Sunday 24th May

Finished reading Diary of a Somebody by Brian Bilston today. I used to keep a diary, back in 2011, and it makes me laugh reading some of the things sixteen year-old me was going through. For example, my entry for the 24th May: "My question of the day: why do Jewish boys get circumcised?" Apparently this was a thought left over from that day's RE lesson.

Finishing Diary of a Somebody now takes me to 39/50 books. Last December I challenged myself to read fifty books in twelve months and I think it's fair to say that I'm on track for completion, considering that it's only been nine months since I began. Next up is Anthony Horowitz's The Sentence is Death. I'm still slowly getting through an introduction to game theory book.

I only set myself this challenge because my reading had been seriously slacking. That and the fact that I kept telling myself that good writers read a lot. Not that my writing has improved since I embarked on this reading journey. I've written one thing since December and that was the short story The Bodyguard. As always, I want to write more things, but inspiration and willpower do not abound…

Went for a run today (new first mile PR of 07:53; VO2 max staying steady at 42) and then decided to finally get down to an ab workout. I need to commit to doing this workout every day for a month, but my commitment to exercise is tenuous at best. Let's see how long I last.

Put myself as "Going" to the Facebook event "Let's All Visit Dominic Cummings' Mum", which currently has 7,300 attendees.