Tuesday 4th August

The more time that passes without me writing anything, the guiltier I feel. It's entirely my fault, but y'know. I want to write a really good short story, with an original plot and interesting characters, but I don't want to do the legwork to come up with an original plot and interesting characters.

More broadly speaking, I think (I know) that my problem is that I want to do too many things and I don't invest the proper time or energy into doing any one of those things. So everything ends up being half-arsed.

Honestly, who needs a therapist when I can just have these realisations by myself?

Since I finished the machine learning course on Udemy, I've now started this advanced Excel course. Not to sound like a huge nerd, but I'm fully gagged by a few things I've learned in the first hour or so of lectures. Like, I'm good with Excel, but it's just those little tricks and shortcuts that you didn't know that blow your mind. (This is why I'm single).

Squeezed in an ab workout between getting home and letting in people for a viewing.