naomi : I just want a certain kind of ring

WC : yeah from people named- (Carrie, Naomi, Ross, Robbie chase her with mallets that they clonk her with ) ow. ow .. ow wish I had longer legs or a clone

Everyone: A clone? Are you insane?


,Robbie, Moe ,Roma Ian, Ross, , : I want a 4k blu-ray player stocked with tons of dvds including 'the wiz "

WC: you do know that this is is pretty expensive stuff . do you know how much that is?

Moe ,Naomi, Gigi, Ross, Nikita, Ian, Elizabeth, Kara,Curly ,: NOW you're really asking for it (they punch her nose hard breaking it ,and box her ears)

BK (holding her broken bloody nose): Dab was my nose and my good ear!

All (aside from BK): All these happy wishes And lots of cheer Is all we really want this year.