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Arm in arm, and giggling along the road, Sal quick-marched Izzy the rest of the way to Pat's house. On route, they thought up some ridiculous excuses they could give for being late and then realized that their giggling and chatting was slowing them down, causing Sal to pick up the pace again, dragging Izzy with her.

"Sorry about this," Sal laughed. "Well, this will definitely count as our exercise for today."

"Yeah," Izzy panted trying to keep up with Sal as they turned off the main road and scurried up the dirt track towards the house.

Pat's house was well known for being pretty huge and hence, had become the perfect place for their Wednesday get togethers, and all number of other social events and parties. Since the house was on the outskirts of town, and also situated off-road, the buildings there had a lot more space to take advantage of. Therefore, a considerably spacious house there was a lot cheaper to rent than one nearer the centre of town. The surrounding grounds however were a little underdeveloped, with rough dirt tracks and piles of rubble left over from recent house builds.

There were only five houses spread out along the pathway leading to Pat's house and, luckily for them, Pat's was the first, with the others being at least a ten minute walk in between each, further up the hill.

The houses were more traditionally Greek in their layout than most town houses, with outside steps at the back, leading to the front veranda door. Inside, the main rooms were situated on one floor, with the lounge in the middle, and other rooms leading off to the left or right, making the shape of the buildings much wider than those in the town.

As Sal and Izzy approached the first house up the hill, the sounds of Pat and Ann calling from the front balcony, which ran along the entire length of the building, could be heard.

"Come on Sal, you're late! Move it! Faster, Sal," Pat called, laughing.

"You get a point penalty for every minute you're late," Ann added. "The points are adding up!" she warned.

Izzy glanced up to see a woman with long, very curly brown hair and a big smile, standing next to a shorter woman with straight, shoulder length dark hair. Both of them were hanging over the railing of the balcony and gesturing for them to hurry up.

Sal finally came to a stop just below the balcony, and stood for a moment breathing heavily, her face as red as a beetroot in the heat of the sun.

"Sorry…" she began, gasping for air before she continued. "Sorry, I'm late… bit delayed today. This is," she turned to look over her shoulder for Izzy then but realized that she wasn't there. Swiveling around to scan the path behind her, she was a little unnerved to see that she had somehow lost Izzy on the last stretch!

"Izzy!" she shouted loudly, in a panic.

Oh God, she'd probably collapsed in the heat and was helpless, lying on the ground somewhere along the path.

"Izzy," she hollered again.

"What?" came a voice from behind her.

Sal nearly jumped out of her skin and turned back around to see Izzy, alive and kicking, standing right beside her.

"Where did you go?" she asked, grabbing hold of her by both arms.

"Just over there in the shade for a moment," she said, gesturing towards the porchway and a little surprised by Sal's look of total panic.

"Come on, Sal!" Pat shouted from above. "Stop accosting that poor girl and get on up here. You've missed the beginning of the party. There'll be no more booze left for you by the time you get up here!" she warned.

Oh boy. Sal sincerely wished that they would drink all the booze before she got there.

"Come on," she said to Izzy, linking arms with her again and leading her around the back of the building to the steps up to the main front door.

Pat had left the door ajar for Sal to enter and as they pushed it open they were greeted by the loud cheers and applause of not only Pat and Ann, but Susie and Jo, two fellow airport workers that Sal hadn't seen all winter.

"Yay! The latecomers are here at last!" cheered Ann, the lady with the straight, dark hair who Izzy recognized from the balcony.

"Hooray, here they come," added another younger woman in her twenties with short, wavy, blonde hair and glasses.

Sal laughed. "Very funny," she said, accepting hugs from the girls who bounded upon her enthusiastically. "I didn't know you two were back," she said to Susie and Jo. "How was your winter in the UK?"

"Yeah, it was ok, a bit rainy and dull. Got back last week," Susie informed her.

"I'm so glad to be back here at last. Got to work on my tan again. Looks like you don't need to work on yours," Jo pointed out, observing the bronzed skin of Sal's face, shoulders and arms.

Izzy had to admit, Jo did look exceptionally pale, but that kind of ginger hair always seemed to accompany the kind of complexion that was so difficult to tan, and more often than not, tended to just burn bright red in the sun.

"Yeah, had plenty of time to go to the beach over the winter," Sal replied. "Hey guys, this is Izzy," she said by way of an introduction. "Izzy, this is Susie, and Jo, Ann and that's Pat over there," she said, pointing to the other woman who had been on the balcony with the wild, curly hair.

The girls replied by chanting in echoes. "Hi Izzy… Hello Izzy…"

"Come on in then," Pat urged, "Don't stand there hovering in the doorway," she said, walking across the lounge and gesturing for them to follow.

The lounge was a huge room so that even the bulky, black leather corner sofa, and four large armchairs, that dominated the centre of the room, still didn't seem to take up enough space. There was a kitchen area to the left, and the extensive balcony ran all across both the outside length of the lounge, and around the corner to the right of the room.

"Since it's such a lovely sunny day, and since Jo so desperately needs to get a tan," Pat teased, glancing back at Jo. "It would probably be rude not to sit out here," she said, leading them all through the open balcony doors where there were several white plastic chairs arranged around a large, rectangular table. A bright yellow table cloth covered it's surface and there was also a huge carafe of white wine and a number of wine glasses, some empty, some half full, as well as a chopping board with various fruit and a large glass bowl beside it.

"Take a seat everyone," Pat said, "I'm just going to grab an extra chair from the kitchen," she said, rushing back into the lounge while the others claimed the chairs on the balcony, apart from Izzy who remained standing by the table, not wanting to take someone else's seat.

Sal glanced up to see Izzy still standing there and gestured to her, saying, "Come sit here by me, Izzy."

"Isn't Pat going to get that extra chair for me?" she asked, unsure about what to do, and feeling a little awkward for being an unexpected guest.

"Don't stand on ceremony with us," Ann said to Izzy. "Come sit by me and Sal," she said, pulling the spare chair between them and motioning for Izzy to sit there.

"Oh thanks," Izzy said, taking the seat and glad that this woman seemed so friendly and reassuring.

"Move over everyone," Pat said, reemerging from the lounge minutes later carrying a wooden, kitchen chair.

Susie and Jo made space for her between them and Pat finally took her seat to join the rest of the group.

"Help yourself to wine everybody, or a top up," Pat said.

Sal had been dreading this. She would have really loved another Coke at that point. The last thing she wanted was more alcohol. Then she remembered Ruth's advice and glanced around in the vague hope of finding some nearby plant pots.

Izzy caught sight of Sal at that moment and couldn't help but giggle, knowing exactly what she had been thinking. Sal giggled with her. This was stupid, she would just ask for a Coke instead. But Ann had already picked up the carafe of wine and filled the two empty glasses for Sal and Izzy, before topping up her own glass.

"Cheers everyone," Pat said, holding up her drink above the middle of the table for everyone to clink.

There followed a succession of 'cheers', with Sal reluctantly being the last one to clink her glass. She took the teeniest sip she possibly could and grimaced inwardly, placing her glass back down on the table and reaching towards the fruit on the chopping board to pick up a slice of orange.

She would get her soft drink in one form or another if it killed her! Biting down on the juicy slice, she at least got a refreshing sweet taste of the juice in her mouth, even if it was only a few drops.

"So, how do you know Sal?" Pat asked Izzy.

"Err…" Sal's head shot up and she quickly replied for her, "We knew each other from school. Some bully was pulling my hair when we were in Infant school and she kicked him in the shins for me."

"What?" Susie frowned in puzzlement. "If you were in Infant school, Sal, how old was Izzy at the time, two?"

Sal laughed. "Okay, you caught me out. Just met her about an hour ago in The Wheelhouse," she chuckled. "But we made friends on the way here, didn't we?" she said, turning to Izzy.

Izzy nodded. "Yep. I hope you don't mind that she asked me along."

"No worries, the more, the merrier," Pat responded.

Izzy laughed. "Thanks. That's exactly what Sal said."

"Actually," Sal began, "I was going to ask you all if anyone knows of any repping work going at the moment for Izzy. It's just that she's here on her own and it would be great if you could help. She would just need basic work and I could train her," Sal assured them.

"Maybe. I'm not sure but I'll ask," Pat said.

"Me too," added Susie. "You might have to wait for a couple of weeks," she said to Izzy, "but you'll probably pick something up eventually."

There followed a short pause before Ann suddenly broke the silence unexpectedly.

"So, who was she?" she asked out of the blue.

"Who was who?" Pat frowned.

"The one who kicked the boy in the shins? I've heard that story before," Ann replied.

"Hang on, have we gone back to Sal's imaginary Infant school experience again?" Jo asked.

"Actually, you're right, Ann. It was real, but it was Fay who did that for me," Sal explained.

"Ah, that makes more sense now," Pat said.

"I'm completely lost now, what are we talking about?" Jo asked.

They all laughed, and Susie picked up the carafe of wine to refill Jo's glass.

"Don't worry about it, Jo. Just drink some more wine," she chuckled.

Jo shrugged and took another sip. "She scares me sometimes," she announced, placing her glass on the table again.

"Wait a minute, who are you talking about now? Can people please mention the names of the people they are talking about because, either the wine is going to my head, or none of you are making much sense anymore," Pat pointed out.

"Fay, I was talking about Fay. She mentioned Fay, right?" Jo said, gesturing to Sal.

"Who is Fay?" Izzy asked.

"She's my best friend, and Adam's girlfriend," Sal explained.

"Adam? The tour company owner?" she questioned.

"Yes, Adam owns the tour company. Hang on, Fay scares you?" Sal said to Jo in confusion.

"Yes, sometimes. Doesn't she scare you?" she said, glancing around at the others.

"Got to be honest, she is a bit scary sometimes," Pat agreed. "A little bit."

"A bit standoffish," Susie added.

Sal laughed. "She's not scary. Okay, so she can appear to be a bit standoffish, but she's not really, not when you get to know her."

"She attacked him!" Jo exclaimed.

Pat jumped and turned to Jo in bewilderment. "Names, Jo," she reminded her. "Who was attacking who?"

"Fay attacked that boy. See, that's evidence that she's scary," Jo pointed out.

Sal laughed. "That was a long time ago, and she only did it to protect me," Sal said in Fay's defense, picking up another piece of orange from off the chopping board and sucking on the slice. "What's this all for anyway?" Sal asked, gesturing to the chopping board and glass bowl next to it.

"We're going to make special winter punch, you know, with the fruit and nuts in it and heat the wine on the stove," Pat explained.

"Eh, winter punch? But it's not winter," Sal replied.

"We're getting in the mood for the Christmas party next week in Saint Tropez," Jo interjected.

"Oh, I heard about that," Izzy said.

"But it's not winter," Sal repeated. "Why are they doing a Christmas party?"

"You know what they're like. It's just to be different and attract customers. Reckon they're just trying to outdo the other bars and get more people in," Pat replied.

"But it's April," Sal said incredulously.

"By the way, I have a costume for us to wear," Jo said to Sal. "Brought it along to show you. You're going to love it."

"Are we going to be the only ones wearing the costume?" Sal asked Jo, glancing around at the others who all seemed to be finding something very amusing.

"Yep," Ann said, "we volunteered you to wear it with Jo this time, Sal, since we didn't feel this particular costume suited the rest of us."

"Oh my God, what's this costume like?" Sal asked, slightly perturbed now.

"Why don't you go put it on and show Sal?" Pat suggested to Jo with a grin.

The others giggled.

"Okay, I will. They are all just jealous of us really," she said to Sal, rising off her chair and entering Pat's house again to get changed into the mysterious Christmas costume.

"By the way, I reserve the right to not wear this costume if it's too weird," Sal stressed to the girls.

"Don't let Jo down now," Susie whispered to Sal. "She's been really excited about these costumes."

"Great!" Sal said. "But I'm still not promising anything," she whispered back.

"Hey," Pat said, picking up the carafe of wine and passing it to Ann, "Top up Izzy's glass for me, will you, Ann?"

"Oh thanks," Izzy smiled, holding her glass up for a refill.

"What's wrong with you today?" Pat asked Sal, noticing that her glass was still full.

"Nothing, what do you mean?" Sal replied.

"You're not drinking the wine," Pat pointed out.

"Oh yeah," Susie added.

"Err, just been chatting too much," Sal said, dismissively, hoping that excuse would suffice. Of course, it didn't, and the girls were staring at her now, waiting for her to drink some of the wine.

She groaned inwardly and slowly lifted the glass to her lips, taking a sip and trying not to show that she wasn't enjoying it. It was as she was taking her second sip when Jo returned and Sal nearly choked on the wine when she saw the costume.

There was very little to it. Just a red velvet bra trimmed with white fur and the smallest pair of red velvet shorts she had ever seen… and Sal herself owned quite a few pairs of short shorts.

"Oh my eyes!" Susie moaned, shielding them. "Pass me my sunglasses, quick," she laughed.

"Very funny," Jo said to Susie. "Told you I need to work on my tan, but I'll be browner by the weekend."

"You are a bit white," Ann pointed out.

"Yes, but Sal will look fantastic in it, right? She's so nice and tanned," Jo pointed out.

"Oh God, Jo, do you really think going out in those costumes is a good idea?" Sal asked.

"Oh come on, Sal. You do the whole 'sexy outfit' thing so well. I thought you'd like them," Jo appealed.

Sal felt a little sorry for Jo then. "Well, I kind of do, but… we're not going to get arrested for indecent exposure, are we?" she giggled.

"No, don't be silly. And look, what I have for the finishing touch," she said, pulling out a red velvet bobble hat out from behind her back and placing it on her head.

Pat, Susie, Ann and Izzy all burst out laughing then.

"Oh right, Jo. That really makes a big difference!" Sal laughed with them. "You don't look at all indecently exposed now," she said sarcastically.

"You're wearing it with me," Jo said firmly. "And now, I'm going to get changed back again," she announced, turning on her heel.

"I should," Susie shouted after her. "Before I'm totally blinded!" she laughed.

"I think Jo might have a slight crush on Dan from Tropez," Pat whispered to Sal.

"I heard that!" came Jo's voice from the other room. "And I don't have a crush on him," she shouted back.

"Does she really?" Sal asked with interest.

"No!" Jo shouted out as Pat and Susie nodded.

Sal giggled and Jo came rushing back, now dressed in jeans and a t-shirt again.

"We were just chatting, it doesn't mean I have a crush on him," she stressed.

"To be honest," Sal said, placing her wine glass on the table again, "After my experience with Boycie, I wouldn't…"

"Your what?" Susie interrupted, her eyes widening. "Hold on a second, rewind. Your experience with Boycie! What experience with Boycie?"

"Wait a second," Sal replied, having not yet finished her sentence. "After the whole Boycie thing, I wouldn't trust any of the guys in Tropez not to have scorecards."

"Right, very good," Susie said, not at all interested in the 'scorecard' comment and far more astounded by the 'Boycie thing'. "Now for goodness sake, spill the beans about the Boycie experience! We really need to catch up on all the gossip from the winter," she said to Jo.

Sal sighed. "No big deal, I dated Boycie a few times."

"You did what? Oh my God!" Jo exclaimed.

"Did you sleep with him?" Susie whispered.

"Why are you whispering," Sal whispered back.

"Dunno really," she laughed, glancing around. "So, did you?" she asked again.

Sal pulled a face. "Nah, I went off him. He wanted to though," she said.

"Of course he wanted to!" Susie replied.

"Actually, he really wanted to," Sal added.

"Of course he really wanted to!" Susie repeated.

"Okay, okay, we get the message: Boycie really wanted to get down and dirty with Sal," Pat laughed.

"Oh God, I've just had a thought," Sal said suddenly. "That's one reason why I can't wear that costume, Jo: because Boycie will be in Tropez!"

"So?" Jo shrugged.

"You don't know what he's like," Sal replied. "He'll not leave me alone if I'm wearing that," she said, gesturing vaguely to the room that Jo had used to change into the costume.

"I can't believe you dated Boycie," Susie said, backtracking.

"It was winter. There were very few men around. What can I say? I was desperate!" Sal replied. "Well, not that desperate, I guess. Bit of a waste of time really."

"I always thought you'd end up with Nick," Susie said suddenly, making Sal's heart begin to beat at double its normal rate. "You spent such a lot of time together."

Sal laughed. "Don't be stupid, Nick's with Jen," she replied.

"Oh, are they still together?" Jo asked with disappointment.

"Yes, why wouldn't they be?" Sal answered.

"What a waste," Jo sighed. "And before you say anything, I'll say again, I don't have a crush on Dan, but I do, and I'm not afraid to say it, have one great big huge crush on Nick," she laughed. "He's gorgeous!"

Sal's mouth fell open in shock. "Jo!"

"What? Come on, don't you think so?" she asked Sal.

Oh God, don't blush now. Please don't blush!

"No. We are just good friends," Sal replied firmly.

"What, so just because you are good friends, you can't see that he's good looking?" Susie joined in.

Sal laughed again and, despite not really wanting the alcohol, she took a sip from her glass.

"He is rather tasty," Pat chimed in. "I wouldn't say no to him."

"Pat!" Sal exclaimed.

"Why are you acting so shocked?" Susie asked Sal. "Don't tell me, the nymphomaniac of us all, aka you Sal, has never had that kind of thought about Nick."

"What? No! No, I haven't, we are just friends, like I said," she emphasized, mortified about where this conversation was going.

"Never pictured him naked, with all those muscles… and his other muscle?" Susie chuckled.

"Oh my God!" Sal screeched, covering her face with her hands, now totally helpless to stop the blush from flooding her face.

"Maybe not," Pat laughed, "But she is now."

"What's the betting that the very next time she sees him, she'll have that exact image in her head now," Susie grinned.

"Shut up," Sal mumbled from behind her hands.

"I don't think I've ever actually seen Sal blush before," Jo commented.

"Me neither," Susie agreed. "Move closer to her, Jo. You could get quite a good tan from just sitting next to her right now," she chuckled.

"I hate you all," Sal's muffled voice could be heard saying as she still couldn't bring herself to drop her hands.

"This is quite good fun," Susie said, sitting up in her seat with sudden interest. "I wonder what else makes her blush."

"Ahh, don't be mean," Ann laughed, watching Sal with sympathy.

"He's got such shamelessly, sexy eyes; I bet he's really naughty in bed," Susie went on, watching to see if this had a reaction too.

It did. Sal climbed even further into the shell she had created for herself by curling up into a ball on her seat and wrapping her arms around her head.

Under cover of her arms, Sal was burning up so badly because, to her horror, she realized that these were some of the thoughts that had actually passed through her head the night before in the bars when she'd had far too much to drink to know better than to let her thoughts get carried away like that… especially about Nick! She felt so ashamed.

"Wait!" Pat said suddenly, just as Susie was about to speak again. Holding up her hand in front of Susie to stop her, Pat rose from her chair with concern. There was something wrong with Sal. "We were just teasing Sal," she said, putting an arm around her. "Are you okay?"

Sal had been close to tears seconds before, but now, with Pat being so kind and sympathetic, the build up of water started to seep out of her tightly closed eyes.

"Yes," she replied in a small, unsteady voice, willing the tears to stay within the confinement of her eyes. She would keep her arms over her head until they bloody well did!

"Sorry, Sal," Susie said guiltily.

"It's okay," came her smothered reply, "It's just that we're friends, and he's with Jen, and I just want him to be happy…" she trailed off.

"Oh Sal," Pat said, realizing that there was more to Sal and Nick than she had thought, particularly now considering Sal's reaction. Wrapping her arms around the ball that Sal had made herself into on the chair, Pat comforted her. "You're so kind and sweet to everyone, Sal. We didn't mean to tease you about him."

"You are, Sal," Izzy joined in with agreement, a little tearful herself now. "I've only just met you, but you've been the kindest person to me," she said, placing a hand on her arm.

This prompted the others to stand too and to crowd around, putting their arms around Sal as well.

"We all love you, Sal," Ann said.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so insensitive, I didn't realize. Just ignore the stupid things I said," Susie appealed.

"I'm so sorry too," Jo added.

Oh, this wasn't helping Sal to keep her tears in check at all!

"We didn't realize that…" Pat went on then but paused for a moment, trying to think of how to finish that sentence without upsetting Sal further by suggesting that she knew there was more between her and Nick. "…what I mean is that, we didn't realize you were such good friends, which we should have really, because you always spent so much time together."

Sal suddenly gave up on trying to hide herself anymore and lifted her head, wiping the dampness from around her eyes and glancing up at five concerned and emotional faces.

"I'm okay," she assured them. "It's just that, I didn't want to tell you but, I went out last night with Nick. I didn't want to tell you because we stayed out so late, since it was his first night back, and now I'm so hungover… but I didn't want you to think that I wouldn't enjoy today because I had stayed out late and all that, because I am…enjoying today that is… apart from… well, this," she gestured to her face. "Me getting all emotional and silly. I always get all weird and emotional when I'm hungover, and it's just that… well…" She sighed, wondering if she should continue, but feeling that she needed to give at least some justification for her strange emotional state. "It's just that… last night Nick told me all about his childhood and, oh my God, it was so terrible, and I feel so bad for him. I just want him to be happy. If Jen makes him happy, then I am happy for him. If not, I hope he finds someone else that does make him really happy. He deserves to be happy," she stressed emotionally.

"We understand," Ann replied, "But somehow, I don't think that Jen will be the one to make him happy, Sal."

"Well then, I hope he finds someone else," she replied immediately.

"You know," Pat began, sweeping Sal's hair back from her face with one hand and kissing her on the top of her head, "since we know that Jen has hidden feelings for another guy, maybe Nick also has hidden feelings for someone else," she hinted.

"I just want him to be happy," Sal replied.

Pat smiled. "I know you do," she answered. Sal clearly wasn't in the right state at that moment to accept what Pat had been hinting at. "And I want you to be happy too. I want everyone to be happy," she said, looking around at all the sad faces.

"I'm happy," Jo piped up. "I'm happy that I'm back in Crete and we can do the Wednesday club again now. By the way, you don't have to wear the costume if you don't want to, Sal."

Sal let out a teary laugh.

"I'm happy Wednesday club it back as well," Susie added.

"I'm happy I'm in the Wednesday club at all!" Izzy exclaimed, making everyone laugh.

Pat looked across at Izzy then and squeezed her arm. "You're now officially a Wednesday club member."

"You're all so nice," Izzy said, finding that her tears were beginning to flow too at that point.

Pat's eyes widened. "Oh no, what's wrong with Izzy now?" she asked, moving around the back of Sal, who was still surrounded by her concerned friends, and putting an arm around Izzy.

"Sorry, it was seeing you all be so nice, and what Sal did for me," she cried, with tears now streaming. "…and… I'm happy here too because… because… my Dad used to bring me here when I was little and… I miss my Dad so much, and … I'm going to see him soon. He's coming here to see me, and… I haven't seen him for so long. Mom doesn't want me to see him, so now she's not talking to me… but I don't care… 'cause I'm happy now," she cried, contradicting her last statement with her tears.

Pat gave up on all formalities at that point and simply wrapped her arms around Izzy, giving her a big hug.

Sal looked up with a tear stained face as fresh tears formed anew after hearing Izzy's emotional outpour.

"It's okay, Izzy," Sal said, reaching out for her. "Oh God, to hell with it, I need this now," she said, picking up her wine glass and taking a big gulp.

"Okay everyone!" Pat said, releasing Izzy suddenly and wiping the tears from her eyes. "This is ridiculous. Stop crying now or we're going to drown the balcony!"

Everyone laughed and cried at the same time.

"Izzy, it will be alright. We will find you a job and you can see your dad and, well… your mom will get over it. She has to because she's your mom," Pat assured her. "And Sal, you're a great friend to everyone and Nick will be just fine. And Jo, if it stops everyone from crying, I'll wear your bloody costume!"

Jo looked up at Pat hopefully then, causing everyone to laugh again.

"In here of course; not down town," Pat clarified.

"Okay, you've got a deal," Jo said excitedly.

"Oh God, why did I offer to do this?" Pat asked herself.

"Tell you what," Ann said in an impromptu mood, "Why don't we all take it in turns to try on the costumes, just for fun."

Sal gasped. "Ann, that's so very daring of you."

"That's what Wednesday club does to me," Ann grinned. "But I do have to remind you," she stressed, "what happens in the Wednesday club, stays in the Wednesday club, right?"

"Of course," Sal smiled.

"Right then," Jo beamed, clapping her hands with excitement, "costume time it is!"

"Ooh, and we've got to heat up the winter wine, remember, for the punch?" Susie said, grabbing the bowl from off the table.

"Oh yes," Jo enthused. "Are you going to put on the Christmas music too?" she asked Pat.

"Oh, go on then," Pat replied, heading inside with the others.

Sal was last to leave the balcony. "But it's April," she said to herself. "You do know it's April!" she called out to them.

"Come help with the winter punch, Sal," Susie called back.

"Don't suppose there's any Coke in there, is there?" Sal said, running inside.


Don't worry, Sal will go back to the Wheelhouse in the next chapter and bump into Nick. Nick has something big planned for them :) Nearly finished the next chapter. I'll upload it in the next couple of days.