1. "there's no life after this one," she tells me, "unless someone remembers our names."

2. God is old now, frail and yellowed. he's worn a thousand different lives as crowns, and nearly managed to forget them all. they say He frequents rest stops in lonely mountains, drinking coffee under blinking florescent lights, trading smokescreens and stories with gruff men in flannels and the woman at the counter who smiles at Him like she knows.

3. i found a post card in the back of an antique store, for 50 cents. it was cracked and foggy, and the ink had bled, but i could just make out the words: hello! i hope you still remember me now that you're all grown and important...

love Always,



1. an old man sits on a bench at the end of the pier. he's always there, unfazed by the cold, harsh wind and blinding sun. they say he never sleeps. they say his eyes are a blue as the waves below him.