Thursday 30th July

Working from home hasn't been all that bad today. Got up at 9, worked until 12:30, had lunch, then worked again until about 2:30.

When I say I worked, I mean I did stuff on my laptop that's not related to my job. There's no work relating to my job that I can do from home, so I just had my work email open all day and responded to the few emails that came through.

Other than that, I spent most of my time in R, practising machine learning. I practised with logistic regression, K nearest neighbours, and support vector machines today.

I also continued with the palaeontology 101 course. I'm on topic four now, which is locomotion. I figured out that the best way to work through the topics is to download the PDF that contains the reading, spend day 1 reading and highlighting the important parts, spend days 2 and 3 writing up the highlighted parts, spend day 4 watching the videos for the topic, and then spend day 5 revising the topic and doing the quiz.

Paid the deposit and first month's rent for the new flat today and am trying to ignore the fact that my bank account is suddenly a lot lighter.

Did an ab workout this afternoon.