Two hurt children in the cruel, wide world

Religious yet not always doing what we're told.

Feeling the guilt of our past mistakes in full,

Wondering who is more culpable, who is a fool.

In the ebony night we supported each other,

Our secrets are shared, our love for The Father,

United us together, being in perfect harmony,

Your infectuous laughter created a symphony.

We were silly children discussing cartoons

Blabbering nonstop and perhaps for eons

You used to put your arm around me gently,

I would blush like a maiden, melting instantly.

It felt as if you gave me many false hopes,

But it was not like i was singing you odes,

And although i felt you were not the one,

Your friendship i wanted, but you were done

With our relationship, so i should move on

When i dream of you, i forget you come dawn.